Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


6. Spock 2

~I had watched work at first because I envied his ways. I wanted the ability to be sure, confident, and always correct. I wanted people to think my opinion was the right one and that my logic was always sound. I wanted the ability to suppress emotions and be untouchable by my frequent bullies but as time passed the reasons I watched Spock changed drastically. Soon I was watched Spock because I wanted him, everything single bit of him. I needed to feel him in my bones.
Still even though I knew I loved him more then I had ever loved another man I was still much to shy to ever to speak of him. Hell, I was almost to shy to think about him. I blushed at the merest mention of his name or when Pavel, who was like a brother to me would joke about what a nice couple Spock and I would make I withered form embarrassment inside.
What if he ever learned about my struggle? What if he ever realized how much I needed his attention? What if he ever noticed how I was more attentive to him then anyone else on the ship? Oh the horror. I would die if my secret ever was revealed for how could live on once was rejection and mockery was not only in my head but really happening?
"Hi Rose." Chekov greeted me taking his normal seat across from me. Chekov, Sulu, and I had taken lunch together since I first introduced myself to Chekov by tripped and falling into his lap at lunch. Honestly that trip was one of the best things to ever happen to me for I quickly became part of their little group and gained to amazing friends.
"Hey, if it isn't my favorite russian." I greeted thrilled that he had showed up to get my mind off the vulcan who was almost within hearing distance. I probably could hear what him and Jim were talking about if I tried but really I wasn't going to stoop to a stalkerish level. . . probably.
"Your blushing. Dreaming about that your pointy eared heart throb again?" Chekov chuckled. I slapped his shoulder rather hard and gave him a pointed glare. I swear Chekov will be my down fall one day.
"Your being loud. He might hear you." I hissed at Chekov who was red with laughter. Laughing at me? Gah, why did I have to be embarrassed by every little thing. I could feel the heat raising in my cheek as a few people turned to look at the russian who was dying from laughter in his seat across from me.
"Pavel Chekov it is not that funny." I snapped. "Your drawing attention." I reasoned. Chekov swallowed his laughter and gave me a sheepish smile.
"Vorry Rose. You are just too vunny. If you vould talk to him to him you might surprise yourself." Pavel said leaning forward to ship his coke like nothing was wrong. I starred at him like he had grown a second head.
"Your do realize who your talking to but incase you don't let me feel you in. Your implying that Rose the stuttering nurse who blushes about everything and can't even think about Spock without nearly dying because all the blood in her body is suddenly in her cheeks should actually talk to him?" I whispered to russian. Who shrugged as if we talking about the weather and not the love of my life.
"Yea. Even you americans must realize that if someone doesn't make the first move nothing vill ever happen." Pavel stated biting into some weird russian food. I wrinkled my nose at the site of the vile crap but otherwise attempted to ignore the stuff that looked like it might try to crawl away at any moment. Thank god for FRENCH FRIES.
"I know, I know it's just. . . You know I can't." I sighed picking up a french fry and twirling between my fingers suddenly I wasn't very hungry. I knew Pavel meant well but he had only managed to remind me that I couldn't have the vulcan simply because I was a failure. I failure at simple human communication. I could speak nine languages and diagnose someone in twelve minutes but ask me how my day is going and I fall apart.
"Oh but you can. Your choose not to." Chekov send pointing his fork at me accusingly. I wrinkled my nose.
"Get that crap away from me." I mumbled leaning back. Chekov laughed breaking is serious front and pulling back his fork to take a bite. I settled back down in my chair glad for the change of subject.
"But seriously..." Chekov began. I groaned. Yay, more counseling from Dr. Love. "I could help you. I'm sure I could get you two lonely hearts together." He went on ignoring my look of pain and boredom. Before I could disagree with him Sulu showed up at the table. The Asian looked extremely tried as me plopped down by Chekov.
Once Sulu arrived I knew I was off the hook. Chekov and him struck up a conversation about wrap time and the concept of a black hole while I listened and ate maybe two french fries.
Lunch shift ended and Sulu left to deliver something to Scotty and Pavel and I were alone to walk back to the main deck. For a while we walked in silence. I was wrapped up in thoughts about Spock and Chekov well.. who the knows what goes on in his head.
