Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


11. Spock 4

~edddd15.jpgedddd14.jpgName: George Mary. Mason.
Age: 26
Species: Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid
Life Story: George's parents got married despite the fact that they're from different worlds . George is a year older than Kirk, Spock, and Uhura.
George is different, sweet, funny, SUPER smart, and cool.
Status: George's family owns a catering company that is serving at Kirk and Uhura's wedding.

George and her mom, Joyce, were setting up food for a young couple's wedding.
"Hey mom, where's the shrimp?" George asked her vampire mother.
"Ask your dad," Joyce replied.
George walked down the hall of the nice little house to look for her dad, Edward.
"Hey dad, where's the shrimp?" George asked her werewolf father, Edward.
"Yeah, it's in that room over there." Edward said pointing to a room with a table, that had the shrimp on it.
Spock was changing into his tux, for Uhura and Kirk's wedding. "Yo Spock! You ready yet?!" Kirk yelled outside the door.
"Yes Jim." spock said opening the door. "good 'cause I don't want my best man to look terrible." Jim said smirking.
Keep smirking and your face will stay like that! Spock yelled in his head.
Kirk and Spock walked down the aisle then Uhura's bridesmaids, then Uhura.
After the vows were done, they had the reception.
George was passing around shrimp and cocktail sauce, "Hello, you must be the happy couple!" George said sweetly.
"Well DUH!!" Uhura and Kirk said meanly, and rudely.
George frowned, she REALLY wanted to suck their blood badly, she had already drank her blood, but she would just wanna kill them.

"Sorry about Nyota and Jim." Spock said to George. "It's okay. I think they know that I'm half vampire and half werewolf," George said sadly.

Spock thought that George was the most perfect creature, he loved her wavy auburn hair, and her dark-ish brown eyes.
"YO!! Freak! Over here!" Jim yelled at George. Jim was being a complete jerk for some reason.

George wanted to smack him with her vampire strength.
George poured Kirk some more vodka, Kirk was WAY past tipsy and buzzed.
George and her parents were drinking a red liquid, it was animal blood. Edward also drinks animal blood.
Spock was watching Kirk and Uhura danced, it looked like they were drunk, and they were!
Spock glanced over to George, he couldn't believe she was THAT pale, she did tell him that she was half vampire and half wolf.

Spock got up and walked to George, "George, would you like to dance?" He asked her while she was sparkling in the sun.

"Sure." George said and put her blood down.
George and Spock got to the middle of the dance floor. They danced slowly to 'My Girl'.
"When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May!" The CD sang.
Then that song from Beetlejuice, where everyone's dancing around the table, started to play.
"Daylight come and me wan go home." The song said.

The song was over and George went back to serving people their food.
Kirk and Uhura drank all the rum and vodka, Jim was being cockier than ever.

"I could beat up anyone of you!!" His words slurred beyond the max.
"YOU!! I think that you're a COMPLETE and utter FREAK!!!" He yelled at George.
She got tears in her eyes and punched Kirk, then ran up stairs.
Spock followed, he saw George sitting on a bed with tissues.
"George, I'm sorry that Jim was being such a jerk." Spock said and sat down next to her.
"Thanks," George replied while still crying.
Spock lifted up her chin, he looked deeply into those brown eyes.
Spock kissed George gently. George wrapped her arms around his neck and Spock wrapped his arms around her thin waist.
"George, I think that you're the most beautiful woman in the universe." Spock said after their 30 second kiss.
"I think that you're perfect, Spock." George said looking in his brown eyes.
They kissed again.
Talk about love at first sight! (:

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