Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


19. Kirk 1

~"Bones! How is he?” A panicked Chloe scampered into the Sickbay.

“He’ll be fine.” He chuckled, and soon an annoyed Captain Kirk came into view with tissues stuffed up his nostrils to stop the bleeding, as well as his arm in a sling.

“Oh good . . . I thought for sure you would be dead.” Chloe breathed out with relief, and bit back a feminine chuckle when she got a better look at her Captain.

“What are ya lookin’ at?” Kirk questioned sourly, his lip puckered out as he pouted.

“I don’t know, I haven’t figured it out yet.” She responded, smirking lightly and stepped closer.

“Do you have the gauze I asked for?” Bones inquired, snapping Chloe from her thoughts and stopping her from getting closer to Kirk.

“Oh, I do!” she smiled, handing him a rather large package. She helped Dr. McCoy around the sickbay frequently, as it was her job. She was his assistant and would occasionally take over from time to time when Bones wasn’t in. He would usually take breaks, napping an hour away and that would give Chloe the opportunity to take charge.

“What do you need all that for?” Jim asked, and shifted his bum so that it wouldn’t become numb from the cold, hard examination table.

“What’s more important is that you stop picking fights with people.” Bones ignored the question, and narrowed his eyes at his friend.

“They asked for it.” Jim murmured, looking down to his socks as if they had become rather interesting. However, Chloe soon came into sight and he wondered what she thought of him now. Did she think him weak? In reality, he had fought those punks because they had glued their eyes to Chloe’s curves, and that was something Kirk wouldn’t stand for. Those curves were for his eyes only, even if Chloe and him weren’t an item . . . yet.

“So they literally asked for you to punch them?” Chloe quirked a well-kept brow.

“ . . .no.” Kirk muttered in reply and sighed deeply as he observed her waves of black that was her hair, and then looked into her soft brown eyes. She certainly was a beauty, and someone that always could make him laugh.

“Then what made you start a fight with them?” she interrogated.

“They . . . never mind.” Kirk rubbed the back of his neck as he felt his cheeks warm, he couldn’t admit to Chloe why he had punched the daylights out of those men. Although it seemed that Kirk had his butt kicked more than them.

“Alright . . . I won’t pry, but I’d like to see you not picking fights anymore,” She pointed, and quickly pulled her finger back when Kirk playfully went to bite it. “Are you a cannibal now?”

“Only hungry for you.” He winked, resulting in Bones to roll his eyes. Chloe felt her heart flutter, but she pushed her emotions back not wanting to get excited. This kind of behavior was to be expected from a man such as Kirk, she shouldn’t feel special because of the attention she was getting. Or, had been getting for the past week. She gently furrowed her brows as she searched her thoughts, and remembered Kirk’s many attempts at flirting, some more forward than others. Was there a reason for all this attention?

“Don’t you ever restrain yourself?” Bones asked, his tone that of exasperation.

“Come on Bones, this is the Captain we’re talking about,” she began. “Nothing can stop him.”

“I can restrain myself.” Kirk pouted, not appreciating Chloe’s words, although he knew she didn’t mean any harm.

“Well then, prove it.” Chloe challenged.

“What?” Kirk blinked repeatedly, startled at her words.

“This’ll be great.” Bones chuckled as he filled out a sheet, and wandered away from the two to continue his work.

“Prove it, don’t touch, flirt, or try to get into the pants of a woman for three days.” She explained, figuring that three days was punishment enough.

“Three? I can do that.” Kirk smirked, his cocky attitude coming into play.

“If you can’t, you have to kiss Bones and Spock.” She smiled bitterly sweet.

“You want me to what?!” Kirk exclaimed out of sheer terror, startled incredibly by her suggestion.

“Hell no, that womanizer is not touching me.” Bones voiced, narrowing his eyes at Chloe as she simply shrugged.

“Fine, just Spock then.” She sighed.

“Now that would be funny.” Bones smirked, relieved now that he wasn’t a part of the bet.

“It would not be funny!” Kirk protested, and glared lightly at Chloe. Her innocent face wasn’t to be taken lightly, but oh did he not find her cute right now.

“I think it’s fair enough.” Chloe reasoned.

“Fine, then what do I get when I win this stupid bet?” Kirk grumbled and crossed his arms, done with his tantrum.

“I don’t know, what would you want?” she asked curiously, not exactly sure what would be considered as a prize for Kirk.

“Well . . . a date.” He grinned at his idea, and looked at Chloe smugly as her eyes began to expand.

“A date? With who?” she inquired hesitantly. His idea didn’t seem so appealing.

“With you of course!” he chimed, rather happy with his decision. This way, he could take her out, talk, kiss, and then she would be his.

“I don’t know . . .” she trailed, glancing to Bones who simply lifted a brow.

