Star Trek One Shots

One shots based off the remake of the Star Trek movies with Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


5. Bones 1

~001. Hyposprays
Meagan loved a lot of things in life. She loved her family, her friends, her boyfriend but above all she loved hyposprays. She wasn't the type that normally took pleasure out of others pain. Hell, she had became a nurse just so she could help people but when it came to hyposprays she couldn't help but take a little enjoyment out of stabbing the medicine loaded needles into the necks of people of annoyed her.
Every time someone like Captain Kirk walked into the medical bay clutching their abdomen or complaining of a headache she got this tiny thrill just thinking about thrusting the hypospray into their necks. Everyone on the USS Enterprise knew when Meagan came their way what was coming.
She was the queen of hyposprays and Leonard knew when someone needed a hypospray Meagan was always ready and waiting to lunge. Yes, she loved hyposprays. Captain Kirk on the other hand hated Meagan and her hyposprays.
002. Chess
Since when was Chekov so good at chess? Meagan had always loved knowing that she could beat Chekov at one thing and that thing had always been chess until now for even Meagan had to admit that she losing, losing bad.
"How did you get so good at chess?" Meagan asked as she reluctantly made the fatal move that would allow Chekov to destroy her king. She had no choice after all. He had her pinned. Her kingdom was going down, period.
"My girlfriend is truly amazing." Chekov replied moving in for the kill right as said girlfriend walked into the room. Meagan's best friend, Nicole who Meagan was currently damning to the deepest corner of hell under her breath.
"Hi guys." Nicole said innocently enough walking over to wrap her arms around her boyfriends neck and look over the chess board her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. She whispered something to Chekov who nodded in approval and quickly moved his knight in for the kill. Meagan leered at Nicole.
"Your a cheater," Meagan said jabbing her finger at Chekov. "And your a traitor." This time she pointed her finger accusingly at Nicole before she pushed her chair back away from the table and stormed off for the medical bay the laughter of Nicole and Chekov following her out the doors. God, someone is so getting the hypospray. Meagan thought.
003. PDA
Nicole and Pavel were an open couple. Everyone knew that they were a couple because they did not hide their affections at all. Be it on the transporter, in the hallways, or as the left the bridge they were always touching at least holding hands as if they couldn't stand being separated from one another. They shared kisses right in the middle of the mess hall and didn't care who saw. Yes, Nicole and Pavel were very public about their affections for one another.
Meagan and Leonard were not an open couple. Everyone did not know that they were a couple although most suspected it. Meagan and Leonard were private in their affections. They kept hand holding to a bare minimum and never kissed in public. Although some may have thought they didn't love each other enough that was not at all true. It fact the loved each other so much that they didn't want to disrespect each other's professional reputations. Yes, Meagan and Leonard were not an open couple at all.
The question remains of which couple is more in love? The answer is simple both couples are obviously completely in love. PDA may not be for everyone but love definitely is.
004. Accents
Nicole was always bragging to Meagan about how much she loved it when Chekov talked russian to her, about how hot having a boyfriend with an accent was. Meagan took all this in silence because she knew something that Nicole didn't know she knew about accents. You see Nicole didn't think Meagan knew what it was like to have a boyfriend with an accent but Meagan in fact knew all to well.
"Hello darlin'" Bones's voice was husky is southern accent pronounced as he drawled out his words. Although his accent didn't appear much while Bones was on the job it always seemed to be making a special appearance for Meagan mainly because Bones knew Meagan loved it.
"Hey Cowboy." Meagan said biting down on her bottom lip and giggling like a school girl. Bones had that effect on her. His strong, calloused hands grabbed her hips and pulled her up close to him. She blushed as something um. . . pointy brushed her thigh obviously he was enjoying himself.
"Ready for the rodeo?" He whispered in her ear his lips brushing lightly against the sensitive skin as he drawled out each word. It was times like this that Meagan knew that Bones's country accent was hotter then Chekov's russian one could ever hope to be.
