Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


9. Bones 2

Age: 30
Species: Mutant.
Life Story: Kenzie can't kiss humans, if she does then they die. She has to find a soulmate, and when she kisses her soulmate, then they won't die. Kezie is a smart, shy, quiet, mysterious, and sweet woman.
Power: Kenzie can have claws come shooting out of her knuckles.
Status: Kenzie is second in command on her home planet, Moral.

Texas2009342.JPGName: Jackson Gerald. Miller.
Age: 27
Species: Mutant.
Life Story: Even though Jackson is 27 and Kenzie is 30, he was the son of the leader, but if Jackson dies then that means Kenzie will become the leader.
Jackson's a laid back, smart, nice, sometimes annoying guy. Jackson and Kenzie are like brother and sister.
Power: Can have his entire body just turn into fire.
Staus: Leader of his palace.

Bones' POV
I got all my medical supplies together because I heard we were beaming down to a planet called Moral.
The second in command is very ill and needs my help. I got to the beaming room and waited for the men in red shirts to arrive.
I've actually noticed that when we go on a mission they always die, or never get beamed back up.
Jim finally came and so did Spock with some men in red shirts, "I see you're early Bones. Can't wait to see if the second in command is a woman or not!" Jim said cockily. "No." I replied blandly.
We got to the platforms and got beamed down. I saw some spears fly out of nowhere and hit two red shirts in the heart.
Then I saw a very tall man with brown hair and blue eyes walk out of the shadows, "I see that you're here gentlemen, please excuse my guards. They saw you come out of nowhere and freaked out." The leader said with a small chuckle.
"I am James T. Kirk, and this is Spock and Dr. McCoy." Jim said coolly.
"I am leader Jackson, now step this way." Jackson said while having us follow him.
We got to this palace and we stepped inside, "This is where the Commander Michaels is!" He said pushing a button to slide the door open.
I heard heavy breathing as Jackson led us to a curtain covered bed, "This is Commander Michaels." Jackson said looking at a blonde woman panting heavily.

Kenzie's POV
"This is Commander Michaels." I heard Jackson say. I could hear everyone around me mainly because of my Mutant hearing.
I felt someone touch my forehead, suddenly I had my claws come out from my knuckles and stabbed this person in the chest. I heard him fall to the floor, I opened my blue eyes and looked at the man on the floor. He was wearing a red shirt.
"Mackenzie April. Michaels! How could you stab that man in the chest!" I heard Jackson yell at me, but just then I felt light headed and everything went black....

Bones' POV
After watching Mackenzie faint I rushed to her side. WHAT am I IN LOVE WITH someone I don't even know!!? I yelled in my mind.
"Bones, run some tests on her." Jim told me. "Alright, I'll try. But what if those claws come out?" I said looking at Jackson. "Just duck, now I shall show you two toyour rooms." He said while turning on his heel.
After three hours of tests, I saw Mackenzie stirring, "um, I'm not trying to be rude, but who are you?" She asked shyly.
"My names Bones." I informed her.
"alright." She replied nicely.
I realized that the both of us were leaning closer to eachother. Mackenzie jerked her head back.
"I can't kiss you. My species is the kiss of death, unless we find our soulmates," She said while I was leaning in closer, and closer until our lips touched.

Kenzie's POV
I don't understand I'm kissing him but he isn't dying. Bones is my soulmate!?
"I think I'm your soulmate." He said breathlessly, I just nodded.
"So, Bones you've got a girlfriend now?" I heard that cocky idiot Kirk ask. Bones nodded and smiled.
Well now I have my soulmate! I thought happily to myself.

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