Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


17. Chekov 9

~I was excited. No lie. Today was gonna be great! A party in the bridge…in the middle of space! How many people can say they did something like that? Not many!
“Iggy,” Spock said sternly, knocking on my room door.
I looked back at my door, from my bed and smiled at my teacher. “What’s up, Spock?”
Spock cleared his throat and looked at me. “Kirk’s…social gathering is going to start soon,” he stated, turning around in one swift movement and marching down the hall.
I grinned at his seriousness. Only Spock would be able to pull off something like that and not get laughed at.
I got off of my beloved bed and started to get changed. Since it was a “social gathering” AKA party, I might as well dress a bit nice. I slid off my blue uniform and snagged the closest things to me, which were a pair of skinny jeans hanging off a chair and a t-shirt with a “constellation” of Albert Einstein on it. I ran a brush through my red and black striped hair and ran out of the door and to the bridge.
Everyone was already there, just waiting for me. Kirk, Uhura, Sulu, Scotty, Spock, Bones, and Chekov. Ahhh…Chekov. The perfect mix of sexy and cute, his voice can melt an ice berg, and he’s hot as hot can get. Yes, I liked him. I daresay even loved the little Russian genius. I blushed a deep red when I looked at him. I smiled and played it off as best I could before anyone could say anything.
I quickly took a seat in one of the awesome spinny chairs when Kirk began speaking. “Okay guys! As you know, this marks the first year of yours truly as official Captain of the Enterprise. And I thought that we should celebrate.” I rolled my eyes and snickered. Typical Kirk, always full of himself. “Is there something funny, Commander Iggy?” He questioned me sarcastically.
“No sir.” I answered him with a quick and silent ‘Fuck you’ and a smile at the end. He just scoffed and returned to his gloating. I ignored him and glanced over at Chekov. God! He was so perfect. Too bad I was too much of a chicken shit to tell him anything…much less speak a word to him. My face turned a deep red when he looked at me. I tried to look away but, when I turned my head, it was so fast that I kinda…toppled out of my seat.
The loud noise startled everyone and they all whipped around to see me on my back on the cold, steel floor. Uhura and Chekov gasped in worry, Bones ran to me to see if I hit my head, Spock’s mouth was ajar with disbelief, and the rest of the douches I call my friends were laughing at me.
“Shut the hell up guys!” Uhura yelled at the others. Chekov seemed to glare at them but, I really couldn’t tell. I hit my head a little too hard to see what had happened. I heard Bones’ voice saying my name softly. Like he was trying to keep me from sleeping. But I couldn’t stay awake. The last thing I heard and felt was Chekov calling my name and pushing Bones out of the way before everything went black
I woke up in the Sick Bay with a bandage wrapped around my head and Chekov holding my hand. I quickly sat up. Maybe a little too quick. I felt dizzy and I fell back on the pillow. “OW!” I growled and felt the back of my head. Oh lovely. A lump the size of a freaking apple. I laid back down and mumbled swears to myself. Then I remembered that Chekov was holding my hand and I blushed and yanked my hand away from his.
He had a look of hurt in his eyes. I mentally smacked myself. “Iggy…are you alright?” He asked with pure concern but I could hear the hurt in his voice. “I-I’m fine.” I forced an awkward smile and looked away.
Then I felt a hand grab my face and the next thing I knew, Pavel Chekov was kissing me. I felt my heart beat rapidly and then melt into a hot puddle. I closed my eyes and slid my hand to the back of his head so he couldn’t get away. He licked my bottom lip for an entrance and I gave it to him. I loved the way his lips fit mine. Like a puzzle. He played with my tongue for a bit and we both broke for air.
“Wow.” I breathed. “You’re a pretty good kisser.” I smiled at him and stroked his cheek. He just closed his eyes and sighed.
“Iggy…I zink I love you.” I gasped in shock. I was so happy! I hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. “I love you too, Pavel.” I looked into his green eyes and kissed him again. The both of us were too caught up with ourselves to notice Kirk smirking and high-fiving Bones.
I seriously LOVE parties…

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