Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


23. Khan

~Danni had only recently heard of their new prisoner from Scotty. She had been working with the machines when he decided to come around to fill her in on the gossip happening at the bridge. The curious girl that she was, she decided to take a look at the prisoner, it was a shame that she couldn’t get a name out of Scotty though.


“Oh, Captain.” She greeted when he came into view, and smiled when he stopped in front of her.

“Everyone seems to be busy at the moment, so I was wondering if you could watch our prisoner guy for us?” he asked, glittering his eyes with hope as he truly wanted her to say yes. Kirk was busy with other, more important things and even if he wanted to be the one keeping an eye on John Harrison, he didn’t have the time. So Danni was his last resort.

“I suppose I could, I don’t see why not.” She smiled to her captain as she watched his face brighten.

“Awesome, you know where he is?” Kirk gestured his thumb behind him as he gave her a questioning look, his blue eyes twinkling with relief.

“Of course! It would be a shame if I didn’t know the ship.” Danni replied, teasing Kirk as she walked past him. She sighed as she had an excuse to see the prisoner now, and felt anxious. Danni gripped at her uniform with anticipation when she walked through the automatic sliding doors and peeked around the room with curious eyes. She stepped inside after surveying the area and spotted the prisoner with her hazel eyes, spotted with the color gold.

“The captain won’t be watching me today?” his deep voice melted into her ears like warm, smooth chocolate. She felt a shiver down her spine as she stepped closer to him, noticing his tall height and bright glass eyes. They were magical in a way, a mix between aqua, jade, gray, and hints of yellow. His eyes captured her in a net of multiple colors, and she stepped closer, eyeing his slicked back dark hair, it made his fair skin stand out.

“He’s busy, I suppose.” Danni sighed and pushed her hair back comfortably; she eyed him curiously and wondered about his name.

“I would like to have the knowledge of the name of my babysitter.” Khan smoothly requested, eyeing her hair as he noticed the soft color of brown making the vibrant gold color streaks stand out.

“Danni, and what’s your name?” she inquired, quirking her brow with question.

“John Harrison.” He replied, speaking a false name truthfully. Khan narrowed his eyes at her; she was lightly toned, slim for her tall height. Somewhere around five feet eight inches, he supposed.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Harrison.” Danni spoke in greeting.

“I suppose I could say the same, not many have been . . . pleasant towards me.” Khan sighed, his eyes trailing away from Danni momentarily. He was curious about this young woman, and pondered why she was kind towards him, especially taking the time to make conversation.

“Well I don’t exactly blame them. You were the cause of an explosion, killing many..” Danni carelessly replied, almost finding it bizarre how this man could commit such a crime. No matter how dangerous he was, she couldn’t resist speaking to him.





“I don’t know if I want you talking to him,” Kirk furrowed his brows as he rubbed his forehead, tending to the headache that began to form. “Can’t you just watch him? Silently?”

“I could try. He’s the chatter box.” Danni muttered, gaining an inquisitive brow from Spock. However, she ignored it and walked to find John Harrison again. It had been a month since she first had been asked to watch this man, and sighed to herself as she remembered the many conversations they had, it most likely wasn’t the best idea to occur, but he just got things out of her.

“Danni, come to watch me again?” he asked, a hint of a smirk playing on his lips. Khan eyed her as she walked in silently, her eyes staying on him. He felt so in the open being imprisoned the way he was, and shuttered, as it was unfortunate that he couldn’t reach out to her. Dear Danni had become something interesting to Khan, someone that he had come to fancy, and it was a bother that he couldn’t get to her.

“Yeah, it seems I’ve been appointed your babysitter for a while.” She lightly chuckled and stood in front of the man that had caught her attention with a simple glance.

“I don’t mind that.” Khan muttered, looking to the glass prison, cursing it. He wished to touch her exotic hair; his fingers itched to smooth over her enticing curves.

“So McCoy needs another sample of your blood . . .” Danni began. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, as long as the Captain isn’t doing it . . . he seems to have quite a violent side.” Khan watched a circle appear, allowing him access to slip his arm through. He did so, and felt her soft hand gently grasp his forearm then take the syringe to poke it through his skin.

“He’s only violent around you.” Danni commented as she focused on the thick red liquid entering the small capsule. She sighed gently as she felt exhausted, sleep had been escaping her recently and she couldn’t ever figure out the reason.

“He possibly can’t stand that a beautiful woman stays to talk to me, instead of him . . .” he suggested, eyeing the soft shade of purple under her eyes. “Haven’t you been sleeping?”

“Hm? Not exactly . . .” she murmured as she found herself pulling out the syringe, but never letting go of his arm. He was well built, and so warm, despite the chill that went down her spine. She flinched when she felt him move to grasp her hand, and looked up simply to be captured by his eyes.

“Is there a reason?” he questioned, gazing at her as his thumb stroked the top of her palm. “Do certain dreams escape you? Thoughts fill you?”


“Is there a man that you can’t get out of your pretty, little, head,” he spoke as he gripped her arm now, pulling her closer to the glass that separated them. Danni felt panic, anxiety, but also temptation.

“You.” She finally spoke, her breath finding their way back to her lungs. Danni couldn’t realize it until now, but this man has encompassed her entire being, plaguing her mind of him, kidnapping her dreams to fill her mind of who she knew as John Harrison.

“Have I been troubling you?” The corner of his mouth twitched, amused that he had an effect on her. This would be used to his advantage.

“In some ways . . . I would like sleep.” She sighed, finding that she couldn’t raise her voice to more than a whisper.

“Then let me out.” He breathed to her, staring into her eyes intently as he felt his aching heart become soothed.

“Danni-“ Kirk interrupted himself as he watched Danni release John’s arm and quirked a brow as he noticed the circle come to a close, completely imprisoning John Harrison once more.

“Yes, Captain?” she asked, standing stiffly as her heart continued to attack her ribs.

“We’re going to let him out now.” Kirk sighed, pushing his hair back as he felt his instincts telling him otherwise.

“We are?” Danni asked her voice lightening as she shyly glanced to the man. This man had gone through much turmoil, and she felt more sympathy for him than the rage Kirk felt for John.

“What brought this, Captain?” Khan quirked an inquisitive brow and a smug smirk painted onto his lips as he looked at the miffed Captain.

“Shut up, just let him out.” Kirk grumbled, leaving the room immediately to refrain from punching John repeatedly again.

“You heard the Captain, you must follow orders.” Khan snapped Danni back to reality and she scampered to the controls to punch in a code, and then waited for John to step out now that he technically was on parole. Danni breathed in sharply when she felt him near, it was different from the cold glass; she found that he was warm.

“John?” she questioned, and blinked rapidly when she felt his fingers slip through her hair.

“My name is Khan . . .” he whispered into her ear, his lips brushing the shell as his fingers continued to play with her hair. Khan needed to feel, he needed to touch now that he was free from his prison. Danni had never felt attention like this, nor did she think she ever wanted it to stop.

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