So Not Complicated

Love is one complicated thing, so is hate.
But is my love complicated? Maybe, I wouldn't know because i've never been in love. Kidding, this is my love story. It shouldn't be that complicated considering i am a simple girl.
Or not....


2. Losing it







Two years, two years we have been together. Today is Lucy's and I three year anniversary, and i'm going to surprise her with a treat to the ice skating rink where I have booked out the whole place, then we will have a night picnic looking up into the stars, unromantic? Maybe, but thats how our love works. I’ve known Lucy since I was five years old, we were best friends ever since 1st grade when I saved her from the bullies when they  teased her for her freckles. As we grew older, we started dating other people, but we always felt it wasn’t right with them. Until one night we were watching a movie together at my place, and I couldn’t stop staring at her, her laugh was music to my ears, her smile lightened up my world. I was too busy staring at her features that I didn't realise her eyes were looking at me the same way I was looking at her, I decided to take a risk I leaned in and kissed her. Our love wasn't as smooth as it sounded, after that kiss she started avoiding me, which pissed me a whole lot. I started hanging with other girls , but obviously not kissing them and stuff but Lucy didn't realise and thought I was sleeping with every girl, until she confronted me at a party for being a whore and leading her on, we got into a massive fight but we ended up clearing it up as she explained she was scared and ready to get in a relationship with me, while i explained that I didn’t do anything with the girls i was only trying to make her jealous.That night was when we lost or virginity and she I didn’t regret one bit, from there we started dating. We had one rowdy rollercoaster ride together, from her drugs addict father, to misunderstandings, from the death of my mum. I guess you could says, we’ve been through a whole lot together, but that was what made up closer and love each other more. 

As i quietly open the door to her house, I hear screaming and shouting, my whole posture stiffens

"STOP, please let me go!" I hear her cry, I drop the bundle of roses and ran towards her room, her shouts became louder for each step I took. My body is trembling with rage as I slam open the door, red overtakes my vision and the only thing I could concentrate is the filthy fat man with greased hair, taking off his pants in front of my girl and forcing himself onto her. "Please I will do anything, please don't touch me" Lucy cries as tear streams down her face, she was too frightened to notice me. I slam into the man ramming my shoulder into his stomach, I was too filled in rage "YOU BASTARD, DON'T EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN" I yell, I hear a crack as my fist connects with his face, but I couldn't stop, my punches were filled with such rage that was indescribable in words. My punches never seem to falter until I felt the pull of Lucy tugging on my arm as she sobs "Stop Harry, you're going to kill him!”

What is she thinking, he deserves to die “Harry please, for me! I don't want you to go jail” I grabbed the man by the collar and pushed him against the wall "If i ever, EVER, see you again I will kill you with no mercy" I growled into his ear, I felt his body tremble with fear as he stumbled away running out of the house. 

I looked into the eyes of Lucy, her eyes were filled with such haunt.

"Did he touch you? Did he..." I couldn't finish my sentence, her voice trembled as she spoke "no, he didn't rape me. He was originally after my dad for the drug money but my stupid dad couldn't pay for the stupid damn drugs so he gave him this address" her shoulders started to shake as I wrapped my arms around her and sobs into my shirt, I kept whispering "It's okay"  as she cried herself to her sleep but I'm not even sure myself if it was.


I woke up in the middle of the night hearing the sounds of whimpering coming next to me. “No, stop please” Lucy cried.

 “Lucy” I repeated, her eyes immediately opened as my hands caressed her face to calm her, “Its okay” I reassured

“But its not, all I can think of is that man! I know he didn't rape me, but the feel of his hands all over my body makes me feel sick” I feel her tears rolling down as I embrace her, I needed to protect her now. These scars, they take a long time to heal, but I will be here for her, I tightened my arms around her which made her start crying hard. “I’m here for you baby” I whisper in her ears. 

As she learns into me, she whispers to me in the most quietest voice

“Harry, make me forget” She says to me, confused at the start until I clicked, she wanted sex

“I’m not going to take advantage of you, your head isn't in the right place at the moment” I told her softly as i cupped her face with my hands

“Please Harry, I want your love to replace the memory please”

“I love you Harry” she says

“ I love you too baby”  I kissed her

We spent the night making love and pleasure.


 I felt the heat of the sun radiating through my  naked body,  I snuggled into the pillow to consume the heat of the cold morning air, I must have fallen asleep with Lucy in my arms, I groggily shifted my arm on her side of the bed but her spot was empty. Immediately alert I sat up. Lucy never left the bed without telling me, she probably is cooking food. Food is her specialty after all when she is stress, I got dressed and walk down the wooden staircase expecting the smell of food and the sounds of frying, but it was pure silence. I dig my phone out of my back pocket ready to call her until I saw a white not on the bench, ah that would probably explain the reason however my upturn lips turned into a frown as I see an envelope written in my name and her mum’s. I opened the envelope and slowly took out the letter in trembling fingers


Dear Harry,

I’m so sorry, I spent the night thinking about everything and I realised I need to get away from this world. I cannot even hold on anymore, the consumption of this evil place, I just can’t bare it, and I hope you understand. I know I'm being selfish, and I know you’re willing to give up everything for me, but I’m not going to let you. I love you Harry, you’re my rock, you protected me from my father and the bullies in my life but last night, I guess it was something that could've ended badly. We’ve been through the hardest time but I’m not going to let you sacrifice everything for me. I just want to forever be free, and for you let go of me. I’m so sorry, I love you Harry. 

Lucy xx


I wish I had never read that letter, I felt my heart break and my whole world crashing down. Where is she? Why didn't she just tell me! My body was filled with rage, why couldn’t she just let me help her. My Lucy is gone…. and I'm not even sure if she is alive. STOP! Don't think like that Harry

I call Lucy’s number buts it’s disconnected, i tried social media but its deactivated.


“She’s gone…” I spoke in disbelief, as Diana, her mother, picks up the phone.

The day goes through a blur as I comfort Diana as the police comes in and out of the house taking reports and evidence down trying to find her and her father, I hope revenge takes care of him. Asshole

Where are you Lucy?




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