The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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14. Tears

Meanwhile Adrianna met up with her older brother Jasper and told him she was ready. Jasper had long black hair and bloody red eyes and wore striped shirt that showed the left side of his stomach with a jacket and long black jeans. On Jasper’s stomach was an upside-down arrow cut in half with concave and convex moon on each side. This was is chaos seal that he was given to. But by who? Jasper smiled and led her into a secret cave. 

As they walked in the cave, they saw two other girls along with Raito and ShuuOne of the girls had short orange hair and the same bloody red eyes wearing a red shirt that showed her stomach with a long green jacket that had one arm cut off showing her red unholy cross on her shoulder. She wore black capris, spikes around her ankle and black boots. On her stomach she had an ice seal. She also had two eyebrow piercing and a lip piercing. 

“Who’s the new one?” she asked staring at her, already not liking her for her girlyness. 

“She must be the last member of the crew,” the other girl said in a high pitch voice. She had long purple hair and wore a purple low neck shirt that opened up at the stomach area with long sleeves that covered her hands, pink skirt with black ruffles and black and white tights with purple boots. She looked extremely cute and girly. On her chest what looked to be two ‘z’s’ put together appeared there. That was her barrier seal. 

“Come, it’s time to claim your powers,” Shuu said while extending his hand out. She took his hand and felt a strong breeze. When she opened her eyes, on her stomach was three triangles one pointed north, while the other two pointed southeast and southwest. This was her time seal. “Now, time to take control over this world and use its people to recreate Vampira.” Shuu announced. So the six of them headed out to kill innocent citizens to later use their bodies as new vampires. 

Days later, Ayato heard news about this and decided it was time to strike. They went trough the portal and split up to find Shuu’s group. Qri snuck away from the group and went off to the hotel they were staying in. She was surprised to see they were un a middle of a fight with the enemy. So she decided to help as well. 

As for the rest of them, Ayato came in contact with ShuuSubaru and Reiji found Raito, Yoshido and Yuhiko found Irina, Kanato found Rebecca and Uee and Kasumi found Adrianna. 

“Do you really think you can beat me Ayato?” Shuu asked. Ayato simply ignored him and kept throwing fire balls at him. The two kept going back and forward, the other not wanting to give up. Yuhiko and Yoshido didn’t give her a chance to even attack, the two of them attacked nonstop. She finally got them separated by using her ice power on Yuhiko’s leg. She couldn’t move, she was completely stuck. “And now you die.” Irina stated as she dashed to her instantly. 

“There’s no possible way to touch him. Anything we threw at him would turn to ashes.” Lizzy complained. Aaron, Qri, and Minha tried to draw him away from Lizzy while she concentrates her energy on creating a gap within his chaos destruction. Jasper quickly found out his destruction barrier was weakening and sought to get rid of it. He was fast, in a blink of an eye he was behind Lizzy. The three of them shouted her name. Before she could react Jasper stabbed her and turned her heart into ash. The three stared as they watched their friend die right before their eyes. Tears rolled down their cheeks. This triggered Qri’s powers and the seal was broken. She went on a rampage trying to kill Jasper herself but he quickly vanished. The same with Rebecca, Raito, Shuu and Adrianna. What’s going on, thought. 

Before Irina could attack YuhikoYoshido jumped in front of her and took the blow instead. Irina ripped his heart out, froze it and crushed it. Yuhiko’s heart shattered. Her dearly beloved fiancé was killed. Her engagement ring broke in half meaning he was dead for good. “Seems like you’re next pinky.” Irina said, but Yuhiko, lost in her emotions attacked her and would have killed her but Shuu, Raito, Jasper, Adrianna and Rebecca came and restrained the beast. Restraining her was not easy, she nearly broke free many times, but before they could complete tame her, the rest came and they escaped along with the injured Irina. The four brothers sealed Yuhiko’s powers so she wouldn’t hurt any of her comrades. Yuhiko rushed to Yoshido’s corpse 

“You lied to me…you promised me we’ll get married. How can we do that now when you’re…when you’re dead” Yuhiko sobbed. She held Yoshido’s body in her arms and cried. All of them were covered in bruises and scars. They all felt sorry for Yuhikoone of the strongest people alive could crumble so fast. 

“Why hasn’t Qri came back.” Reiji wondered. He flew off to find her. When he found Qri, she ran over to him and hugged him with tears streaming down. He looked and found Lizzy dead on the groundHe looked back and Qri would couldn’t do anything but cry. The first battle with the enemy was neither a complete success or complete failure. While they did manage to damage their enemies, they loss two of theirs.  

Minha and Aaron decided to go back to Korea since America was a dangerous place to be and they didn’t want to die. It sounded selfish but they have so many fans, could you blame them? They left Qri alone and broke the band. Now she had no purpose of singing or dancing. Her celebrity days were coming to an end. 

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