Dating you


4. Chapter 4

*Lukes POV*

As we got out I want to say something but I was tio late a bunch of fans stormed us.

I grabed for Chantells hand but when I did I grabed a girls hand but it was not Chantells!

"OMG" the girl screamed

"Luke Hemmings is holding my hand!"

i let go to find her kissing me on the cheeck.

"Can we take a photo luke" the girl asked

Before I anserd I looked at the guys the same was happening to them I looked around if I can see Chantell.

I saw Chantell and Cara all the way at Caras car laughing and talking I'm glad to see she's ok and then I said yes to the girl.

*Chantells POV*

Poor guys I said to Cara when we got out of the car a bunch of people must have seen 5sos and stormed them and pushed me and Cara out of the way atleast we're used to it and just walked over to the car and taked.

"I know ." She said and we both laught

Its kinda weird for me to see Luke huging other girls and kissing them on the cheeck

Even if I've seen it a milion times before I still try not to look.

Finilly securaty came and helped them in.

They helped Luke, Micheal, Calum and Ash inside.


Me and Cara walked up to the door when...

"Stop! Where are you going?" the secerity guy asked us.

We're just going inside to....

I didn't even finish my sentence when Ash came to our rescue.

he through his arm around me hilding me close and then told the security that where whith him and he allowed us inside.


*Lukes POV*

I know I shoudn't think this, but it's odd to see Ash holding Chantell close like that.

Hey I said out load.

Ash stepped away from chantell when I came close.

"Hey" Chantell said then kissed me on the cheeck.

Lets start Micheal said.


*Chantells POV*

its kinda weird being the only people bowling.

I losend my hair and put on a jacket it was kinda cold.

*Phone wisseld*

Luke posted something on twitter instagram and face book


@Lukehemmings: Just hanging with my gf and guys.:-) ;-*


Is is wrong that I'm telling the world your dating me? Luke asked.

No, I love you I said and kissed him.



* After bowling*

Hey guys!

Hope you enjoy the storie so far!

Pls comment if you have an idea or hint for the stories.;-)

I may not update in a while with Christmas and where going on holiday!!

Merry Cristmas and happy new year!!!! :-)

Love you all!













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