Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


3. Spock 1

~Paperwork was not for everyone but Angela had never minded doing the repetitive work. You see paperwork was something she could easily perfect and Angela liked things to be perfect. Maybe that was why she first noticed first officer, Spock after all he was as close to perfect as men came. Maybe her need for perfection was also the reason that she had yet to act on her feelings for Spock for when it came to a social situation Angela fell short of perfect.
Perfect was something Angela had sought after her whole life. She wanted every aspect of her daily life to enviably perfect. From her straight, well tamed brown hair and her warm, heart melting stare to her business like dress and her ability to cut a deal with the toughest of clients Angela had strived and achieved a level of perfection rarely visited by humans but like all Angela had her short comings and she couldn't for the life of her master the cunning social arts that came so easily to most.
Angela finished her work and signed her name in perfect business like cursive that had little personality and looked so formal it almost seemed like computer print not hand writing. Angela was pleased and was sure Spock would be pleased. She had rewritten, corrected, and signed off on all of the documents in record time. How could Spock not notice?
She neatly put the papers into the vanilla folder, tucked the folder under her arm, and left her office heading for the Bridge where Spock was currently on shift. The current shift would end in twenty minutes and gamma shift would begin, that would be the perfect chance to give Spock her completed work.
Although it may have only been a subconscious act Angela had planned this meeting with Spock to occur during gamma shift for a reason. She wanted a chance to have Spock to herself. She wanted to find some sort of imperfection that would set her mind at ease, something to prove that he was no better then Captain Kirk with his womanizing ways or Doctor McCoy with his accursed gruff attitude that was frankly a turn off to all who met him.
In situations like this timing is everything and Angela liked to consider herself a punctual person. She arrived outside the Bridge exactly five minutes before the end of shift allowing herself just enough time to adjust a few matters. She pulled at the belt loops of her slacks(She refused to wear skirts. They seemed so sexist to her.) assuring them a nice position and straightened her top until all wrinkles fell into submission. Finally she brushed a few stray strands of hair back behind her ears and with perfect posture stood against the wall to wait.
Spock on the other hand apparently was not punctual for shift would end ten minutes before him and Captain Kirk would leave the Bridge. Angela was however quite patient and wouldn't usually mind waiting but this situation was different. She hadn't wanted to be nervous when she confronted Spock but the longer she waited the more nervous she became. Where was he?
When Spock finally exited the Bridge she breathed a sigh of relief. He paused when he noticed her and made his way over already aware of what was about to occur except he expected her to just give him the papers so he could retreat not for her to suddenly engage him in conversation.
"Lieutenant Page. I presume you have completed the regulation forms?" Spock asked upon approach. Angela removed the folder from the crook of her arm and passed it to him.
"You are correct. I have to ask though why are there so many request forms for new equipment? On a ship as prized of the enterprise why does the crew seem to be having so many issues?" Angela asked formally. Her intent was simple: Pull Spock into conversation then strike.
"Your concerns are well placed however unnecessary. The requests are from the Medical bay and Doctor McCoy has placed them more out of precaution than need." Spock replied matching her formal, polite tone of voice. Angela would have preferred annoyance but of course she should have expected that it would not be that easy.
"I see how admirable of him. I presume you are spending your afternoon with Captain Kirk? Perhaps to have drinks." She was blatantly baiting him almost flat out accusing him of drinking alcohol in his spare time a habit that rather repulsed Angela.
"Actually I was planning on retiring to my quarters and finishing my paper on interracial dating habits. I assume you will be joining Lieutenant Coswell for drinking and the human past time of flirting and luring?" Spock replied. Angela was almost shocked. He had in a sense insulted her for he knew she held a strong distaste for alcohol. He was baiting, he was playing along. Angela didn't like this at all.
"I was actually doing to go get a coffee and pull up a nice classic film to enjoy back in my dorm. I don't participate in tasteless activities." She replied bitingly. Angela hoped he realized that she had attempted in insinuated that he participated in tasteless acts.
"Lieutenant I must say I am shocked. When I realized where you affections lay I presumed that you would pursue your desires not attack them. I may have placed interest in you prematurely." Spock stated in his matter-of-a-fact tone but his eyes betrayed more. Angela who was an expert at reading people and easily detected the hurt that flashed for only a few seconds in the Vulcans eyes. It was all intriguing and confusing. For a moment though she too felt a strong hurt. Was he implying she had lost her chance?
"My affections? I believe you are referring to my feelings for you and I believe it was I who mislaid my interests to early." Angela's tone though civil betrayed her hurt. She wanted Spock and some how he had known, said nothing, and let her ruin everything.
"I apologize. I must say though I am offended that instead of offering me a chance you choose to not trust me and seek out flaws that you knew were not there and then went as far as to call me tasteless." Spock replied and for the first time ever he sounded biting. Angela was shocked and something snapped. Her perfect control hit a wall, her lack of knowledge on social situations had led to unacceptable actions but what she was about to do was so out of character it shocked even her yet she couldn't stop herself.
Without thinking Angela forcefully and roughly placed a kiss on Spock's lips. She wasn't timid, she didn't hold back. She gave it her all pouring everything she been holding back into that one heated kiss proving to him that no matter what she said she was passionate in her desires. She dropped her lady like composure as Spock returned the gesture and began taking his thumb and rubbing circles into her palm, devilishly erotic shapes hell maybe even alphabets. She remembered vaguely that to vulcans hands were the most sexual of body parts. In a sense she was having vulcan hand sexwith Spock. Amazing.
They finally broke apart. Angela being a human was flushed bright red and panting, her hair messy and her hand burning, a pleasant sensation. Spock however seemed nearly perfect his lips slightly parted and wet, his breathing a bit quirkier but his eyes told all the black orbs were filled with unsuppressed lust and a primal sort of love.
"I believe that as you humans would say I would enjoy to be your 'boyfriend'." Spock stated standing almost to close. How had her plan became this? Angela thought but how could she ever refuse that perfect request after all she loved the vulcan with every fiber of her being.
"I could see it no other way." Angela panted running her fingers through her hair trying to fix the mess.
"Would you mind me joining you for your plans tonight?" Spock inquired reaching out to help her fix her hair. Angela met his eyes and nodded curtly, formally almost. She could see the smile dancing in his eyes, the knowledge of what the had shared burning like liquid fire in his gaze. Tonight and the rest of her life was going to be interesting, she could feel it in her hand.

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