"I'm sorry but I THINK this is for the best." Chekov said suddenly right before we entered to main deck. I had no chance to reply but I suddenly felt uneasy. What was this russian planning? I swear I'll kill him if he says something to Spock, adorable or not Pavel better not even think about it. I loved Spock and Spock didn't know this and I wanted to keep it that way so no russian better interfere with my happiness.
Chekov was avoiding me and he was talking to Spock way more then usual. That much I knew for sure but other then that could swear to nothing. The ensign carefully avoided my gaze and went as far as to leave Sulu and I to eat lunch awkwardly by ourselves while he ate with Spock and Jim. So I was pretty much for sure my best friend had sold me out.
After dinner had ended I waited for Chekov to leave so I could catch up with him alone and sure enough I got my chance. I hurried out of my seat to follow the russian who was leaving unattended, perfect.
"Pavel Chekov what did you say to Spock?" I whispered to him the moment I caught up with me. He rose one perfectly sculpted eyebrow like he didn't no what I was talking about.
"Your over reacting but speak of ve devil." Chekov replied I looked over where he was looking and sure enough the vulcan, Spock was heading are way looking calm and composed as always. If he was coming to reject me you couldn't tell but I knew in my heart what was coming.
"Ensign Chekov, Ensign Winters." He greeted us formally wringing his hands. "Ensign Chekov I believe the captain needs you." Spock said giving Chekov I funny look I couldn't quite read. Chekov nodded and took off down the hall leaving me and Spock alone in awkward silence.
"So er Ensign Winters, I assume that Chekov has told me correct information?" Spock began sounding for once, unsure of himself. I blushed crimson and nodded looking down at my feet to avoid having to see his expression.
"So you are indeed.... infatuated with me?" Spock asked stumbling over the word infatuated like he wasn't sure how to pronounce it. Why was he acting nervous? He didn't have to worry about hurting me, he'd never have the chance to see me upset, I wouldn't allow it.
"You could call it that I guess." I mumbled almost hoping he couldn't hear me after all it wasn't right for an ensign as unsure and uncoordinated as me to fall for a sure and confident commander. I wanted to hide underneath a rock and never be found.
"So I assume to would be interested in pursuing a relationship?" He asked starring at the wall beside me like it was the most interesting thing in the world. I hardly dared to believe what I was hearing. Was Commander Spock asking me out? I suppressed a squeal.
"Um... yes sir." I said unsure weather I was aloud to drop the whole 'sir' thing yet. Spock just gave off this air that made me feel like he deserved respect and I was in no way ready to insult him when I was so close to getting what I so desperately wanted.
"You should call me Spock now, that is only logical." He said smiling. For once the vulcan looked slightly left tense and a lot more relaxed. He reached out and wrapped his hand in mine not holding to tightly but enough that I suddenly felt secure, sure of myself almost.
"Alright. You should call me Rose, that is only logical." I said giggling slightly. Spock laughed a little and nodded.
"Yes, I do believe that would be very logical Rose." He said as we began walking hand and hand toward the main deck. I could have never imagined the way my name would sound when he said so beautiful as if just because Spock had said it Rose went from the name of a wilting, powerless person to a name of a full-bloom, beauty.
Right before we entered the main deck Spock stopped and turned to face me. He said nothing and just starred at me. I fidgeted nervously under his gaze but failing miserably. What was he thinking?
Then he reached forward and tilted my face upward. I was only confused for a moment for suddenly the Vulcan placed a sweet, short kiss on my lips. I couldn't react even though the kiss could hardly be considered a make out session it took my breath away. Spoke stood starring at me as if waiting for me to react.
"That was amazing." I breathed starring at the Vulcan begging him with my eyes to kiss me again. Spock broke into a huge smile.
"My thoughts exactly ensign.... I mean Rose" He mumbled before kissing me again this time with so much passion that a stumbled back a step before Spock caught hold of me his hand placed firmly to my lower back holding me in place as fireworks exploded inside my head. He broke the kiss.
"I will see you after shift for dinner." Spock said sounding a little breathless. I wasn't sure weather it was a statement or a question but I nodded before allowing him to lead me into the main deck. I made a mental note to thank my little russian friend for this later.

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