005. Heartbeat
A moment like this was rare. Bones was holding her close enough that she could hear his heartbeat, slow and rhythmic right beneath her ear. Bones was not the type to cuddle but for some reason this morning he had chosen to stay in bed, holding her close, and whispering all those little compliments that he knew she loved to hear directly into her ear.
Meagan snuggled in his close as possible listening to his heartbeat with rapt attention trying to see if like in all those corny romance novels it was beating in sync with her own. It didn't take long for her to realize that it wasn't. His was heavy and slow while hers beat faintly and quickly. His fell like the heavy beat of hawk wings against the wind while hers was closer to that of a butterflies wings.
Despite not fitting the classic depiction of perfect she thought this was better for as a medical professional she knew that a man's heartbeat should not remind anyone of a butterfly any more than a women's should remind someone of a hawk. She didn't need their love to fit romance novels cheap depiction of love to know what her and Bones had was beyond special. It couldn't be put into words, it was beyond understanding. It defined what love really was. Out of sync while perfectly one.
006. God
God was one of the most used word in both Bones and Meagan's vocabularies. Bones frequently used the word in conjunction with dammit particularly around Jim. Meagan frequently used the word in conjunction with a sigh particularly around Nicole. Both used the word to show frustration or annoyance around their respective best friends.
"God," Meagan sighed. "You can be such a child." She was absolutely drained at this point. She had been up all night coughing and now she had to deal with Nicole's shit about how Pavel smelled different lately not bad but different. This was the perfect occasion to use her favorite God-Sigh combo.
"God dammit Jim," Bones began gruffly. "I'm a doctor not a damn relationship counselor." Bones ran his fingers through his hair and tossed an annoyed glance at his friend, Jim who was pouting like a two year not a genius level starfleet captain that he was. Yes, Jim pouting about Nicole being with Pavel was becoming the most annoying and repetitive conversations Bones had ever sit through but also perfect opportunities to use his favorite God-Dammit combo.
Oh yes where would Meagan and Bones be without God in their lives? He was after all such an important part of their respective vocabularies.
007. Space
Meagan loved space something about the vast, endless possibilities that space promised intrigued her. She wanted to explore it and to find out things that no one before her had ever know. She wanted to see each star up close and personal. She needed to feel the heat of a thousand suns.
Meagan also knew that Bones was much less then indifferent about space. Hell, she would even go out on a limb and say he hated everything that had to do with space. To him it was just disease and darkness. She frequently tried to get him to see in her way yet she always failed.
But Bones hating space did have one advantage. When she needed to be alone she had somewhere to go, the observation deck with it's glass walls that allowed her to look out into the dark void that was space and dream about what each little ball of lights story was and that was where she was currently headed.
Meagan approached the deck and pushed open the door only to see Nicole down on her knees and Pavel leaning over the control panel moaning as she worked to bring him to climax. Meagan gagged and closed the door. Suddenly she understood why Bones didn't like space for she wasn't so fond of looking at it anymore either.
008. Accident
She had fallen in love on an accident. It had started out as something simple was no strings attached a few months back. But a few kisses had led to a few touches and a few touches had lead to a bedroom and a bedroom had led to several long morning after the act conversations which had in turn led to Meagan falling in love on total accident.
She might have been offended. She might have been upset. She might have been angry. She might have been in a bad situation. She might have been a lot of things but she was in fact only one thing and that thing was in love. She was in love and there was very little she could do about it.
Luckily Bones had had a little accident too.
009. Whiskey
Nicole and Chekov were loyal vodka drinkers. Nicole lived by vodka when it came to alcohol. She and Chekov both swore that nothing compared to the russian drink. Leonard on the other hand swore that vodka had no taste at all on it's best days and on it's worse tasted just like rubbing alcohol.
Leonard was a whiskey drinker. He liked the burn and the pain that came with a nice, tall shot of good old kentucky whiskey like his grandma used to shoot. He liked his drinks strong and fiery and full of passionate pain.
Alcohol says a lot about a person and Leonard liked his girls to be just like his whiskey; strong and fiery. Meagan in other words was his perfect match. It was written in the alcohol.
