"Cuz I'm stuck in the fan-zone again and again"


4. Sneaking In

"Omg! He called me pretty!"

Hailey and Ava were still talking about their conversations with Ashton, Calum, and Luke, while I was just sitting there, thinking about how stupid I was for thinking that Michael might have actually remembered me. He meets hundreds of fans everyday. How would he remember ME? I'm just another fan who he had met 3 years ago.

The three of us were sitting on a bus bench, waiting for my mom to come pick us up. It had been awhile since I texted her to come pick us up, so I decided to text her again.

Me- Mom, when are you coming to pick us up?

Mom- There was an emergency at work so you girls might be stuck there for awhile.

Me- What do you mean 'awhile'?

Mom- Maybe a couple hours...

Me- Ugh

I then turn off my phone. This ALWAYS happens. Ever since she's become a dance teacher, she's never had time for Abby or me.

She works in a dance studio a few blocks away from the dance studio I go to. She's always bugging me about switching studios, because she wants to be my teacher, but I refuse. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is worse than having your mom as your teacher. I rather deal with Amelia's crap than hers, and that's saying a lot, because Amelia is a real pain in the ass.

"What did your mom say?" Ava asks.

"She said she'll pick us up in a couple hours," I roll my eyes.

"Well what the hell are we suppose to do for the next couple hours?" Hailey asks.

We all think for a moment when, suddenly, Ava made the face. Its the face she always makes, when she has a plan. They're usually plans that get us in trouble, but they always seem to be fun.

"Spill it," Hailey and I say at the same time. A big smirk was plastered on Ava's face.

"What do you say we meet the boys again, backstage," she suggests.

"Um, in case you haven't realized, WE DONT HAVE BACKSTAGE PASSES!" Hailey yells frustrated.

"Who said we needed passes," Ava replies. I knew exactly what was going on up in that evil brain of hers.

Did I want to get in trouble? No.

Did I want to go meet my favorite band again? Yes.

"So let me get this straight-" the security guy says.

Hailey, Ava, and me tried sneaking in backstage with the other girls who actually had passes but the guard caught us.

He started questioning us, and Hailey did most of the talking.

"So your saying that your their cousins?" the guard asks, crossing his arms, making me think that he doesn't believe us.

"That's right!" Hailey stated, confident as always.

"Alright girls, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave," the guard tells us. I knew this wouldn't work.

"Why?" Ava asks, rudely.

"Your just a bunch of fans who want to come in and meet the boys. Just come back when you actually have a pass," he begins to close the door when Ava starts running in.

"HEY GET BACK HERE!" the guard starts chasing her down the hall.

Hailey and I look over at each other and laughed.

"Ava did not just run in backstage," I say because I'm having a hard time believing this.

"Um, I believe she did. Now lets go find her before they call the cops on us," Hailey replies as we walk in and start looking for Ava.

"AVA WHERE ARE YOU!" Hailey and I called for the hundredth time.

We've been looking for Ava for a long time backstage but couldn't find her. This place is huge.

"Do you think the guard caught her?" Hailey asks.

Before I could answer, the guard popped out of nowhere and started walking towards us. And he was mad.

"You girls are coming with me," he grabs our arms harshly and starts dragging us towards the exit.

"Wait, did you find our friend?" I ask him.

"No, but when I do, she's going to be in bug trouble," he growls squeezing our arms harder.

"Owwww, stop your hurting me," Hailey complains.

"Shut up!" he yells back.

"I don't think you should be talking to Ashton's cousin like that," Hailey replies. Seriously? She's still going on with that story? He already knows that we're not their cousins so why not just give up!

As we passed a hall, I couldn't help but hear a familiar laugh. Ava!

"AVA!" I yell when see her.

The guard stops walking and turns to see her.

His angry face softened when he saw who she was with.

"Um boys, what are you doing with that girl? She doesn't have a pass," he says referring to Ava.

"Oh, she doesn't need a pass. She's cool," Calum replies.

Looks like Ava made some friends.

"Hey, what are you doing with them?" Ashton asks when he sees that the guard was literally stopping the blood flows in Hailey and I's arms.

"I was just about to kick these girls out. They snuck in."

I look over at the boys who were probably debating whether to let us stay or not.

"I tried to explain to him that we were your cousins but he didn't believe us," I blurt out.

All the boys look at me confused and I look over at Michael for help.

"Um, yeah that's right. They're our cousins," Michael tells the guard. I wave of relief just washed over me.

The guard let go of our arms and walked away embarrassed.

It was silent for awhile.

"Cousins? Really?" Michael laughs, breaking that silence.



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