My Biggest Regret

My Biggest regret I've ever made in my Life




It was On the 14 of March 2010

I just finished school at about 2:50 and decided to walk home instead of busing with my 2 friends I won't mention their name, we walked though a small unfinished village to go to our hang out spot we then came across a blonde teenage girl by herself next to the river bank, my friends then made up an idea that i wished I didn't agree to do m. The idea was to RAPE her. We were all exited and didn't back out we ran up to the girl and tackled her and locked her on to the ground I then ripped off all her clothe and we started to anal her and fucked her Vagina and in between her breast we were all having fun and started to video it with our phone. We forced her to suck all of our cocks and things got worst..... We heard a car pulled over and we ignored it cause we were having too much fun and her sister ran down to us to try and stop us while the girls other sister called the cops out of panic one of my friend sprinted and stopped the girls sister from calling the cops and I ran up to stop the other other sister it then turned out bad in 1 hour we raped 3 under 18 girls for 2 hours. Shorty after we finished raping them we did a final thing that final thing was to cum inside and all over the girls. We did it and headed off in a rush to any bus to get away. Here's the bad part when the girl was calling the cops he picked up and we didn't realize it the cops were at the entrance of the park and we got busted we had to go to prison for 3 years.....

And that was my biggest regret I've ever done.

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