Twelve Kingdoms

Her royal Highness, Empress Lin Long has ruled the Chu kingdom with an iron fist with her husband. She has three daughters, all of them with equal beauty and admiration. The queen adores her daughters and will do anything within her power to secure a safe and happily arranged marriage for them with the other ruling rulers of the twelve kingdoms. Niluka, the youngest of her daughters, hates her mother in every way fit possible. She’s rebelled her way through many decisions that her mother made for her in the past, but she doesn’t know what to do about the arranged marriage. She knows that if she gets married to one of them, the war between that kingdom will stop. But she is determined to keep her sanity at all cost. Even if it means going against her father's and the kingdom’s wishes.



Mother never once cared about me. I was always in her shadows. I saw my mother as the one person who would one day destroy the kingdom, and if not, the influence she caused would. Others saw her as a goddess, a jewel of the gods who would save us all.


Mother was almighty, second to father of course. Mother was just the empress of the Chu Kingdom, and father was emperor. He reigned over all the land and kept the border clean of enemy soldiers from other kingdoms. But without mother’s iron fist at his side, he would never have succeeded in keeping it.


I loved father. Unlike mother who I hated in every way. He was kind, and she was not. He was handsome, and she was not. But, mother was strong with battle commands and father was not. They were a very fitting couple, I could say that, yet, I could sense that there was just more than that going on between them.


Jia was born first of our parent. Jia was born with splendor beauty that it is said that when mother first laid eyes on her, she was amazed by her immense beauty that she commanded a big banquet be prepared to celebrate the arrival of the most beautiful child ever born. That’s why mother gave her the name Jia which means be


Lin was next to be born. Also like Jia, she was born with splendor beauty. Mother was attracted to her the moment she saw her. She named her Lin Jin Long, because she reminded her of herself.

I was born the youngest. Mother had been wanting a boy for some times and she was in great disappointment when he saw that I was a girl and a girl who had no beauty at all. I was not born with beauty like my sisters, but I was born with a rebellious attitude that gave my mother a headache that she refused to give me a name for ninety days and ninety nights. The nursemaids pleaded my mother, but she refused. Finally, on the day of ninety night, she gave up and gave me a name; Niluka.


My name Niluka was like no other that anyone had ever heard of before. But everyone did not disagree with her and so my name became Niluka, Nim, as my sisters would later call me.

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