Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


22. Chekov 12

~Danni was supervising some of the patients in the medical bay, Captain Kirk had ordered her that Bones had been in need of some volunteers, but when she came in to help, she got the opposite.

“I don’t need any help, who are you.” Dr. McCoy, or formally known as Bones, grumbled out his question.

“Well, Captain Kirk said-“ Danni, began but had been interrupted.

“Who cares about what he said, what are you doing here.” He furthered his interrogation with steady eyes.

“Kirk told me you needed assistance . . .” Danni murmured as her shyness made her take a few steps back. This man was intimidating, but itched her need to do something exciting.

“He said that?” Bones quirked a brow at the girl, eyeing her downcast hazel eyes, and when she would look up at him, he noticed the hidden spots of colored gold in her eyes. Her hair was rather interesting, a soft color of brown with vibrant golden streaks.

“Yes.” She nodded her head as she noticed his expression soften, and looked more analytical.

“Well I guess you could do, I just need for you to clean some of the supplies. It’s not much, but it will get you started,” Bones instructed, and watched her stand there gazing up at him longer than needed. “Get to work!”

“Y-Yes!” Danni snapped out of her thoughts and hurried into the medical bay. She looked around patiently for the supplies until she wandered back to Bones.

“What do you want?” He asked with an annoyed tone lacing into his voice.

“Uh . . . where exactly are the supplies kept?”

“You’re going to be more trouble than I thought.”




Danni had been assisting Bones in the medical bay for a couple weeks now, and a certain Pavel Chekov has been around lately because of little things like cuts and bruises.

“Look. Kid, you don’t need to keep coming here for such minor injuries. I mean, Jesus Christ,” Bones rubbed at his forehead. “It’s just a paper cut!”

“But it might get infected if I don’t get it properly cleaned, sir.” A familiar beautiful Russian accent snuck its way into Danni’s ears, and she turned her head to spot those curls.

“I don’t have time for stuff like this, dammit!” Bones continued to rant, and Danni quickly patted his arm to get his attention. “What- oh, Danni. Is there something you need?”

“I could take him off your hands if you’d like.” Danni offered and politely smiled to the young Chekov. There weren’t too far in age, but she was a bit older than he was, so it was cute to see how innocent he appeared.

“Would you?” Bones suddenly grinned, relieved that he had taken Danni in. Even with most of the trouble she’s caused, it was times like these that he felt blessed to have her.

“Of course, come with me Mr. Chekov.” Danni waved for him to follow her, and Chekov had to collect his wits as he stared at whom he wanted to speak with for a week now. It was one of the reasons he came into the sick bay recently.

“Y-Yes!” he piped and quickly followed Danni to an examination table where she gestured for him to sit. He let out a shaky breath as he lifted himself up onto his new seat and shyly smiled at Danni. She was always so kind and he enjoyed her light humor.

“So what battle wound do you have for me today?” she questioned as she looked him over, and Chekov sat up more straight as he noticed her eyes were on him. He suddenly felt insecure about his looks as her eyes scanned every part of his body, and he folded his hands onto his lap.

“A paper cut on my finger.” He informed and held out the index finger to his left hand to show the irritated line on his skin where paper had sliced.

“Oh heavens no, I will be sure to treat it right away!” Danni chuckled lightly and got out a cotton ball along with some hydrogen peroxide to rub away any bacteria that could be on the wound. She gently grasped his hand with her own delicately, and smiled at him gently. “This might sting, but you look strong enough to me to handle it.”

“S-Strong?” The way his tongue rolled that ‘r’ sent chills down Danni’s spine and she gently dabbed the cotton ball onto his finger. She glanced to his expression to look for any signs of pain, no matter how little it might be. A sigh of relief slipped past Chekov’s lips as he felt the gentle sting, and watched Danni clean his finger thoroughly. It was nice to see her care for something so little.

“It should be clean now,” She spoke off-handedly and threw away the cotton ball into the trash then went for a band-aid. “This should protect the wound from any bacteria coming back in, if you have any problems or need another band-aid just come to me.”

“I can do zat.” Chekov smiled brightly as he felt capable of doing something so simple.

“Awesome. I want to save you from Bones yelling at you each time you come in, I think it’s his time of month.” Danni whispered to Chekov as she glanced to the busy doctor. A soft chuckle left her lips and Chekov couldn’t help but join in as he could only more than agree with that notion.

“V-Vell, I should be getting back to ze Keptin.” Chekov sighed as he felt his heart lowering into his stomach. Such disappointment was something he always felt when he had to leave Danni, even after today. He finally got to talk to her, and was elated to see how well they got along. Another sigh went past his lips as he hopped off the examination table.

“Oh!” Danni lightly grabbed his arm to stop him from leaving. “One more thing before you leave, it’s to ensure that it heals quickly.” She smiled and slipped her hand down his arm to grasp his hand, cradling it with both of her own. Her lips gently kissed the bandaged finger and Chekov felt his cheeks erupt with warmth. He could feel his finger tingle at the attention and the feeling rattled up his arm, passing through his throat and jabbed his heart. It kick-started his heart into hyper-drive as he stood there feeling her soft hands hold his own.

“Y-You didn’t have to do zat . . .” he stammered out and felt his cheeks flush more as he witnessed her smile.

“I know, but I wanted to.” Danni hesitantly let go of his hand and allowed him to leave.

“Alright you two, stop flirting. Danni has work to do, lover boy.” Bones ushered Chekov out, and the young Russian seemed to struggle against his grip.

“O-One more thing!” he exclaimed and Bones roughly sighed as he let him go. Chekov scampered back to Danni, whom looked curious as to what he needed yet. Her questions were answered when his lips gave a shy peck to her cheek, and she was left stammering and blushing. “Zat’s so you vait for me.”

“Alright, no cheesy crap. Let’s go.” Bones dragged away a smiling Chekov who waved happily at Danni now that he was forced to leave.

“I-I’ll be waiting!” she waved back and stood there lightly touching her cheek, feeling it tingle, remembering the touch of his lips. It made her smile, wondering what other little injury Chekov would come up with next as an excuse to visit again.



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