Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


1. Chekov 1

~Even after spending the last six months in space I still found the view astounding. I watched the dark obis dotted by stars, bright planets, and comets with a sort of childish fixation as we drifted lazily through space. Pavel and Sulu seemed to have everything handled even though we seemed to be in some rather remote portion of space for I had received no new transmissions in hours.
Jim was eating an apple leaning back in his 'captain's' chair and to my dismay he was watching me I noticed from the corner of my eye. I had no clue how long Jim had watched me absent mindedly stare off into space but I was suddenly self-consious. Did he think I was neglecting my work?
"Do you need something Jim?" I asked cheerfully hoping he wouldn't point out my lack of concentration. He jumped as if startled but broke into a wide smile.
"Just watching you fantasize about me while neglecting your station." He replied smoothly biting into his bright green apple. I blushed.
"I was not thinking about you!" I huffed mentally hoping that my cheeks were back to their normal color for most of the crew turned to watch the confrontation at my outburst.
"If not about me then who?" Jim asked. I had no clue how to reply for I had spent most of my daydream thinking about the smiling, ball sunshine that was my russian friend, Pavel Chekov. Jim took advantage of my silence to laugh.
"So little miss innocent is dreaming about boys?" Jim chuckled. I seriously considered hurling a large book of Zerconin languages at his arrogant, over sized head.
"I was not day dreaming about anyone. I was rehearsing Millycanion verbs." I mumbled sounding unsure even to me. Meagan and Mahkala, my best friends both laughed out loud. Other then me they were the only girls on the main crew and of course being my best friends they already knew that I was in love with the darling russian.
"See even your friends think your full of shit." Jim replied. I glared at Mahkala and Meagan who shut up and gave me an apologetic look. "Come on Nicole fess up." Jim added smiling and biting into his apple. I knew he wasn't going to let this go.
"Honestly it's none of your business." I replied flipping open my text book and intending on ignoring Jim until farther notice.
"Ha I knew it and as your captain I demand you tell me at least who your drooling over." I blushed but ignored him. A few minutes later a shadow fell over my book and Jim's voice whispered in my ear, "Come on whisper it to me." I turned my head almost causing our lips to brush and causing me to break into an even deeper shade of red.
"IF I tell you will you leave me alone and never tell?" I asked already feeling myself caving when he nodded I tore a corner from my piece of paper and scribbled across the page, 'Not that this is any of your business but since you must know I have a tiny, and I must stress TINY crush on Pavel. Be Quite Jim.' He chuckled.
"Well doesn't that figure." Jim said sliding the paper back over to me. "Nicole has a crush on our favorite whiz kid Chekov." Jim stated loudly. I flushed crimson and furiously began to write down notes on the latest language I was studying not even daring to look over of shoulder at my co-workers while plotting Jim's murder, everything was quiet.
Then a shadow fell across my paper again. I spun around fully intending to give Jim a head full and then maybe murder a captain but instead of Jim standing there Chekov was right there looking at my notes with a little to much interest.
"Zo vhat Keptain says iz true?" He asked trying to hard to sound nonchalant. I nodded and with a sigh pulled out the paper I had written to Jim from under my notes so he could see it. He stared at for a minute before holding out his hand. "May I zee your penzil?" He asked sounding almost too polite. I handed him the pencil.
He moved the paper out of my sight then after several minutes slide it back. It read in small, curvy writing; 'So will you be my girlfriend then for I believe I have a crush on you although I wouldn't call it tiny.' I swear my heart missed a beat.
I turned giving him a long look, he looked nervous but honest. I broke into a warm smile and nodded.
"Of course." I replied. He settled down slipping his hand into my mine and leaned forward like he might kiss me but instead only whispered in my ear. "After zis shift let's hang out at zhe coffv bar in zhe cafe." before he stood and walked back over to his own seat.
I turned back to my work knowing I wouldn't be able to focus for my wildest dream had come true. The russian loved me too. How perfect?

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