Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


2. Chekov 2

~Enlisting in Starfleet was not my ideal so I couldn't be held accountable for being a less than admirable ensign from time to time. I wanted to follow in my parent's footsteps but I was a bit more wild by nature then either of them had been and frequently found myself in situations that would make my mother blush with shame and my father flush plum with anger. Tonight was one of those nights when I was sure my parents would be more then just disappointed in my actions.
"Captain you must understand what a arrogant prick he was being." I begged glaring at the smirking blond standing beside McCoy behind Captain Kirk. "His actions were... unacceptable." I added as an afterthought when I remember the way he had grabbed my ass in the bar.
Yes, earlier tonight I had been brawling in a bar of all things to be doing in the worse of places. Nurse Swan, a man a few years older then me with shoulder length blond hair and horrible womanizing habits had attempted to come on to me by grabbed my ass and stating obnoxiously loudly some rather lewd statements which ended with us two rolling.
As with any man when he realized he was losing he backed out the chivalrous excuse; He refused to fight a girl. Only apparently he was still lowly enough to then turn me into the captain as if I had been the one of came on to him and then just randomly attacked him when he turned me down. God, was I pissed off.
"Ensign your actions were uncalled for and frankly not the kind of behavior I can condone on my ship." Jim began although from the smile spreading across his face I knew I was off the hook. This whole thing was most definitely just for show so that Swan would shut his crybaby mouth.
I was rather close to Captain Kirk, hell I would even go as far as to say we were friends at one time more than friends and he knew that I wouldn't lash out against Doctor Swan if he didn't fully deserve it. I suddenly understood that if I just played along everything would work out fine and I could retire to my quarters shortly to sleep off the pain of being in a fight with a man twice my size and strength.
I frowned trying to look as upset as possible. "But captain..." I began pleading. Doctor Swan looked pleased which I found rather irksome but being the mature person I am I choose not to react and just kept eye contact with Kirk while imagining slapping that grin right off Doctor Swan's face.
"Stop, no more excuses. You'll need to stay behind so we can negotiate your punishment." Kirk sounded so serious that I almost believed it myself but the little wink me gave me before turning to Doctor Swan reminded me that this was all just a well planned act.
"Doctor you may retire to your quarters. McCoy stay please." Jim instructed the men sounding powerful but an edge of humor showed through insuring me that this was all just a well planned charade, entertainment for the captain even if I didn't enjoy this I preferred it to the alternative.
"Yes, Captain Kirk." Swan said saluting and turning to leave but not without sending a wink in my direction. My blood boiled and I had to bite my tongue to keep from lashing out yet again against that know it all prick.
Swan opened the door with a quick repeat of the code and was gone leaving me there with Jim, Bones, and Meagan alone. Kirk opened his mouth to say something to me but Meagan, my best friend cut him off.
"FIGHTING AGAIN!!!" She bellowed marching over to me looking extremely pissed. "BETTER YET FIGHTING AND DRINKING!!! YOUR UNDERAGE, ACTING EVEN YOUNGER, AND FOR GOD SAKES YOUR LUCKY YOUR NOT HURT!!!" I opened my mouth to reply(and to inform her I was almost of age) to Meagan's rant but she cut me off. "Oh my god your not hurt right?" She said suddenly sounding concerned instead of angry.
"A few bruises, nothing major." I said calmly rolling up my sleeves to show her my arms which had several yellowish patches forming that would soon be dark purple bruises. Meagan frowned, looking upset.
"Ouch, that looks like it hurts." She sighed running her fingers over the places and shaking her head. I winced at the pressure covering the sore spots and prayed she didn't notice. "You've got to be more careful." She went on chiding me and continuing her careful examination.
"He left bruises?" This time it was Jim who spoke moving forward to look at the places forming on my arms. Meagan pressed down hard on a particular nasty place on my right forearm it took all my will power not to rip my arm away from her and nurse the wound that was forming beneath Meagan's insensitive fingers.