010. Title
A person's title can tell you a lot about them for instance Kirk's title of Captain told you he was an arrogant ass in charge of a lot of people who liked him better before he got the title. One of those people was named Meagan Phelps and she liked him a lot more before he got the title although notably she never liked him a lot.
"Please," Jim begged pouting. "I hate hyposprays and I'd like you a lot more if you didn't poke me with one." He was pleading as Meagan prepared the hypospray. It was biyearly vaccinations time and Jim once again was acting like a two year old. She had to send Spock to drag him down to the medical bay and once in the medical bay he had not once paused in his begging and pleading, a feeble attempt to keep the hyposprays at bay.
"Come on Jim. Your being a baby." Meagan said grinning like the chester cat as she capped with lid on the hypospray and turned to face Jim who had went ghostly pale and was leering at the hypospray as if he could glare it into nonexistence. "Now we can do this the hard way or the easy way." She said closing in on the young captain who whimpered.
"Close your eyes and I'll count to three." Meagan cooed trying to calm him down so he would relax and she could get a good shot. Jim reluctantly close his eyes. "One. . ." Meagan started but the moment the word passed her lips she jammed the hypospray into Jim's neck.
"Dammit I wasn't ready. What happened to two and three." Jim asked glaring at Meagan as he rubbed his neck. "And for god sake did you have to jab me that hard?" He winced.
"I did indeed and unless you want to spread the story about what happened here you'll shut up and get out of medical bay so I can finish the rest of the crew." Meagan said primly turning to prepare the next hypospray. "Unless you think you need a second dose." She added when Jim didn't move. Jim paled and quickly made to leave the medical bay. Meagan grinned, laughing under her breath.
011. Invitation
No one could piss Meagan off quite like Jim Kirk. She couldn't stand him for several reasons, the main probably being how much he acted like Nicole. He was arrogant, childish, and stubborn beyond words not to mention the fact that he treated all women as if they were his property.
"As your captain I command you stop stabbing me with those damn hyposprays." Jim called to Meagan who was retreating to throw away the used hypospray. She didn't bother to reply to Jim's 'order' but instead just as calmly flipped him off upon realizing what she done she could almost feel Jim's smirk boring into her back.
"So what is that an invitation?" Jim his voice laced with that sultry humor that pissed Meagan off so frequently still thankfully she had her back to him so he couldn't see the stead color of red coat of cheeks.
"No that's not a damn invitation." She grumbled storming into Bones office and out of Jim's sight. God, he could piss her off like no one else. He had to twist her simple gesture of hate all out of context. Damn him.
012. Swimming
Meagan rarely was chosen to go on ground missions but this time Bones insisted he needed her assistance so she would be beaming down along with Bones, Chekov, Spock, Nicole, Scotty, and Jim. Everyone in the beaming party seemed oddly excited about this mission though for the life of her she didn't know why.
The surface of the planet was a lot like earth's. Lush green grass covered the ground and a the forest line was dense and dark. Meagan knew that they would be hiking through the forest and honestly didn't mind but she couldn't see why everyone else thought marching through the dense undergrowth while trying not to trip over the thick unruly roots was so exciting.
The hike took about fifteen minutes and everyone was quite but the air seemed to buzz with excitement. Then they broke through the tree line and Meagan understood the excitement. Before her was the most beautiful beach she had ever laid eyes on with white sand and the bluest of oceans.
"Wanna swim?" Bones asked wrapping his hands around hers and pulling her to the water. She watched as the rest of their party stripped off and went barreling into the water. Nicole and Chekov were out neck deep and kissing, Jim was waging splash war with Scotty, and only Spock seemed be doing his job collecting water samples.
Meagan really wanted to swim. She bit down of her bottom lip and nodded before shyly shedding her clothes and trying not to pay to much unnecessary attention to Bones as he stripped down to his underwear. Once they had shed their clothes Bones led an excited but blushing Meagan into the cool relaxing water.
"I told you I needed your assistance." Bones whispered. "I couldn't have seen the excitement on your face without your assistance." He concluded leaning into to kiss her using that gentle manner that only she could coax out of the doctor.

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