A game of cards, rags to riches and the other way around

The rank of the people is decided by a card game, a game with no rules. their world is ruled by the ordered, a organization who created the game. A young boy I is born by a king and queen but soon his last game of cards is coming up, his rank is waiting and everyone knows he will be king, he killed before and he will do it again. A young woman is in the same shoes but form another world, but born of a target and unknown father she to is about to make a decision that will determine in life, risk it all and have a chance for glory, or play it safe and survive as a low ranked slave. The game is in the horizon and tension is rising, what will their fate be? And what will happened when their worlds collide?


2. draw 1

Its early the sun shines down through the window in the sealing, the tainted glass makes the light a soft blue and green. He looks up with a sight clearly he had hoped to sleep for a few hours more but that was apparently not happening. He pushed himself up on his elbows looking around the room, the servants weren’t here yet but he might as well get up. He left his warm and comfy bed and walk to his closet which was painted black, pulling out his school uniform and his empty backpack. He looked around his computer where standing on a table by the wall a soft green light from a tiny lamp showed that it were one and he sat down on the chair opening the screen raveling an internet browser. He sighed as he changed the web address in the browser to the one created by the organization.  As he read though the new articles he found that three people had been arrested and sentenced to death for plotting against them, they were properly from the rebellion but that was nothing new. The door to his room were opened and a woman in dressed in a maid uniform entered his room “morning Jace” she greeted him not using any hornerfices. He had none as he had no rank he were but a child until after the final game which would be at the end of the year. Soon he would have his oven rank and he already know which one, he would be king like always even if it meant he had to kill someone again.


“morning” he said in a low voice as he passed by her having no interest in the breakfast she had brought. His way led him to the kitchen were he grabbed a few strawberries and an apple before heading out the door. It was to early to head of to school so he made a turn and went in to the park, it was the long way but he did not mind he had enough time and he knew he would have a good place in the class. What he did not expect was t find a young fawn and a girl siting by it’s side wrapping a piece of cloth around it leg. He watched from the distance surprised by the peace and unafraid look in the animals eyes and the black hared girl was mumbling something. he new her or at least new who she was, she was a target from his class Shi or something. he walked closer before he stands just behind her his shadow cast over her the deer struckling to run away and she turns her eyes large with horror.  He felt a smile creep on to his lips, a habit after all he were the king of his class and she was but a target. “tell me little bird what are you doing?” he grabbed her chin her large blue eyes staring up at him



Its early the sun shines down through the window in the sealing, she sighs as the door closes her mother left for the day worked and she might as well get up. The house which can properly barley be called a house as it is just one room, is dark as the only window is the one above her bed and she sighs mowing across the room bare feet walking against the ruff cold stone floor. Looking at the clock she sighs she got way to much time before she needs to be at school and Micha did say she would be late today. She opens the cabinet with a sigh nothing, its empty not even as much as a small piece of bread is left for her. Her belly rumbling she sits by the table a glass of water in her hand as she sips of it. Grabbing her old bag she leaves the house no bothering to lock the door after all they have nothing of value and it’s not really worth the time to rob a slave.


Walking along the streets she makes a turn in to the park, she have enough time and if she isn’t late she be in trouble. As she walks among the trees the sun creating relaxing light she hears a baby fawn call out for its mother and looking around she finds the tiny thing limping around not to fare away. She smiles saddened to see the tiny thing its left leg lifted oddly to prevent it from walking on it. she sits down calling on it, it looks at her scared but she just sits there slowly tilting her head her eyes following it every move “its okay dear, I won’t hurt you” she slowly moves closer the fawn drops down pressing itself to the ground while calling for its mom. She slovenly sits down by it letting her hand on its mussel an it filches but son relaxes and looks up at her with its big black eyes. She mumbles calming words to it as she slowly wraps the injured leg, “don’t worry you be jumping around again soon”


Suddenly a shadow falls over her and a the deer squikes before limping away. She looks up his mismatched eyes staring down at her, she looks away but he grabs her chin pulling her head up so he can look at her. what’s he doing here? She opens her mouth but her words are completely messed up and she just stares at him as he tilted his head. “I’m helping a fawn” she said or rather whispered. His grin grew wider and she was shivering, he was the king and she was a target. he would kill her, like he had killed that boy. He bend down his eyes coming closer before his lips touched hers.


