So Not Complicated

Love is one complicated thing, so is hate.
But is my love complicated? Maybe, I wouldn't know because i've never been in love. Kidding, this is my love story. It shouldn't be that complicated considering i am a simple girl.
Or not....


1. Prologue

Dear Diary

The stars tonight seem to be glimmering more than it has since i've been here on Earth, or maybe they have always been shining I just never cared to look up towards the shine of the stars. Its a bit weird, many people see stars as something innocent but  they're also dangerous. Did you know that stars can turn into a supernova and turn into a blackhole? Now thats one crazy thing. But when i'm looking at these white stars, it kind of makes me feel sad because their white life indicates that their life is quite close to the end.

I feel so broken right now, I never knew heartache could hurt so much when all the emotions are  in my brain. The scary thing is that I gave my heart and soul to him but I was too blinded by my admiration and love for him. It hurts, but its too late, I've planned to move to New York where my brother is, for a fresh start, not to run away but to embrace the travels and undiscovered world. Okay, and maybe a bit of running away, but who can blame me. I'm pretty sure his happy where he is, and I can't bare to see his face again


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