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It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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15. Tachibana

Mommy, how long do we have until we leave to the airport?” Tsubaki asked. 

“We should he leaving soon ok?” Shizuka answered. Tsubasa and Tsubaki were now six years old. Tsubasa wore a blue shirt on with white skinny pants and black shoes. Before, he had blonde hair  like his mother, but his father allowed him to dye it black just as him mauve eyes like his dad and Tsubaki wore white top and pink skirt with pink shoes and had blonde hair like her mother and mauve eyes like her father. Tsubaki and Tsubasa started roaming around the area and stumbled upon a little girl the same age as them lying on the floor. The two of them rushed to her side and comforted her. She wasn’t in any good shape. She was definitely dying internally. 

“Where’s your parents?” Tsubaki asked the girl while holding her hand. 

“They abandoned me…” the small girl answered. She looked at Tsubasa and he nodded. They each held her by the hand and walked her to their parents. Shizuka looked at the little girl. She had dirt all over her face and her clothes were ripped. She was very thin and stared blankly. The kids pleaded that she stay with them. Shizuka looked over and Ricky asking for his opinion. 

“How could we say no to her? After all, her real parents left her alone. I guess we can take care of her.” The twins smiled and so did the girl. On their way to the airport, Tsubasa asked about the little girls past. Cha Sun Lee, the little girlwas thrown out of her house because of a fortune teller who predicted she wouldn’t be straight in the future. Her family, being very religious Christians wouldn’t accept this. Her older sister, Cha Shi Wa, was the one who proposed the idea of kicking her out in order to keep the family pure. Sun Lee has lived with multiple families but has always been kicked out due to the other kids not wanting her. Her last family moved from Korea to Japan then got tired of keeping her and kicked her out. She has been living on the streets for a year now. She’s had to live like a stray animal and find food in order to fill her hunger. Just then a loud rumble came out of nowhere. 

“S-sorry…” Sun Lee apologized. The twins laughed and offered her snacks that they had been carrying. This was a start of their friendship. 

“Ok, I understand. Bye.” Ricky got off the phone and walked over to Shizuka. “I’m sorry, but I can’t go with you all.” 

“Why!?” Shizuka yelled. 

Work just called, they’re starting to film tomorrow. And I need to start heading there.” After the band broke up, Ricky didn’t quit music, he simply became a solo artist, along with continuing his model career and also becoming an actor. Shizuka said nothing. Ricky put his hand on her cheek. “I’m really sorry, is there any way to make up for it?” Shizuka shook her head and only said stay. 

“I wish I could, but I can’t.” 


Ricky laughed a little, “I guess I am.” Ricky gave Shizuka a little kiss on the lips. “I promise if anything happens with the filming, I’ll make sure to come.” Shizuka nodded. “Love you Shizu-chan.” 

She blushed a little, “Love you too.” With that, the two shared a goodbye kiss before Ricky left. Shizuka told her kids plus Sun Lee about the situation. Tsubaki proposed that they all stay and later go, but Shizuka shook her head, they were already so close, no turning back now. The plane took off and within three days, the Tachibana family had arrived in America. 

“Listen up kids, you included Sun Lee, I’m going to have to start working right away. I’ll have my friends come pick you people up kay?” Shizuka said. 

Mom, you’re always working.” Tsubaki complained. “You and dad both.” Shizuka patted Tsubaki on the head, “Gomen, I’ll make it up.” 

Sun Lee looked up at Shizuka, “Um Ms.-” 

“Mom is fine,” Shizuka interrupted with a smile. 

“O-ok, m-mom.” 


Um…thank you for taking me as your daughter.” 

Shizuka hugged her, “Of course. When my husband comes back, would you like us to adopt you?” Sun Lee cried a little. Tears of joy, finally someone who wanted to adopt her. She nodded her head and smiled. A genuine smile. Minutes later, Kasumi and Uee arrived to come pick up the kids. Uee and Kasumi stared at Shizuka when they saw her. Her hair much longer than before, her tight dress that was cut in a shape of a diamond to show her bellybutton which she had gotten pierced. 

“Long time no see?” Shizuka smiled. 

Yeah,” the two said, still shocked in Shizuka’s appearance. Even though she was 25, she still looked very young. Shizuka introduced Sun Lee to Kasumi  and Uee, the two who would be taking care of her. After Uee and Kasumi were informed of her situation, they took the kids to the Blood mansion. Uee took out a piece of paper from her pocket and held it out in front of her. Suddenly, the mansion appeared before them. Ayato hated how Uee cut herself in order to come inside the house, so he gave her a barrier release seal that would remove the barrier around their house. 

Everyone was in the living room when Kasumi and Uee showed up. Kasumi introduced the Tachibana kids to everyone. Subaru looked particularly at Sun Lee then looked to Reiji and whispered, “She only has less than a month to live.” Reiji too stared at Sun Lee and agreed. The Blood brothers excused themselves from the females and talked it over. 

Is it even possible to turn a human to a vampire at this age? The chance of succeeding is 20 percent.” Ayato argued. 

“But if we do nothing, she’ll die.” Subaru persisted. 

“I’m with Ayato, better to let her die on her own than to be the one who causes her death.” Kanato pointed out. 

“Do you really think Subaru could forgive himself if someone were dying and he didn’t do anything to save them? Subaru is specialized in stuff like this. He’s one of the best medical doctor I know. And if he says we can then I’ll do it.” Reiji stated boldly. The four of them continued to argue about it and finally gave up. 

“Fine, Reiji can perform the transformation ceremony, however, getting permission is a must.” Ayato said. While Reiji was doing the preparation, the three remaining headed back and confronted Sun Lee about it. Both Tsubaki and Tsubasa pleaded that they do anything they could to save her. Sun Lee too ask if they could save her. Subaru then lead her to the room. In the room was a bed with candles all around. Reiji instructed her to lay down on the bed. When she did so, he restrained her arms and legs so she wouldn’t be able to move. 

“Here we go.” Reiji said. He carefully cut her arm to get enough blood out and wrote her name on the floor with her blood. He then recited the transformation ceremonial words in VampiricAfter which Reiji glanced over at SubaruSubaru made sure her blood level was efficient enough to continue and nodded. He cut himself and let the blood drip around the bed. He said some more words and the blood began to move on her. Sun Lee was terrified, but couldn’t move a muscle. Soon the blood vanished into her body. Reiji got near her neck and bit into her. Sun Lee screamed in pain. The blood that vanished appeared again and went inside the two small holes in her neck. Another spiked bracelet appeared on Reiji’s wrist right before he passed out. Before he hit the ground Ayato was there to break his fall. 

“Seems like you were right, she's going to make it.” Ayato said while carrying Reiji to his coffin. Qri saw and quickly came to him. “He’ll be fine. He just performed a transformation ceremony, he going to be sleeping for a while.” Qri’s eyes were full of worry. She took him by the hand and noticed a third spiked bracelet. She didn’t want to ask Ayato, so she kept it until Reiji woke up. 

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