"Cuz I'm stuck in the fan-zone again and again"


3. Meet And Greet

Today was the day of the meet and greet and I was really excited.

I put on a grey crop top with a leather skirt. Then, I put on my long knee socks, along with my black boots.

I looked in the mirror one last time, after brushing my medium length brown hair.

"Honey, are you ready?" my mom calls from downstairs.

"Yeah," I reply looking over at my band posters.

I had a whole wall full of band posters. Against the wall I had a shelf where I kept all the albums I've ever bought, along with a box that kept all my concert tickets. Next to the shelf, I had a couch with pillows that had the 5sos tally marks. Next to that, I had some drawers where I kept all my band merch. Most of them were of 5sos of course.

My mom likes to say, that whole side of my room is my band side. She also likes to say that the other side of my room is my dance side, since I keep all my dance trophies and awards on that side.

"Hailey and Ava are here and we're running late so get down here!" my mom yells.

I grab my ticket and handbag, before rushing downstairs.

"About time," Ava rolls her eyes, which makes us all laugh.

"Okay girls, we should hit the road now. I'm guessing there's gonna be a lot of traffic," my mom interrupts, grabbing her keys and dragging us towards the car.

My mom was going to take us, because Hailey and Ava's moms are working and my mom still doesn't like it when I drive without an adult.

Hailey sat in the passenger seat, next to my mom, while Ava and I sat in the back.

Just as my mom started the car, Hailey pulled out Sounds Good Feels Good, which made Ava and I scream.

"Oh no no no," my mom stops Hailey from putting the cd in the car.

"Come on mom," I beg.

Ever since the album came out, I've been playing it none stop in the house, so my mom is really annoyed by it.

"No! We're going to listen to the radio," she growls.

We all groaned until she put Kiss FM and Hey Everybody was playing. Its not my favorite song off the album, but its still better than not listening to anything at all.

My mom rolled her eyes, once she heard the song, but kept it on.

"HEYYY EVERYBODYYYY-" Hailey, Ava, and I began to sing.

We finally showed up to the arena where the boys were going to play tonight. I kind of wish we had gotten tickets to the concert as well, but I'm still grateful for these meet and greet tickets.

"Just call me when the meet is over and tell me where to pick you guys up, okay?" my mom says.

"Okay," I assure her before she drives away.

I look over at the big arena. I've been to 9 of their concerts, but every time I go, I can't help but think 'How did they end up here?' They went from posting covers on youtube to playing sold out arenas.

"Maddie! Nows not the time to be daydreaming," Ava jokes, bringing me back into reality. The three of us laugh.

"Um, excuse me ladies but if your here for the concert, I'm gonna have to ask you girls to leave. Come back in a couple hours or so," some lady, dressed in orange, comes up to us and says.

"Oh no, we're here for the meet and greet," Hailey shows her our tickets.

The lady looks at them for a moment before telling us where to go.

There were a lot of things we had to do before being able to actually go inside and meet them.

They ended up giving us each a green bracelet before eventually throwing us in line.

There was a giant line and from the looks if it, we were probably gonna have to wait like 2 hours.

An hour past, and we were still in line. A guy who looked like he was in his twenties and was wearing an orange vest was going through the line, telling us all what was happening.

He finally got to us and started to tell us what we had to do when we got in there.

"Because of the extremely long line and the fact that the boys are going to have to preform soon, you are simply going to go in, take a picture, and leave," he informs us.

"But-" Hailey begins.

"No buts. Those are the rules," he cuts her off sharply, before moving on to the people behind us.

Hailey, Ava, and I look at each other with the same look.

"So we wont even be able to say hi?" Ava crosses her eyes annoyed.

"What's the point of calling it a meet and greet if we can't even 'greet' them?" Hailey also says annoyed.

I really didn't want to complain because this doesn't really happen to a lot of people and I should be grateful. On the other hand, I do agree with Hailey and Ava. This wasn't fair.

