Dating you


5. chapter 5

*Chantells POV*

Chantell looks at the photo again. She's sitting on her bed. When something hits her window.

Chantell gets up and looks out side to see Ash standing at the bottom.

Ash... what, what, what are you doing?

'Can i come up?" ash asked

i guess


Ash climbed on her wall up to her bedroom.

Chantell treid not to talk that load becuase if her uncle hears something and comes in her room and see a boy which is not Luke she's dead.

Why do you want to come up, what are you doing here?

Your making it sound like it's a crime coming into someones window whithout them knowing your coming. Ash said

What is.....

Chantell someones here for you Chantells aunt called.

Stay wright here don't move. Sit stay ash. Chantell said Like Ash was a dog.

And she went down stairs to find Cara in tears.


Cara gave Chantell a hug and started to cry again.

Chantell took Cara up to her room forgetting about Ash.

Cara just stop crying when she saw Ash Chantell could see tears paking up but it turn to anger.

"Whats he doing here!?" Cara asked treing not to kill Ash and not to cry.

"Uhmm.. Chantell thats knda way I came." Ash said

What?!?? I said trieing not to freak.

"Okay... Wel Micheacel..." ash said

" We broke up." Cara said snaping at Ash like it's his fualt.

Theres something going on cara and Micheal braking up and ash coming to me! Chantell thought.

* Phone rings*

"luke" Chantell awnserd.

'Chantell I need to talk to you, can I come over?' Luke said


I'm kinda at your house would you come would you come open the door? Luke said.











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