Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


10. Chekov 5

Age: 17
Species: Angel
Life Story: Mikey and her parents never stayed in one place for too long, sometimes they would leave the country. Her parents aren't murderers. Mikey decided to live with her aunt. Mikey is the sweetest person you'll ever know, because she's an angel. Kirk found Mikey when he was in Bath, Maine, so he asked Mikey if she wanted to join the crew and she agreed to it.
Status: Works with Scotty, as Engineer Trenton.

Age: 40
Species: Angel
Life Story: Mikey asked Eliza if she could live with her, and she said yes. Eliza learned that her brother and sister in-law don't stay in one place for too long. Eliza is a woman who will love and care for friends and family.
Status: Mikey's aunt.

Pavel's POV
I learned that the Captain was bringing in a new engineer and that she's a girl. Also that this girl is seventeen too.
"Everyone this is Engineer Trenton." Kirk announced.
"Come with me Mikey." Mr. Scott said to her. I was gawking at this Mikey girl, she had the most beautiful blue eyes and long blonde hair.
"Captain, we're getting a distress call from this plaet," Uhura said.
"Scotty, Trenton, come with Mr. Spock, Bones, Chekov, and I." I was being beamed down with this vision of perfection.

Mikey's POV
We got to the beaming room. "Ready to beam down, Captain." Mr. Scott said.
We stood on the beaming platforms, and then beamed down.
The planet that sent the call was beautiful, it had pretty plants everywhere.
"Scan the area Spock." Kirk told Mr. Spock. "It appears that there are no problems captain." Spock replied after scanning the area.
Out of nowhere these nets came and trapped us all.
I saw a giant bulky guy come from the shadows. "Well, well, we've got an angel!" He said rubbing his hands together.
"You're an angel?" Chekov asked me. I nodded, I didn't tell Kirk that I was an angel.
The bulky guy came and picked up my net and tossed me over his shoulder. "Now me and the wife get to have angel wings over the mantel." He said. I gasped.
He was a Chung. Chungs are angel haters, much like Demons. Chungs always try to rip angels' wings off then put them on their mantels.
The bulky Chung put me in a cage, "I'll rip your wings off later!" The Chung said then left.

Pavel's POV
We finally got out of the nets and were thinking up a plan on how to save Trenton.
"Maybe he put her in a cage." Scotty suggested.
"Vell, ve could blast the cage open." I said. Everyone nodded. I heard a terrorfying scream.
I saw Mikey flying out of a cage, with those bulky creatures behind.
One of them jumped up and tackled her to the ground, still trying to rip her wings off.
"HELP!!" Mikey yelled at us.
We got out our phasers and shot all of the creatures.
Mikey got up and ran to us. I held her in my arms as we beamed aboard the USS Enterprise.
I helped Mikey get to the Sickbay.

Mikey's POV
Mr. Chekov helped me to the Sickbay. "Sit down on a bed." Dr. McCoy told Chekov.

"Let me check your shoulder." He said cutting where a spear had hit it. My wings popped out, I can't contract them all the way in my shoulders.

Everyone gasped. "Vov! You are an angel." Chekov said gawking at my wings.

"Could I speak with Chekov. ALONE?" I asked everyone. They nodded and left.

"Why didn't you follow the Chung?: I asked cocking an eyebrow.

"Vell, ve vere shocked and didn't know what to do." He replied shrugging.

"it's alright." I said hugging him.

He pulled away and I looked into his eyes.

"You're so perfect." Chekov said moving some hair out of my face, and leaned in closer, until our lips touched.

I heard some people wolf whistling and cheering. We both pulled away, and I put my forehead to his.

"I alvay vanted a love zat vould last a lifetime." Chekov said grinning.

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