Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


14. Bones 4

Age: 30
Species: Werewolf.
Life Story: When Kris was growing up she would have nightmares of demons coming to kill her, and would also have dreams where werewolves would save her from the demons. Kris is smart, sweet, kind, creative, and musical. Kris lives on a planet with werewolves and vampires living in peace and harmony.
Status: Works with the leader of her wolf pack.


Kris was running towards a bright light, trying to get away from the demons that were chasing her.
Kris saw her pack in the light, kris gave it her all, but she fell through a GIANT hole! She just kept falling and falling....
Kris jumped out of her bed, she had been having the same nightmares ever since her parents told her that she was a werewolf.

"Kristen, it's your turn to guard." The pack leader, Laurence said outside of her door.
Kris lived in a nice little town, in a cozy cabin.
Kris got down on all fours and phased into her wolf form.
She was a dark gray wolf, eventhough her hair color was a dark brown. Laurence opened the door for Kris, and she ran out the door.
Leonard McCoy was scanning the area of a planet that they had not heard of. "What's the reading Bones?" Captain Kirk said to his friend.
"It's a perfect planet Jim." Bones replied.
Bones, Spock and Kirk heard a twig snap! And looked in the direction where the sound came from.
They saw something gray running through the bushes.
"Maybe this isn't the perfect planet." Spock said stepping away from the gray creature. Kris saw three men that she has never seen before.
Kris stayed in the bushes.
Everyone heard another snapping noise, and it wasn't Kris at ALL!
Kris sniffed in the direction that the snap came from, she knew that is wasn't the three new men.
suddenly Kris was picked up and thrown into a rock that was three yards away from Spock, Bones and Kirk.
Bones watched as the poor wolf got thrown into a huge rock. "A wolf?!" Kirk yelled.
Then five giant red creatures came out of the bushes and picked up Kris then flew away. Kris slowly phased back into her human form.
Bones watched as the wolf turned into a beautiful woman. The men ran to where the demons were taking her.
They found a cave and heard a strange chanting sound.
"What are they saying?" Bones asked Spock. "I do not know, but I find it highly illogical." Mr. Spock replied.
Kris felt like she was being picked up and was tied to a long wooden spike.
Kris heard the demons chanting, they needed to kill a wolf for their leader.

Bones watched when the demons lit a fire and started dancing around it.
Bones jumped out from their hiding spot and ran towards Kris.
He jumped over the flames and landed on some very dry wood. Bones untied the ropes and grabbed the woman.
Kris was carried to the small town and taken to the hospital.
Laurence looked at Kris with sad eyes. "I should've gone with her, this would have never happened." Laurence was crying and Bones was looking for any broken bones. (Ba Dumpss!)
Kris was fine, only she had a broken wrist.
Everyone tried to calm the older and wiser leader down.
Laurence had always thought of kris as a younger sister.
Bones was done wrapping up Kris's wrist and she was waking up. Kris saw Bones and smiled.
"Who are you?" Kris asked Bones. "I'm Dr. McCoy." Bones replied. Kris smiled.
She thought that she was imprinting on Bones and she was!
Bones looked into Kris's perfect brown eyes and smiled. Bones had never really gave other woman a second glance, because of his first wife.
Kris was slowly moving her face closer to Bones' and they had a sweet kiss.
He said that he would never find another woman.
She said he would.

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