Dark Intentions

A completed, short and not-so-serious story.

No, really, this story is really stupid. Don't take it seriously XD Also, I wrote this months ago and I haven't edited it really so... oops.

It's another boring day at the office. Or so it appears.
Satan waits impatiently for work to be over, before noticing that God has left without completing enough good deeds for the day! So, a disgruntled Satan sets off to keep the good and evil deeds in balance, but ends up accomplishing something entirely different.


1. Prologue



I lean back in my office chair, close my eyes and put my feet up on my desk. The glowing red numbers on my digital clock are the only light in the room, reading 10:12 PM. Less than two hours to go, I think to myself. Two hours of sitting here in a state of complete silence and boredom before a new day of evil (and good, I reluctantly add) is unleashed upon the world. For now I will just have to sit here and dwell in my pit of gloom.


To be completely honest, I'm not really sure why God took his job. Just letting everyone know: Supremacy is sup-er boring. Yea, having free reign over everything is fun at first, but after a while, it loses it's charm. It's more fun knowing you're not supposed to be doing anything wrong. Without rules, there can be no rebellion. God, I swear I spend more of my time reminiscing than actually working in this shitty cubicle.


That reminds me, I should probably check to see if all of the jobs for today were done, God is such a slacker lately. Everyone thinks he's so perfect, well, if they could see how much he actually does around here, they might change their minds. It makes me sick. He gets all the credit, while he watches ME do all the work. Hmph.


I scroll through the task check page, my tired eyes barely skimming the document, when I notice something. There are two good deeds missing! I grit my teeth and ball my fists. Of course God left work early without doing all his jobs! Typical of him!


I rack my brains for some way I could make up for this disaster, but it's kind of difficult to think of good deeds when you’re, you know, Satan.


Suddenly, I leap out of my chair.


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