Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


21. Chekov 11

~It would have been just like any other day on the Enterprise, but today was just not it. Claudia huffed deeply as she felt the heat; she was working on something Scotty brought for her. It appeared simple enough, and was, it was just the room that wasn’t cooperating. Her wavy brown hair felt heavy within its hold as it was pinned back, a few strands were free, but not for long as it would soon cling to her damp skin. Her deep green hazel eyes were set on the work in front of her, but frustration lit a fuse inside them, and she grunted at Scotty.

“Haven’t you fixed the temperature control yet?!” she asked over the sounds of the machines working profusely, but efficiently for the Enterprise.

“I’m busy too y’know!” Scotty shouted in reply, sounding miffed, but couldn’t resist a curl at the corner of his lip with amusement. It wasn’t every day that he saw the princess sound so mean. Actually, it was like this every day at work. At any other place it was as if she were a well-mannered royal, it baffled him endlessly.

“Well hurry up! It’s hot!” she bit a scowl and rubbed the back of her hand against her forehead, feeling the slime of her hard work. A deep sigh rounded her lips and filled her cheeks as she finished up, then standing up straight to survey her work to analyze if she truly was finished.

“I know, I make you hot and bothered, don’t I?” Scotty joked, and was threatened to be hit with a wrench, but it was all play.

“I’ll fix the temperature control since I’m done with my work.” Claudia smirked, and Scotty simply rolled his eyes as he was done with being so impressed with her quick work. Although, he would never stop being fascinated with her mind. It was amazing what she could do it with, solving problems in an instant when it came to engineering and mechanics, but mathematics was another story. He chuckled thinking about it, it took her awhile, but she always did get it right anyway.

“Miss Hall, the Captain would like for your assistance on the bridge immediately if you wouldn’t mind.” Spock appeared suddenly, looking pristine, but polite as he encountered Claudia. His expert eyes trained on her face, noticing the small oil smudges at her cheekbone and forehead. Her clothes were worse for wear, it was obvious what her occupation was what with her pants scuffed with dirt and oil, her shirt wasn’t as dirty, but it had a few dirt smudges.

“What does he need?” she questioned lightly, grasping a hand towel to wipe her hands clean of any residue from the machine she had been working on prior.

“His . . . chair is malfunctioning . .” Spock appeared to quote, and tilted his head slightly as a soft wrinkle appeared between his wildly shaped brows. “I hope this isn’t a bad time, he specifically called for you to fix the problem.”

“It isn’t a problem.” Claudia set the now stained hand towel back in its place on the work table and approached Spock so that he could show her out. The walk was silent as Claudia took light, graceful steps. She held a soft expression, keeping her eyes polite and welcoming as she walked beside Spock. Claudia recalled the many things she heard from Uhura about this hybrid man, and couldn’t help but feel a bit of familiarity. “Uhura likes to talk about you.”

“She does?” Spock inquired, barely sending a glance towards Claudia, but he was listening.

“Most certainly, she usually talks about the little things, but on some days . . .” Claudia sighed, remembering the rants from Uhura, and how even with how beautifully dark her skin was, Claudia could still see red on those cheeks.

“It’s good for her to have a release, I know . . . that I can be difficult to handle occasionally.” Spock admitted, feeling at ease with the conversation, and glanced to Claudia finally as he took in her appearance. It was nice to know that he wouldn’t ever be the one to feel the wrath of Uhura when she was angry, and Claudia appeared to have knowledge on how to handle such anger. A hint of a smile painted his lips when they entered the bridge, and his eyes wandered to the topic of the conversation.

“Captain.” Claudia greeted politely, and Kirk ceased from pacing in front of his chair, the glare sizzled dead from his eyes and simply glistened when he heard the mechanic.

“Good! You’re here!” he gestured to the chair as his hand touched her shoulder to guide her towards the malfunction.

“What seems to be the problem?” she asked, baffled that she was being herded with such force. She nearly tripped over her own feet, but collected her balance, and her keen eyes observed the chair. “Oh, I see, you broke the transmitter.”

“Now I can’t make any announcements.” Kirk huffed as he rubbed at his forehead with disdain. He always enjoyed hearing himself over the intercom. Chekov peeked over his shoulder as he watched Claudia hunch over, and pull out a screwdriver as she began to work on the arm of the chair.

