Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


20. Bones 5

~Anne had a problem. It wouldn’t seem that much of a problem to others, in fact they would wave it away and tell her to forget about it, or maybe find someone else her own age. To explain, she fancied a man that was slightly older than she was. Being seventeen and liking a man such as Mccoy was a bit of a problem, especially when Uhura continued to “subtly” have Anne like Chekov.


Speak of the devil. “Hey Pavel.”

“Why weren’t you on the bridge?” he asked as he stopped in front of the young woman he admired.

“Oh you know . . .” she began, but immediately trailed as a certain man stole her attention. Her mind blanked and she kept her jaw tight to refrain from gaping at him.

“Anne?” Pavel questioned as he noticed that she had lost her senses, and followed her eyes to see what, or rather who she was looking at. A knowing smirk colored his lips when he spotted the doctor trudge down the hall. “Oh, I see now.”

“You see what?” Anne snapped back to reality once Bone’s cute little butt left her sight and she smiled to Chekov kindly.

“You eyeing up the doctor.” He pointed out and gestured around the corner, where Bones had gone. Chekov paused when he noticed Anne’s seemingly yellow eyes, with a hint of green eyes expand greatly.

“I wasn’t eyeing anyone, nor any medical physician!” she stammered as her cheeks erupted with a rush of warmth, coloring with the romantic color of red, revealing her embarrassment of having been caught.

“You cannot lie to me, Anne.” He chuckled, but silenced himself a he corrected his stance when Bones came back around the corner, seeming to search through his mind.

“Something wrong, Bones?” Anne questioned as worry dyed her voice. Bones looked up as her voice rung through his ears as if it was a wind chime; he blinked at the lovely sound and almost lost his thoughts.

“Oh nothing, just looking for a patient.” He replied quietly, waving his hand at Anne as he attempted to ignore her eyes. There was such understanding hidden inside those eyes accented with lush black lashes.

“I could help you.” She offered as Pavel took this chance to sneak his way out of their conversation, allowing them some alone time. It was obvious that Bones had quite an interest in Anne, and Anne made it excruciatingly obviously that she fancied him.

“You could, but I you don’t need to.” He replied curtly, attempting to join Pavel in his escape, but was unsuccessful.

“I don’t need to, but I want to you know, I would like to help.” Anne spoke, capturing Bones as he clenched his jaw, fighting his emotions until a defeated sigh blew past his lips.

“You really want to help?” he questioned.

“Of course.”

“You won’t get in the way?”


“You’ll listen?”


“Alright . . . you can help.”



“Who are we looking for anyway?” Anne questioned as they were now half an hour into the man hunt.

“Kirk.” Bones answered shortly, scanning the halls and peeking into rooms for that blasted Captain.

“Kirk? Isn’t he right there?” she pointed, spotting the man attempting to swoon one of the women from the science department.

“Dammit Jim . . .” he muttered and quickly made a brisk beeline for the Captain. Anne couldn’t resist to chuckle as she heard him curse, and found herself thinking fondly of Bones as she had enjoyed the small amount of time she spent with him. They had talked briefly, Bones appeared to be hesitant for the majority of the time and Anne pondered the reason why.

“Hello Anne,” Uhura entered the scene and halted her steps as she noticed Bones talking strongly to Kirk, looking rather frustrated. “What’s Kirk done now?”

“Oh you know, evade his physical.” Anne responded with a sigh.

“Again?” Uhura groaned out and crossed her arms as she shook her head with dismay. “I bet it’s because he isn’t too fond of Bones with a needle, right?”

“Well, Bones sure seems to like to stab Kirk with those.” Anne commented, and the two chuckled lightly.

“He deserves it most of the time,” Uhura added, and watched the two for a moment more. “Are you going to help him?”

“I suppose I should go convince Kirk.” Anne rubbed at her forehead.

“I’m sure you could do it.” Uhura smiled as she admired Anne’s black hair, dyed a light near the ends, giving an ombre effect as it darkened a midnight blue at her ends.

“I suppose, I’ll see you later then.” Anne left Uhura and walked right to Kirk as she grabbed his hand, guiding him towards the sick bay.

“Oh Anne, where’re you taking me?” Kirk questioned, a suggestive smirk coloring his plump lips.

“Where do you think, Jim, she’s helping me.” Bones followed behind, to keep Kirk moving and the Captain was tugged along back to the sick bay for a full physical.



“I will never trust you with a needle.” Kirk grumbled as he tugged down his sleeves and hopped off the examination table.

“Oh shut up, stop crying.” Bones held back a smirk as he capped off the needle then threw it away as it wasn’t sterile any more.

“You did wonderful Kirk.” Anne smiled, encouraging Kirk as he stopped and smiled at her.

“Thank you Anne, I think I’d rather have you give me a physical.” He winked at her, but the back of his head was slapped.

“Get a hold of yourself man, she’s how much younger than you are,” Bones scolded, and watched Kirk blink with confusion, and then gaze at Anne with question. “Just go back to your chair.”

“So you knew huh?” Anne inquired after Kirk left the room with the look of a lost baby canine.

“Of course I did, I’m a doctor,” Bones muttered as he rubbed the back of his neck, still fighting with his emotions. “Although sometimes I think that I’m worse that Kirk.”

“Worse? How so?” Anne questioned with confusion, she watched Bones with close attention, noticing how he stepped closer. She could feel her heart react to each step as he came closer, until he was just in front of her.

“Even though I know you’re age, I still can’t seem to deny . . .” he trailed as he bit at his lip, furrowing his brows. The confliction was obvious, and Anne felt anxiousness build in her chest and squeeze her lungs as she also felt anticipation. Hope fluttered her heart as she gently grasped his index and middle fingers, her thumb stroking at his palm.

“What does it matter, we’re in space anyway . . .” Anne smiled as she looked up to him, and caught his eyes. She nodded her head as she gave him the reassurance he appeared to need, and a deep sigh left his throat as he rolled his eyes at himself.

“Fuck it.” He breathed and grasped Anne by the sides of her face, pulling her close as his lips encountered hers, capturing them. He breathed in deeply as he relished in the feeling of her soft lips, the wrongness of it made his skin tingle, giving it a right feeling as his hands left her face, his thumbs grazing the freckles decorating her skin as he wrapped his arms around her.

“I thought you said she was younger,” Kirk interrupted just as Bones began to part Anne’s lips, and all Kirk got in reply was the middle finger. It was all Kirk needed to see to make him chuckle, but a clipboard was thrown at him when he didn’t leave. “Alright! God dammit . . . I’ll leave . .” he murmured as he turned away from the doorway to the sickbay and gave one last look at the kissing duo before scrunching his nose.


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