"Cuz I'm stuck in the fan-zone again and again"


1. Introduction

There I was again, starring at the wall of posters on my bedroom wall. Daydreaming about them for the thousandth time today.

My parents said that I'd get over them in a few months when I first heard the covers they posted on YouTube, but now its been 4 years.

Today was the third of December. You know what means...

I've dedicated my whole life and soul to 4 idiots for FOUR FREAKING YEARS!

"Maaaaaddddiiiieee," my little sister Abby says as she waves her hand in front of me trying to get me out of my daydream.

"Yes?" I ask giggling because she was giving me a weird look.

"Were you thinking about them again?" she rolls her eyes while sitting down next to me on my bed.

"Maybe..." I lift my eyebrows and make her laugh.

"You know that they'll never know you exist, right?" Abby reminds me again.

"If that's so, I guess One Direction will never know you exist either," I laugh, though I knew she didn't find it humorous.

"Shut up," she shoves me, causing me to almost fall off my bed, and onto my hardwood floor.

"I'm just saying," I try to get her upset and it worked, "Awww, is someone going to cry?" I laugh.

"No," she crosses her arms and puts her head up high to prove something. 

"Am I suppose to be scared?" I ask, crossing my arms as well.

"Um, yes. We both know who would win in a fight," she smirks knowing that she could push me to the ground in seconds.

Even though she's 13 and I'm 17, she is much better at fighting. Probably because she's in the boxing team at school and likes to play rough. I, on the other hand, don't like to fight but dance, and hate playing rough.

"Anyways, your friends are downstairs," Abby informs me before leaving the room.

I stand up a few seconds later and go downstairs to see them.

"Heyyy," my best friends Hailey and Ava say once they see me.

"What are you guys doing here?" I ask going down the last few steps.

I'm not really surprised they showed up without calling. They like to just show up at my house whenever they want and eat my food. I'm not really bothered by it, since its been this way ever since I met them.

Hailey, Ava, and I met in our freshman year of high school. We became best friends by loving the same band. 5 Seconds Of Summer. Or as Abby likes to call them, 5 Seconds Of Stupid.

In 9th grade, no one at our school really liked them because they were just barely getting famous. Hailey, Ava, and I were basically the only ones at school who knew about them. We'd sometimes pretend like they were our boyfriends.

That all changed when they started going on tour with One Direction. Sooner or later, the whole world knew who 5 Seconds Of Summer were and I was happy, I guess.

I'm happy that they got the success they deserved, but sometimes I miss when you could just go meet them at the airport, or maybe just bump into them on the street and have a conversation. Maybe even get a picture without worrying about when the mobs of girls would show up.

The only member I've met yet, is Michael. He was visiting LA with his family and I just so happened to meet him at the beach. I saw him talking to about 4 girls who watched their covers on youtube like me. Keep in mind, this was before he was famous, so of course there was only like 4 girls. Anyways, I walked up to him and introduced myself with Hailey and Ava who were also with me at the time. We told him how much we loved their covers and he just laughed while thanking us.

He was literally the nicest person on earth. He complimented my eyes and told us all how lovely we were before he had to leave. Ever since then, I've been a hardcore Michael girl.

"We need to tell you something," Ava says trying to get me to listen. There I was again, daydreaming off into space.

"Huh?" I ask.

Hailey and Ava look at each other and roll their eyes, before pulling me upstairs into my room.

"What's so important?" I ask as they push me on my bed.

"Okay, before we tell you this, you need to promise us you wont scream," Hailey says.

"Why? What is it?" I ask confused.

They both sigh.

"Promise us you wont scream first," Ava looks at me concerned as if I was about to freak out any second.

"I ony scream for 5sos," I give them a look, because they should already know this.

"Exactly," they say in unison.

My eyes widen as Hailey begins to take something from her purse.

Next thing you know, I was screaming.

"What? How? When?" I ask both Hailey and Ava while pacing around my room with the meet and greet tickets for 5sos Hailey just pulled out of her purse.

"How many times do we have to keep explaining this to you?" Ava groans.

"We won them through a contest on the radio," Hailey explains again.

"Bu-But you guys never win anything," I look at them confused as to how this happened.

"Gee thanks. You know we could always give that third ticket to someone else," Ava says offended.

"No!" I tighten my grip on the tickets. Hailey starts to laugh.

"Don't play with her," she tells Ava.

I look back down at the tickets, and back up at them.

"Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuuu," I go up to them and hug them tightly and they started laughing.


A/N Hey guys, I'm Kendall. This is my first movella and I hope you guys like this first chapter of Fangirl.


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