The only thing coming out of this, is that the line was moving way faster.

Half an hour later, we were next in line to meet them. Or should I say, take a picture with them.

"Let me see your wrists please," a man asks us.

We show him the green bracelets we got at the beginning and he simply says "Ok"

We waited outside for like 5 minutes.

"What happened to just go in, take a picture, and leave?" Ava whispers.

She was right. The girls before us have been in there for awhile.

All of a sudden, some lady comes out of the room and whispers something to the man. I believe it was something like "The boys aren't cooperating" whatever that means.

The lady goes back inside and we waited for another 5 minutes.

"I'm guessing they can't choose a pose for the picture?" I say aloud which cause the man to chuckle.

"It's just, the boys don't really like to 'just take pictures'. They prefer to actually talk to them," the man explains.

"Well why don't you just let them?" I ask, even though I already knew the answer.

"They have to start rehearsing for the concert," the man says.

Usually the boys wouldn't have to rehearse, because they know all their songs by heart, but today is the first concert for their Sounds Live Feels Live tour.

The lady from before comes out of the room with the girls who were before us.

"I guess it's your turn now," the man says to Hailey, Ava, and me. Oh god.

He opened the door, but instead of going inside, I got behind Hailey and Ava.

"What the hell?" They say to me.

"You guys go in first," I tell them.

What is wrong with me? I've been wanting to see them ever since I met Michael at the beach and now, I'm making Hailey and Ava go in first?

They went inside and pulled me in with them.

I was behind them, so I couldn't see the boys.

"Heyyyo," a voice says. I could recognize that voice from a hundred yards away. Michael.

"Hi," Hailey and Ava say in unison.

"Who's that behind you?" Luke asks.

Both, Hailey and Ava, move away so they could see me.

I was starring at the floor but when I looked up, I saw 4 of the most gorgeous human beings I've ever laid eyes on.

They were just smiling at me and I felt kind of uncomfortable, so I started to admire the ceiling.

"Okay guys, we're running on a tight schedule so let's hurry up and take these pictures," the lady said.

We gave our phones to the photographer to take the pictures with.

I ended up being in between Michael and Ashton for the photo and even though we were just suppose to be taking pictures, they kept asking us questions.

"So, what's your name?" Michael asks me as the other boys talk to Hailey and Ava.

"Maddie," I reply. I was trying my best to not freak out at the fact that his hand was literally around my waist. The boy who I've had a crush on for 4 years, HAS HIS ARM AROUND ME. I'm just trying to let that sink in.

"Are you from here?" He asks as the photographer switches to Ava's camera.

"Yeah," I say, kind of cracking my voice there.

He looks down at me and smiles.

"Are you nervous?" He chuckles.

"Ummm, yeah," I admit. No reason to lie.

He was about to say something but stops and stares at me.

"You, you look familiar," he says.

"Michael! Look at the camera!" The lady in the orange vest yells which makes him look away from me.

Does he honestly remember me? But we met years ago.

"Have I met you before?" he asks.

"Um, yeah," I reply as the photographer switches to Hailey's camera.

"Wait. I think I remember you," I start to get all happy inside, "Didn't we meet at the meet and greet in New York?" he asks. I stopped smiling for a second, but smiled again quickly because they were still taking pictures.

"Okay, that's enough," the lady tells us, before opening the door for us to leave.

Michael looks at me, waiting for a response.

"No. This is actually my first meet and greet," I tell him.

"Oh, well I must have been thinking about someone else," yeah, you must of, "Where did we meet then?" he asks curious.

"Michael! Its time for them to leave," the lady snaps. I turned around and saw Hailey and Ava already at the door. I looked back and Michael and smiled lightly.

"We met like 3 years ago, in Venice beach. You probably don't remember, its fine," I start walking towards the door.

"Well it was nice seeing you," he yells.

"You too," is all I say before the annoying ass lady pushes me out of the room.

A/N I know I said I was updating Friday, but I couldn't help myself so here it is!


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