Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


8. Spock 3

Age: 25
Species: Siren
Life Story: Jazz is a full Siren and when she's in water she sings her Siren song. Jazz loves all living creatures, Jazz just wishes she was human. Jazz tries really hard not to sing her song, but it's in her nature, she doesn't enjoy it, but it's hard not to her song. Jazz is very kind, loving, kind've shy, musical, funny, and is always there for you. Jazz always makes sure that no one is aound when she sing her song. Jazz is half Mexcan. Jazz never knew her father, and she is half Cuban.
Status: Works with Bones in the Sickbay as Nurse Lopez.

Age: 47
Species: Siren
Life Story: Marie had a one night stand with a man, but she is not a whore. Marie only told Jazz about her father a few times. Marie loves her daughter very much and would never ever spoil Jazz. Marie is super smart, sweet, nice, a little shy, creative, and musical. Marie never likes to see someone die when she sings her Siren song. Marie loves all living creatures just like Jazz.

Jazz's POV

I was walking up a ramp that led to The USS Enterprise. I hear that they have a pool aboard, I just hope not that many people swim in it, because the minute I hit the water I start to sing my Siren song. Which is so beautiful it makes men come into the water, and they drown and die. But I hear that there's a vulcan aboard, but he's only half, so I guess that I'm gonna be the freak again.

Spock's POV
"HOW COULD YOU CHEAT ON ME!!!" I yelled at Uhura, I just caught her in bed with another man. "I was just laying down naked with a man and cuddling." She replied plainly. "Mr. Spock! Keep your cool!" I heard Bones yeel behind me, "I'm sorry Uhura, but we're OVER!!" The first part I was calm then I yelled the last part at her.
"Bones, and Spock report to the Bridge,our new nurse is here." I could tell Jim was grinning while saying it.
"Good day Uhura," I said calmly while walking away. When we got to the Bridge, I saw Jim talking with a woman wearing a blue uniform. "Nurse Lopez this is Commander Spock, and Bones." Jim informed this woman. She turned around and I was SHOCKED at how perfect she looked. Nurse Lopez had dark brown hair, tanned skin, and dark brown eyes. Nurse Lopez was prettier than a thousand Uhuras put together. "I'll show you yo the Sickbay." Bones said to Lopez, "Why, thank you Bones." She said sweetly. Lopez's voice sound a million angels opening the gates to heaven.
Jazz's POV
When Bones and I got to the Sickbay, he showed me around. "So I was wondering if it was okay if we had a first name basis." Bones asked.
"Sure my first name is Jazz, but my given name is Jasper," I informed Bones. "Nice name. Well Jazz I'll show you around." After showing me around, we went to the Bridge. "I need to get something, stay here." He left.
I suddenly heard screaming. "WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME!!!" Heard a girl's voice yell, "WELL I SAW YOU IN BED WITH ANOTHER MAN!!!" I heard, Spock I think yell. Suddenly I heard something hit the floor. I didn't wanna get involved so I walked out of the Bridge, so I could go swimming.

Spock's POV
After I was done yelling at Uhura, I went to the gym, so i could take my mind off of things. I heard a beautiful singing voice coming from where the pool is. It sounded like a Siren? Nurse Lopez! I thought to myself. I ran into the swimming area. "YOU LIAR!!" I yelled, Lopez just glared at me after my outburst. "Well Mr. Spock I'm sorry that I was born a Siren! And you know what! I try not to sing when people are around. I care for all living creatures. But now I know that I can sing around you stupid, pointy earred, babaling, jerks!!" She yelled at me while she got out the pool. "Drop dead you..." Lopez didn't say anything else she just left the pool. I held the locket that I gave Uhura in my hand, I glanced down at it.
Oh GREAT!! I thought to myself. Now i have TWO women that hate my guts. I saw Bones come in. "Jazz told me what happened. you should go say you're sorry. Jazz tries really hard not to sing around humans, it's not her fault, or her mother's fa-"
"doesn't she have a father?" I asked Bones. "Her mother had a one night stand, but her mom isn't a whore LIKE Uhura." He was right I was being a jerk. "I'll go sya I'm sorry." I told Bones.

Jazz's POV
I was crying into my pillow, when I heard my door slide open, "Jasper, I'm sorry.. It's just, you see I was yelling at my ex, Uhura. Then I went to the gym, and I heard your singing, I went to check it out, and I saw you. So that's why I yelled at you." Spock said to me. "I'm the freak," I whispered. "what?" Spock asked. "I'm the freak! I've been on a few other ships and I wound up killing some of the crew members, and everyone called me a freak."
"When I noticed you in the Bridge, I thought that you were prettier than a thousand Uhuras put together, and I love you, Jasper allyson. Lopez." I was speechless HE LOVED ME!! The freak. I just kissed Spock, he was sweet under that Vulcan exterior. "I love you too, Spock." I said and kissed him again.....

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