“You know you’re making him kiss hobgoblin, I think this is fair enough.” Bones spoke, disappointing Chloe as he didn’t have her back.

“Fine.” She sighed, rubbed at her forehead.

“It’s a bet then!” Kirk agreed excitedly.



“Why does Kirk seem so . . . polite? He hasn’t flirted with anyone at all today . . .” Uhura whispered to Chloe. The two were on break, feasting on their lunch to fill their empty stomachs.

“I don’t know, maybe he’s turned a new leaf?” Chloe suggested, a knowing glint lighting her eyes as she took a bite from her apple.

“I don’t think so, this is weird . . . he looks constipated.” Uhura pointed out, narrowing her eyes at their Captain.

“Does he really?” Chloe asked enthusiastically, turning to spot Jim professionally speaking with of the crew women.

“Why so excited?” Uhura spoke suspiciously, eyeing Chloe intently and looked for anything that would give away oddities about Kirk.

“Oh, no reason,” Chloe relaxed, biting back a chuckle. “Just amused is all.”

“Uh-huh, spill it.” Uhura replied, having caught on to Chloe’s act.

“Spill what? There’s no it to spill.” Chloe smiled, nervously twisting the stem to her apple.

“What did you do? Why is Kirk acting so weird?” Uhura interrogated, not relenting any time soon as well.

“Fine, we just made a little bet is all.” Chloe admitted, pouting as her bet wasn’t a secret anymore.

“What kind of bet?” Uhura asked, now concerned about what her friend could have gotten into.

“Oh you know, the one that gets him to kiss your boyfriend if he loses, and win a date with me if he obtains victory. The normal bet.” Chloe rambled, fluttering her lashes innocently.

“Kiss Spo-“ Uhura’s mouth was covered by Chloe’s panicked hand and she shushed the dark skinned beauty.

“Nyota! Be quiet, no one can know about this.” She hushed, whispering harshly and released Uhura’s mouth from her hold.

“Fine, but if he kisses Spock I want it documented.” Uhura whispered back, blushing lightly as she would want some blackmail.

“Of course, that would only be logical after all.” Chloe lightly mocked Spock’s tone, resulting in the two to laugh lightly.


“Day three, only a few more hours until I win.” Kirk gloated, smirking to Chloe who didn’t look so amused.

“You’ll crack, Captain.” She sighed, not enjoying his cocky attitude.

“Are you certain about that?” he chuckled. “And call me Jim, we know each other.”

“I know, how unfortunate.” She teased, and continued working on sorting the medical equipment, attempting to ignore her Captain.

“You know you like me.” Kirk sang, swinging his dangling legs as he sat on the same examination from before.

“You can keep dreaming.” Chloe playfully sang back, mocking Kirk’s tone.

“I always dream.” He muttered, a soft pink coloring his cheeks.

“You dream?” she questioned. “Of what?”

“Oh you know . . . I dream about you.” He admitted, building his confidence as he noticed her curious gaze.

“Oh yeah? What kind of dreams are those?” she raised her brows, surprised that he would have such dreams.

“Nice ones, usually just us together, cuddling . . . kissing. They’re nice.” Kirk looked in front of him, a daze hazing his eyes as he remembered some of the dreams he had been having.

“Those seem rather . . . pleasant? Are you sure those aren’t nightmares?” Chloe questioned, wondering why he would ever dream about her.

“Far from it.” Kirk smirked, and gestured for her to come closer.

“Do I dare?” Chloe smiled, taking a hesitant step.

“Oh, I think so . . .” he replied lightly, and soon caught her hand. He gently tugged her closer until his fingers could comb through her locks, feeling the soft texture of her hair. His bright blue eyes locked with her soft brown ones, holding her gaze until his lips expertly captured hers. It was a blissful kiss, and Kirk eased his lips deeper onto Chloe’s as his hand pulled her closer as he now stood. “Your turn.”

“For wh-“ she didn’t have time to finish as she was hoisted up onto the examination table, and her Captain took his spot in-between her tan legs, staying close as he pecked the corner of her mouth.

“Chlo- Jesus Kirk!” Bones covered his face, not enjoying the fact that he walked in on his apprentice and his Captain lip-locking.

“Oh come on Bones, you know you liked watching,” Kirk teased, and blinked as he noticed Chloe’s mischievous smirk. “What?”

“This means you have to kiss Spock now.” She revealed, her eyes sparkling with amusement.

“Wha- shit!” Kirk cursed and grumbled out more as he stepped away from Chloe.

“Have fun lip-locking a Vulcan!” she bid him farewell, but did touch her lips, relishing in the kiss they had shared.

“I expect that examination table to be sterilized.” Bones interrupted her thoughts, still not finding the situation funny.


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