"Cuz I'm stuck in the fan-zone again and again"


2. Dance

"And a one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four-" my dance teacher, Amelia, counted as I danced to the solo I was going to do this weekend.

It was Thursday and the competition was on Saturday. I tried to do the dance perfectly, so she wouldn't make me come to practice tomorrow. I really wanted a break from dancing.

"That was perfect, almost perfect actually," Amelia told me. She always found a flaw in whatever I did.

"Are you kidding? But I did everything you told me to do!" I almost yelled.

She turned around and gave me a look of disbelief. Even the other girls in the room were starring at me. Probably because no one ever talked back to Amelia.

"If I say you still have work to do, then you still have work to do," she replies, surprisingly calm, "Come back tomorrow for practice," she adds.

I didn't bother saying anything back. I knew she would make me come to practice tomorrow, and if I didn't come, she would kick me off the team.

"Now girls, lets start working on the group number," she demands. All the other dancers in my team got up, and we began to rehearse for the hundredth time.

It was the day of the competition and I was backstage with the rest of the team, getting ready.

Hailey and Ava were with me backstage, helping me put my costume and makeup on.

"Are you okay?" Hailey asks, noticing how I kept rubbing my arm.

"Yeah, I just popped out my shoulder," I reply trying to pop it back in.

The solo I was about to do was an acro dance, so I was going to me on my arms most of the time.

"Why don't you ask Amelia to give the solo to someone else?" Ava asks putting my hair up in a bun.

"I'm the most flexible one in the team and the only one who knows how to do acro. Amelia wouldn't be able to give it to another girl even if she wanted to," I explain, finally popping my shoulder back in.

"Maddie, its your turn," one of the girls from my team tells me after coming back from her solo.

"Good luck," Hailey says as I get up from the chair.

"Thanks, I'll need it," I say jokingly but kind of mean it. If I mess this up, Amelia wont ever give me a break again.

Before I left, Ava grabbed my hand and turned me to face her.

"Hey, you'll do great," she tries to comfort me, "Just think happy thoughts.... like how we're going to meet 5sos tomorrow!"

All of a sudden, everything inside me lightens up. I had almost forgotten that the meet and greet was tomorrow.

"Thanks," I thank her for cheering me up, before going towards the stage.

I waited for the guy in the speaker to call my name, and once he did, I got on stage and started to dance.

A/N Hey its Kendall, and sorry if this chapter was boring but the Meet And Greet will take place in the next chapter and I've already written a long chapter but I'll be uploading it on Friday. I'll probably upload the chapter sooner if this gets 10 likes.


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