“This shouldn’t take too long.” Claudia reassured politely, and smiled to her Captain with respect. Even if he was a bit of a womanizer, he still had a sense of justice and cared for his crew. She had heard about what he had done for the ship when Nero had been around. He certainly was brave- there it is, the wires. Claudia used her expert fingers to moved them around as they weren’t connecting well.

Kirk sent a knowing glance over to Chekov, and Chekov flinched as he was caught. He quickly turned back to his panel of buttons, making himself appear busy. However, he couldn’t help but turn back to admire Claudia again.

“It should work, would you like to do the honors, Captain?” Claudia smiled graciously as she gestured towards the chair, and stepped backwards. Unknowingly stepping closer to Chekov, he caught a whiff and held back a sigh. Even if he could smell the oil, she still smelled sweet. He apparently had leaned too far, and his chair couldn’t compensate any more of his weight, and so he tipped over onto Claudia’s feet with embarrassment, shock, and fluster filling his cheeks.

“F-Forgive me.” He quickly situated himself up, but a hand offered him assistance. Chekov felt like a burning coal when he was standing, and looked down at her. For the first time he was so close, he noticed her lovely slim feminine curves, and blushed at his sly eyes. However, he did notice how tired she looked, no matter how pretty she was with her brown shoulder length hair that was pinned back and her stunning eyes, she still looked exhausted.

“Are you alright? Does your chair need fixing too?” she inquired, a hint of amusement glittering in her hazel eyes. The green in them was astounding, although.

“U-Uh, no, zere’s no need, I vas just clumsy.” He admitted bashfully, and a light laugh left his throat to lighten the situation.

“If you say so . . .Chekov.” she smiled, and he swore he could feel his insides blooming, but also burning.

“Y-Yes, Claudia.” He cleared his throat, and Kirk escorted Claudia out of the room once everything settled. Chekov had waved to the girl that looked over her shoulder, eyeing him intently as she left.



Chekov had found Claudia fast asleep had a drawing desk, pencil on the floor. He found that one the hard way. Nearly slipped and cracked his skull on the slick concrete. Chekov approached the sleeping Claudia silently, and eyed the blueprint she had on the technological panel. He couldn’t quite make out what she was creating, but it looked complicated and revolutionary. He smiled lightly and directed his smile to her. “It certainly is hot in here . . .”

“Hot?” Claudia lifted her head, and she looked around, suddenly remembering about the temperature control. She was up in minutes, but the quick beating in her heart jolted when she noticed someone else was with her. “Chekov?”

“Sorry!” His r rolled in a way that sent chills down her spine. She breathed as she suddenly felt nervous, unsure of if she looked proper for him. “I just vanted to check on you, you looked so tired earlier, and I can see zat I vas correct.”

“Your accent is so peculiar.” She stepped closer, quite innocently as she crossed her arms, suddenly analyzing him. Chekov felt on the spot and cleared his throat.

“Vell yes, I am Russian.” He answered shakily, nervously avoiding eye contact as she stood a ruler length away.

“Chekov, mind helping me with something?” Claudia inquired, gesturing her thumb behind her towards the temperature controls with a smile. She felt at ease with Chekov, she had spoken to him a handle of times before, and each time his adorable nature appealed to her. He was so warm compared to the cold metal she always had to associate with. It was a good break.

“Anyzing!” Chekov answered, a bit too enthusiastically. It made Claudia chuckle femininely, and him shrink with embarrassment.

“Just help me hold this open so that I can move a few wires around, please.”

It should have only taken minutes, but nervous hands couldn’t grasp small wires, and tired arms were growing wary of the weight. A moment later it was done, and Chekov felt satisfied that he felt needed, and smiled happily, more like grinned at everything.

“Happy?” Claudia questioned, amused.


“I guess I owe you now.”

“No need, Anyzing to help.” He nodded righteously. A sudden peck on the cheek stopped him though, and Claudia wandered out to go to bed, feeling the edge of sleep creeping, but the victory of her gift for Chekov kept her awake for a few more minutes. Chekov stood there in the now cooling room, but he still felt the heat.



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