Dating you


2. Chapter 2

*Chantells POV*

Hey I'm Chantell I interdused myself.

I've heard so much about you I met Luke last night and he couldn't shut up about you!

I can see luke telling her to stop behinde me.

Yet Cara continues: He says he can't stop thinking about you and he dreams about you every night and he can replace every babe, girl or chic in their songs to Chantell!



I started to giggle and Luk blushed while the rest of the guys and Cara can't stop laughing!

Finally after a hour of joking and laughing the boys finally started to practice.

*After practice*

What about we jump in the pool Calum asked

Shure we all ripled

I love swimming with the boys it's super fun and we joke about everything.



I wore a swimmingsuit that kinda looked like this:

We got in the hot water and belive me when I say hot water.

We laught and played games.

*Lukes POV*

Chantell should I walk you home

Yes that would be nice. Chantell replied whith that smile I fell in love whith.

*Walked home*

Thaks for walking me home and for today.Chantell said then kissed me.

As her hand sliped out of mine and opend her front door I asked if she wants to come bowling with us tommorow.

Shure see you tommorow.



Athours note:

Tx so much for reading!!

Please comment if you have an idea that I can use in the storie.

Sorry if their is a mestake!:-p

Love you guys..<3


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