So Not Complicated

Love is one complicated thing, so is hate.
But is my love complicated? Maybe, I wouldn't know because i've never been in love. Kidding, this is my love story. It shouldn't be that complicated considering i am a simple girl.
Or not....


3. First Encounters

Chapter 3: First encounters

*Olives POV*

Tired would literally be the understatement of the year, my eyes want to close but I can feel the professor’s eye burning through me. I’m starting to think he has a sixth sense in detecting the sleep in people. The only words that are clicking in my head is photosynthesis and something to do with glucose of C6H12O6, don’t get me wrong I like Biology but the studies of plants with the mix of the professors voice makes me want to sleep. I really need to sleep earlier, I wish I could say I was up partying at night till 2.30am in the morning, but no, I decided to snuggle up in my bed and read romantic novels till late, so I guess you could call me a book worm. It seems like I’m not the only one tired in this class, there are people who are on their phone playing piano tiles, which I thought was so 2014, but there are also the front row people who are intently taking notes.

“Okay class, that’s all for today! I will post the next assignment on the web” Mr Willow said, as he flicked the lights back on from the presentation. I quickly stood up and walked out of the class wanting the breeze of fresh air. I looked down at my notes while I walk, just to review myself over because why not, but I suddenly smashed into something hard. Um? Last time I checked there was no wall, but of course stupid me has to bump into someone. My books slipped out of my arm with coffee spilling all over it. Cries. I stand ready to glare at the person however my face soften when I took a good look at the 6’3 figure, overtaking my small height. His body seem to be well toned and his muscles could be seen under his shirt. He ruffled his curly hair with his hand and grunt with annoyance, but my face hardened as I took a look at his green glaring eyes.

“Watch where you are going” he said, he looked at me as if I murdered someone.

Wow, that was brave of him. Maybe he should’ve watched where he was going asshole.

“Um, it’s your fault, you should’ve watched where you were going, and your coffee is all over my books!” I pointed at my books on the floor to show the evidence of the coffee soak notes. I was slightly surprised at my snappish tone, I’m usually afraid to speak up but I guess when you bring the bad side out of Olives this is what you get. I could see at the corner of my eye students on campus looking towards the commotion, which was me

“Well instead of reading your notes, like a nerd. Look up where you walk like a normal person” he flicked his hair and walked off before I had a chance to reply.  Does that boy even have friends, I actually never knew ignorant people could exist like that.

I grabbed my books off the floor, but it was all soaked. I shook my head with disappoint as I realised a whole semesters work was gone, out of anger I walked straight to the bin and threw it away. I walked away but suddenly stopped “OMG IM SUCH AN IDIOT” I cried out with my hands flying up in the air, I could’ve just dried the book up and have a coffee smelling book. I ran back to the bin to go cool because why not, I felt like time froze as person threw a cup of milkshake and fries in the bin. I looked down the bin and saw my work not only covered with coffee, but with milkshakes and fries. I am literally screwed, I’m going to have to remake my notes all over again.

I head to the library to cool off since reading makes me feel better, reading just makes me feel like an escape from the world and being in a new world.  Halfway through the novel my phone beeped indicating I got a text

Christina: Hey, want to go get lunch later?

Me: Well if I must, you have to pay though

Christina: Okay deal, I have a whole lot to tell you today, I invited the girls to. I will text you the details after

Me: OKAY! (:

I got back to the book, but once again I practically get interrupted by a clearing of a throat. I looked up to be facing with the same clear green eyes again.

“Here, keep it” He handed me a black book, which allowed me to give good look at his tattoo arms.

I took the book from him out of curiosity, but avoided eye contact too embarrassed to look at him “What is it?” I asked.

He turned his back towards me “Does it matter? Just take it” once again he walked off and out of my sight. Well that was interesting. I waited for a minute to make sure he was gone and opened the book to realise it was all the class semester notes that I threw in the bin just before, but this time it wasn’t my book it was his writing, I never knew he took science. I looked through the notes and noticed it was well detailed and had well-drawn diagrams, well this is way better than my old notes. I guess he wasn’t an asshole anymore.

A beep sound came from my phone

Christina:  We are all waiting for you Olives

I looked at the time to see I was ten minutes late. Oops. I got out of my chair and ran to the café where my friends were waiting for me at.

“I’M COMING” I yelled out into the air and started to run


Nobody has ever aggravated me that much ever, in my life.

Her personality kind of reminds of Lucy when I first met her, just more annoying.

I still wonder every day, where I Lucy? Ever since she left my mood has changed, I don’t know where she is or if she is even alive. It’s a weight I’m carrying every day. Each day I wonder if I should have given her more space instead of making her feel trapped

I still don’t know why I gave that girl my notes, she should’ve looked where she was going instead of being a geek, a geek + four eyes

Her hair was brunette filled with waves, full lips and the most piercing hazel brown eyes.  If she took those glasses off I would bang her, but I know I should stay away. She is too happy and innocent for me, so not my type.









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