The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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2. Summer (Filler)

Yuhiko, Yoshido, Kasumi, Uee, and Mizuki were at Yuhiko's home sitting down and talking amongst each other. Summer was almost done and school was about to start again. Kasumi brought up something from the past, so they each told their most memorable experience that happened during summer break. Yuhiko started off telling which has her most nonforgetting moment.

“Hmm, well mine has to be the time when I hosted the game show. Even though I hated some parts of it. It was fun to see everyone's alliances being broken and hatred happening,” Yuhiko said while laughing. Yoshido stared at her worried what the rest might say to her after she stopped laughing.

“Well even though you did bring some hatred, people did get closer together...” Kasumi said quietly. Kasumi had remembered in one of the challenges they have to do where if two people had the same card they would have to kiss and each person gets a point, or if they refuse, the other person gets two points. Kasumi and Yoshido had gotten the same card and Kasumi got her chance to finally kiss Yoshido, even though to Yoshido it was simply a friend kiss or just to get a point to risk being eliminated from the game. As she finished her thoughts everyone had been looking at her. She blushed a lot.

“What are you thinking about?” Uee interrogated as she paused for a moment, “You're thinking about that time aren't you. Damn, I had almost forgotten what had happened to me before. Kasumi, I'll make sure you pay big.” Before Kasumi had got her kiss with Yoshido, Uee had gotten the same card as Yoshido, but instead of accepting, Yoshido had refused, letting her get two points. Because conflict between Yoshido, Yuhiko, and Uee and occurred right before the that game, he didn't want to upset Yuhiko more by making her think he had any feelings for her.

Mizuki paused as she calculated her memories in her head, “I guess mine would have to be the part where Kirito asked me out and I said yes. Well...I mean I couldn't have said no… well anytime I needed help he would always be there for me. Plus, it wasn't like I was going to break up Izumi and Shizuka anyways,” she said smiling brightly. Yoshido smiled as well, “Well I'm happy for you two.” After Yoshido said that, all the girls faced him and asked him what was his memorable moment was. Yoshido stared at the girls while they stared very intensively, hoping that he would say 'being with one of them' instead he said reuniting with his sister and defeating Kumiko which broke the curse. Their eyes drifted away from him and went another way.

“Well uh, being with you guys is something that happens often ya'know? So, I can say it's a memory I can't forget?” Yoshido said slowly, trying to make them forgive him. Moments later they ended up forgiving, as if they could stay mad at one of their closest friends.

As summer was coming to a close, Uee, Kasumi, Kirito, Izumi, and Shizuka were about to leave and go back to Japan. Before Kirito got into the line to go to the plane, he went over to Mizuki who had been really upset.

“Don't worry Mizuki; I'll be back once winter break comes alright?” Kirito said as he tried to cheer her up, but words weren't enough to satisfy Mizuki. Kirito sighed a little and wrapped his arms around her, “You know I'll only have you on my mind?” He smiled and looked at her. Mizuki slightly started to blush in happiness as she hugged him back. They both looked at each other and were about to share a kiss until Izumi had called out to Kirito telling him the plane was taking off soon. Kirito told him he'll be there in a minute but Izumi demanded that he came right at once. Kirito couldn't object from Izumi, once he says something, trying to fight back was pointless. Kirito quickly kissed her on the cheek and ran over to Izumi who got angry at him for taking too long.

While Izumi and Kirito were heading to the plane, Uee and Kasumi were with Yoshido and Yuhiko.

“Seems like we'll be leaving for a while, but that doesn't mean we won't be coming back, got that Yuhiko?! This isn't the last time you'll be seeing me,” Uee declared. She turns towards Yoshido who had been looking over elsewhere.

“Yo..Yoshido...” Kasumi shyly spoke. Yoshido looked at Kasumi as she tried to get her words across. Both Yoshido and Yuhiko stared at her with the word confused written on their faces. Uee put her hand on Kasumi's head and nodded, “We'll both miss you Yoshido and we hope you think about us while we're away,” the two said together as they kissed one of cheeks and ran off to the plane. Yoshido laughed a little, but realized that Yuhiko had been angry with what they did. Yoshido told her to get over it because it was nothing more than a goodbye kiss from a friend. Yuhiko didn't care; she would have rather it not happen again.

On the plane, Shizuka ate a bunch of chocolate, “This is why I like riding this plane, since you get chocolate from it,” Shizuka said.

“I don't see how you eat so much chocolate, and you still have a perfect body,” Izumi said while putting on headphones.

“I can't tell you~” Shizuka said cutely to him as she placed her fingers on his lips. Uee and Kasumi stared at the two as they talk while Kirito was already fast asleep. Uee thought, is it weird seeing Izumi with a girl like this? I mean come on, if I ever did that to him he'll threaten to break my finger or some shit like that. Izumi looked at Shizuka, then to her finger which remained on his lips. He closed his eyes, and then seconds later he bit her finger, making her remove it from his lips. Shizuka freaked out and started yelling at him for biting her. Izumi didn't seem to care as he listened to his music. She took his phone from him and paused his music, “Bet you can't listen to your music without your phone,” Shizuka teased, “Maybe this will teach you a lesson about biting me.” Izumi opened he eyes and opened his hand saying give it back. Shizuka shook her head and told him to apologize first. The two went back and forward “Give it back” “Apologize first” Kasumi thought, ever since Shizuka came, Izumi has been becoming slightly softer I think. Izumi had finally apologized to her and received his phone back from her. She offered her earbuds so the two could listen to music together, this time instead of making a fuss about it, Izumi had cooperated with her.

The flight back to Japan took them two days, when they got back Uee and Kirito headed to the Ito house while Kasumi, Izumi, and Shizuka headed to the Song house. After the day they returned to Japan, they had started school.

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