"How bad does that hurt?" She asked her tone fully implying that she already knew that it hurt pretty bad. I shrugged trying to play it off as nothing but Meagan seen right through the act. She leaned back and gave me a long once over, Jim and McCoy stood near both with severe looks of disapproval painted on their faces.
"Is that the worse of the them? No pain anywhere else?" She asked sounding serious. I thought about lying but a sharp pain ripped through my side encouraging me to just fess up after all my side was throbbing like a mother fucker.
"My side." I finally said gingerly reaching for the hem of my top and pulling it up. I couldn't help but to yelp as Meagan reached forward to touch the tender area. McCoy moved in closer looking over the extremely dark, and throbbing patch of skin that took up most of my left side.
"You need to come on down to the sickbay." McCoy said after a few moments. "It looks like something is broken." He sounded rather annoyed and I suddenly felt bad for causing so much trouble on an otherwise peaceful night. I was opening my mouth to state my apology but I was cut off once again, this time by Jim.
"That bastard. I won't allow this. He'll be off my ship tomorrow." He preached looking extremely pissed. I wasn't sure what to say but I couldn't say much my whole side was on fire as McCoy probed the sensitive wound.
"No time for that, someone help me with her at the moment." McCoy sounded annoyed as he wrapped my arm around me. I began to protest.
"I walked from the bar to here, I can walk now." I insisted pushing McCoy away but his grasp was to strong and I could hardly move but a few inches away.
"And that probably only increased the damage. Damnit Nicole I am the doctor not you." He said gesturing for some help at which Jim moved forward wrapping his arms around my middle and helping McCoy lift me. I yelped as fire shot up my side and lay whimpering in their arms unable to do much as the they packed me to the sickbay Meagan close to my side looking worried.
Once we reached the sickbay McCoy sit right to work having me completely remove my top and lay back on the examination table. Jim and Meagan stood off to the side watching as McCoy used various instruments on my skin causing various levels of pain each time his frown deepened.
"I need to run a few more tests but I can assure you that you will at least be in here a few nights." McCoy began. I sighed now I was annoyed. I had a date with my boyfriend of four months, Pavel tomorrow and here I was trapped in the sickbay with a few broken ribs from a bar fight, wonderful.
"Hey Meagan." I began she moved to my side looking like she thought I was dying. I wanted to reassure her but I had a favor to ask of her and she was more likely to do it if she was worried. "Can you do something for me?" I asked. She nodded. "Tell Pavel that I'm in the sickbay, now preferably so he understands I'm not blowing him off." I pleaded.
"Alright." She looked reluctant to leave but I knew Meagan well enough to know that she would because she knew I expected her to. "I'll go and tell him right now." She said standing a heading for the door. McCoy pressed his lips in a tight line as he approached with a clipboard.
"I'll file a formal report an a minute but I can confirm you have at least three broken ribs, some internal bruising, and it looks like one off your broken bones my have ripped some important muscle tissues. That bastard did quite the job." McCoy reported looking grim. Jim looked pissed.
"He'll be off my ship, I promise." He assured me. That was the thing, Jim was always there for me. He had asked me out before Pavel but after a rather sticky fight I had ended up dating the russian ensign and letting the arrogant captain fall back to just friends status.
"Thanks Jim." I said with a sigh as McCoy pulled me into a sitting position and began to wrap bandages around me causing pain to shoot through me. Jim looked like he was going to say something further but Pavel burst into the room.
"Keptain." He nodded in formal greetings to Jim before hurrying over to my side and taking my hand into his his. "I should av akin off vork and stayed vith you vhen you planned to go out." He said kissing me on my forehead before turning to McCoy and inquiring about my injuries.
I noted out of the corner of my eye that after Pavel's arrival Jim had left the room and for some reason I found this upsetting. I didn't have much time to ponder for after McCoy quoted his previous report he went to fetch me a sedative and Pavel's lips were on mine pushing away any thoughts of the 'Keptain' from my mind.

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