Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


15. Chekov 7

~Name; Andrea "Andi" Junnifer. Anderson.
Age: 17
Species: Vampire/Human
Life Story: Andi never knew her mother, because her mother gave birth to Andi, but then left her husband with a one month old baby. Andi looks more like her mother than her father. Andi loves her fathr with all her heart, but wants to meet her mother some day. Andi was born and raised in Albany, New York.
Andi has an older brother named Zachary. Andi is kind, sweet, creative, and very smart.
Status: Works with Scooty, as an engineer.
Name: Zachary "Zack" Robert. Anderson.
Age: 22
Species: Human/Vampire.
Life Story: Zack was only five years old when their mother left them. Zack and Andi can live with eachother without ripping thier throats out. Zack knows about the vampire gene that they have, only he doesn't talk to anyone, except Andi about their genes. Zack can sometimes be annoying, but the rest of the time he's a cool and nice guy. Zack hopes to see his mother again.
Staus: Works with Andi and Scotty, as an engineer.
Name: Alice Antwon-Anderson.
Age: 44
Species: Vampire.
Life Story; When Alice was 22 she had Zack, then she had at 27 she had Andi. Alice was named after her grandmother. When Alice was sixeteen she met Edward Anderson in highschool. Alice was born and raised in Madison, Wesconsin. Alice left Edward because she had to leave, this tribe she was a part of had to move, so that's why she left her husband.
Status: Alice was second in command of her tribe, but then the leader died, so she made the third in command the leader and left her tribe. And never looked back.

Andi's POV.

I can't believe that the entire crew gets to go to this peaceful and beautiful planet. When we got to this nice little cafe, there were girls dancing around. The guys wouldn't stop gawking at them, even Chekov and I thought he had a crush on me!, Oh well. I was hungry, but not for food, for blood. The worst part was that I could everyone's blood rushing through their veins, "Captain, could I please get some fresh air?" Iasked Kirk. But he was too busy gawking at the dancing girls. I just walked out of the cafe. I got some nice fresh aair and then, used my vampire speed to go to the forest so i could feed on some deer.

Pavel's POV

When we got into the cafe I could tell that Andi didn't look so happy, but I just looked at the dancing girls. "Captain, could I please get some fresh air?" she asked, but the captain wasn't listening to her. So she just walked out. A few minutes later we were sitting at one of those small tables. Zack was looking at the door, I'm guessing he was wondering where Andi was.
Andi's POV
After taking down a couple of lions, I was finally done hunting. I went back into the cafe, but just stood in the doorway, while watching Zack, Pavel, Scotty, Bones, and Kirk just gawking at the girls. My eyes were now a little lighter, but their natural color is a dark brown. I fixed my auburn hair and walked over to the guys. Zack got up ang went towards the door to huntI guess. After this one girl was done dancing she came over to us, i just got up, She probably doesn't have a brain i thought to myself while walking out the door.

Pavel's POV
After Andi got up and left after her brother, Zack. I heard a blood curdling scream, we all ran outside to see Andi on the ground in a pool of crimson liguid. blood I thought to myself. Bones examined her while she was still on the ground, "She's still alive, Jim" Bones said. "I'm glad zhat she's okay" I whispered. All of a sudden Zack came out of nowhere, "Is Andi okay!" Zack asked. The look on his face looked like he was scared. Well Andi is his little loving sister. "I can still hear her heart beat." He said while his eyes were closed, it looked like he had tear. How could he hear her heart beat? I thought to myself. "Because, me and Andi are half vampire" All of us just gasped. I saw Andi's eyes twitching and it looked like she was stirring. Just then we all heard yet another terrifying scream, and then a snapping sound.

Andi's POV.

I heard a bloody scream. I could feel their feelings. Yes my special power is to feel emotions. Then I heard them run away, but i could feel something strange hovering over me. I felt someone with super cold hands pick me up, I could tell that it wasn't Zack, it felt like a vampire was holding me, or is it a dream? Nope! It's a vampire. Oh great I'm going to die!!
Pavel's POV.

After we had found the person who screamed, it was the dancing girl, but she didn't look like herself. Infact she looked like a demon... She had pointy horns on the top of her head. So we all ran for the hills. When we finally lost her, we were near a cave. I could hear someone panting. We ran inside the cave, to see Andi on a bed, under the covers, asleep! "Andi?" i whispered. Andi opened those perfect eyes, "oh, hey guys" She said casually. Zack and I to her. "Are you alright?" Zack asked.
"Oh, yeah. Zack you'll never guess who i just met!" She said, bouncing with excitement. "Who?" he asked Andi. "Mom!!" Andi yelled happily.

Andi's POV.

After explaining to Pavel and Chekov about how mom saved me, helped me, and explained why she left dad. "and my mom's name is Alice." I said.
I heard some snapping sound and then a sucking sound. "Oh, I'm sorry, but I killed that demon girl who almost killed Andrea." Mom said to everyone.
"Vhy thank you, Alice." Pavel replied. "We need to go mom." Zack told mom.
"Hey!" I said, "why don't we take mom with us"
"We could" Kirk said, "we could beam mom down to earth!!!" Zack said happily. We took mom on the Enterprise and then beamed her down to Earth. "I'm glad we found mom." I told Pavel, while putting my head on his should. "Vell, you look alot like Alice" He replied. Before pavel said anything else I kissed him.
"Pavel, I love you" I said without regrets. "I love you too, Andrea." AndI kissed him again.



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