A game of cards, rags to riches and the other way around

The rank of the people is decided by a card game, a game with no rules. their world is ruled by the ordered, a organization who created the game. A young boy I is born by a king and queen but soon his last game of cards is coming up, his rank is waiting and everyone knows he will be king, he killed before and he will do it again. A young woman is in the same shoes but form another world, but born of a target and unknown father she to is about to make a decision that will determine in life, risk it all and have a chance for glory, or play it safe and survive as a low ranked slave. The game is in the horizon and tension is rising, what will their fate be? And what will happened when their worlds collide?


1. Intro

Our world is in cause, or it was.

To stop the risk of war a system was created.

Our life is determined by a simple game of cards there is but tow rule.

Get a card, and don’t get killed.

Our children’s privilege is the dirt.

Their fate is a card, and no one is safe.


way to go i'm back *laughs evilly* >:P

so hello this is a slow updating story as i am having a lot to do in real life but i hope yeah all like it:P

oh yeah as the story progresses i might change it to red it highly depends on what my nasty brain makes me write but no promises on this :P


okay now for the back braking part of this :/

congratulations if you been able to read what i written so fare... i'm dyslexics and i have a horrible spelling... so pleas try to forgive me as i make you insane by having some words that make no sens... also i am happy to read what you have to say but pleas just keep in mind it doesn't help me when you in the comments post "there is a lot of grammatical mistakes." i can't see them and even if i read it though a million times i would not find them. pleas just restrain your inner beats and try to enjoy the story :P

oh i almost forgot..

in the story you will find this *** it means that the point of view is changed :P it will change between the main characters unless something ells is noted like this ***(Character). the story only have two main characters so its should not be to hard :P

now have fun and enjoy the game :P 



the following material is heavily inspired by movies and stories like hunger games, endgame and so one :P


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