As he parted their lips she looked up at him, had he just kissed her? he grind again. ”Come one little bird or you be late” he grabbed her arm pulling her to her feet “Mica said a be late2 she just said as he dragged her along still confused about what was happening “oh she did?” He said as he stopped looking back at her, as she nodded “oh well I’m the king and I say you be arriving along with me.” He once again started walking as she stumped after him. Was this really happening? Was the monster of 3.c really pulling her along? Had he really kissed her? she looked at him his long dark brown hair felling straight down his back as he walked. Through the park an out on to the street, pulling her along all the way to a few blocks from the school.

She stopped and he looked back at her.



She had suddenly stopped and he turned around to look at her, “something’s wrong little bird?” he asked her with a playful grin which soon faded as her deep blue eyes were turned to the ground. He let go of her and slowly allowed a finger to run across her cheek. “Tell me little bird” he said his voice sadden and she looked at him her eyes large by surprise. “you the king, you can’t enter the school with a target.” he tilted his head “exactly I’m the king so I can do what I pleas” his hand dropped as he grabbed her hand and pulled her along and as they reach the school gates, he pulled her closer placing a hand around her waist. “while you with me no one will hurt you little bird” he looked at her and she looked down mumbling something. as they passed the gate eyes seemed to be glued to them mumbles form the other 3 years and targets. The queen of the class was sitting by a large tree and a girl by her side poked her lightly pointing to them and as she looked up her eyes shoot lighting at them.    



She stopped her blood frozen in her veins as the queens eyes pirched her, her lips mowed in to grin before a flirting smile as she bounced over to them grabbing the king arm pushing her out of her way. She time back some one placing there foot tripping her so she fell down on her back. A foot hit her in the side “what it Target!” a girl or rather one of the girls in the queens little band stood over her with a smirk. Before she bend down placing a hand on her eyes whispering “you won’t survive the day bitch.” She stood up and walked away as the bell rang. An argument between the king and queen had drawn quit the attention and he walked past her pulling her on to her feat “keep your pawns in a tighter leash Mica or they be sorry they showed up for school.” His voice was a low growl and she watched him, her eyes wide as he pulled her in to the school building countless eyes on their back countless mumbles from the many people who saw him pull a target along. 


“I’m sorry King” she mumbled as he pulled her along in the hall, he just looked down at her with a smirk and a huff before suddenly pulling her down another hall way away from their class room “where we going?” she asked slightly frightened. “mica said you be later right?” He did not even bother to look back as he talked to her and she felt her heart skip a beat he laughed, “well we will be late then.” She felt a shiver run down her back as his grip tightened around her arm as he pulled her in through a door to the boys room near the gym. “wait I can’t be hear!” her eyes searched the room as she worried what would happened if she was seen “don’t worry pretty bird” he said as he grind pining her to the wall with a hand on each side of her head “your safe with me” her eyes widen as he grind before his lips touched hers. She shivered as his thong pressed against her lips a slight pain as he pulled her lover lip in to his mouth biting it, she parted her lips allowing him to deep the kiss. Her mind had gone blank what should see do? what where she suppose to do? placed on his right arm around her waist pulling her closer before parting their lisp for a moment his hot breath hit her face as he panted. She felt her heart pound in her chest as a wild horse that tried to escape. “what’s up with the flustered face pretty bird?” he asked with a smirk before kissing her neck, she gasped “you… you  ki… kissed” her words were cut off as his lips sealed hers again.


He let her breath as his hand traveling her body she shivered a second before she was snapped back to reality. “no” she whispered as she grabbed his hand “no!” she slapped him pulling free and ran slamming the door as he called out for her to wait. Tears filed her eyes, she knew it wasn’t real it was a game for him just another pretty doll and on top of that she wasn’t even pretty.


have yet to be cheeked for grammatical and spelling mistakes    

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