The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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9. Summer Break (Five years past)

It was finally summer break, Yuhiko had been enjoying her time, until a few friends called in saying they had been just about arriving. 

Uee, what do you think about seeing our old friends after five years?” Kasumi asked. 

“Well, we'll just have to see.” Uee replied. The five friends were 22. Yuhiko didn't go to college like the rest of them because she was too smart and knew everything already. While relaxing at the location of their meeting, a tall brown harried boy wearing a white sleeveless shirt with a jean jacket, black skinny jeans and blue shoes walked towards Yuhiko. The boy stared at Yuhiko who had been wearing a white sleeveless shirt and a red jacket with black short skirt, fish net socks and black long boots. 

“I'm back.” the boy spoke. Yuhiko looked at the boy and ran over and kissed him. 
“I've missed you.” Yuhiko cried as she kissed him again. 
I miss you too, my lovely fiancé.” The boy stated as he wrapped his arms around her waist. For Yuhiko's 21st birthday, as a present from Yoshido, he proposed to her. 

You haven't been with other girls have you? 

All my female friends are just friends. Don't be so jealous, didn't I propose to you?” Yoshido leaned towards Yuhiko and kissed her as his hands went lower to her ass. Before he could go any further, Yuhiko grabbed his hands. 

You're getting way too comfortable with me Yoshido.” Just then, Uee and Kasumi walked in. Uee had grown tired of her hair and cut it short whereas, Kasumi grew hers longer. Uee wore a white tank top with blue Capris. While Kasumi wore a short pink dress with red high heel boots. They all had so much to say to one another, but were soon interrupted by a girl with very long dark blue hair, coffee brown loose sweater, white ripped jeans and black boots. Beside her on one side was a older looking women with medium size orange hair, dark green eyes and had glasses. She wore a small white shirt with a brown jacket along with blue skinny jeans and brown boots. On the other side was a younger women who had long pink hair, purple eyes  and wore a pink and white dress with black boots. 

Who are you?” Kasumi asked. 

Do I really look that different?” the girl answered. “Take a good long look at me.” After 10 minutes of staring in confusion they all realized who she was. 

“MIZUKI!?!?” they screamed in unison. 

Hey guys. By the way, my stage name is Minha. And that's the name I go by now.” Minha said. “Beside me are my group mates, Qri and Lizzy.” They had been taking their vacation from performing in Korea. Minha studied aboard in Korea to become a singer. She ended up breaking up with Kirito and is now dating Aaron. Unfortunately, their vacation still had work to be taken care of. So they couldn't stay for long. 

After their talk, the three girls left leaving the four alone. Uee had broke the news about her and Kasumi getting boyfriends. Yuhiko, wanting to make sure they were real and insisted on seeing them and made them call. Uee dialed the number and waited for him to pick up. After attempting twice he finally answered. 

Babe?” Uee asked.  

Uee? What's up. 

Meet me at Ariel's Park now. 

Now? It's too early, I just got back from work and I'm really tired. 

At seven? 

Eight thirty. 


Please babe. 

“Fine, see you then.” Uee hung up the phone and gave the detail to Yuhiko. Kasumi called and he answered in one call. 

Subaru? Are you awake? 

Sorry I was sleeping before you called. 

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... 

You're fine. Is something wrong?” Kasumi explained the situation and told him where to meet at eight thirty. He agreed to that and they waited for their arrival. Suddenly two guys walked towards them one having red hair with bloody red eyes wearing a dark grey, the other having short medium light lavender hair with the same bloody red eyes. Kasumi and Uee ran to their guys and hugged them. Uee's boyfriend wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her deeply as Kasumi's boyfriend hugged her and kissed her cheek. After about an hour of getting to know them, Yuhiko was convinced and took Yoshido with her back to her house. Uee, sitting on her boyfriends lap asked if they could stay over for the summer, remembering he had said he owned a big house. He glanced over at Subaru who nodded. Off, they headed towards his house. 

Kasumi... Ayato and I aren't just good friends, we're brothers.” Subaru admitted. Their reason for hiding it, was never spoken of. 

It's ok, you told me the truth so I'm happy.” Kasumi said with a smile. They arrived at the Bloods' house. Ayato had showed Uee to her room while Subaru showed Kasumi to her room. When Kasumi walked in Subaru held his head up with his hand and was in pain. 

“SUBARU!” Kasumi yelled. “What happened? Are you going to be ok? Should I go get Ayato-kun?” He never answered he stayed their while Kasumi got up and was about to open the door until Subaru slammed the door shut. Kasumi stared into Subaru's eyes as they turned light yellow. He slowly made his way to her neck and licked it. Kasumi was slightly panicking, trying to get Subaru off her. He was inches away from biting her until Ayato stopped him. His eyes quickly changed back to normal as his loosened the grip on Kasumi. 

“Su-Subaru, what's going on?” Kasumi asked in slight fear. Subaru looked at his brother as he was nodding, “I think it's time to tell them the whole story. 

Ayato and I came from a family that was different. We're born from different mothers but share the same father. We were sent to the human world when we were very small and we've had to manage, but luckily we were able to build this mansion that is only noticeable to vampires, unless a vampire is having some contact with any race. When I was younger, my mother was killed right in front of me. I should have died that day but my mother pushed me out the way as I tried to protect her. That day I lost a lot of blood, and because of that I tend to drink more blood compare to an ordinary Vampire.” Subaru explained. Kasumi looked closely at his teeth and saw his fangs. No way, Kasumi thought. “Kasumi, I'm so sorry I tried to bite you. 

Does that mean you've been biting random people for the time? 

I could never forgive myself for that...I've been taking blood tablets and enduring the pain for years now.” Kasumi suddenly felt pain in her stomach. Why did she feel like that? Simple, she didn't like the way he had to endure the pain. Kasumi stared at Subaru. Ayato smiled then walked out the door. 

Don't drink anyone else's blood but mine, got it?” Kasumi instructed as she moved her hair to one side of her neck. Subaru's eyes changed as he licked her neck, finding a good spot to bite. Once he found it, he sank his fangs deep into her and sucked her blood. Kasumi felt the pain and cried a little. A little while later Subaru noticed she was in pain and released his fangs from her neck. Kasumi soon felt a little lightheaded and passed out in Subaru's arms. Subaru put her in bed, kissed her head, and left. 

Ayato tried to block the smell of Kasumi's blood, but it was strong. He wanted real blood and fast. He went to Uee's room and walked in. Ayato pulled down Uee's shirt collar and bra until her boobs showed. He licked them and finally bit her and sucked her blood. Uee's eyes flew open and saw Ayato. 

WHAT THE HELL AYATO THAT HURTS!!” Uee screamed. Ayato kissed her and rubbed her thighs as he went higher up. Uee pushed him back, 

Ayato, what the fuck are you doing. 

“Give me more blood.” Ayato demanded as his eyes changed to light yellow. 

“Huh?” Ayato went to the other boob and sucked on her blood. Uee tried to hold still from the pain, but it was unbearable. A small marking appeared on both of the places where Ayato had bitten. 

Wh-what the hell is wrong with you Ayato?! Who and what the fuck are you?” Uee cried. Ayato's eyes turned back to normal as he saw Uee cry. He comforted her by wrapping his arms around her and putting her head on his chest. Normally, Uee would have pushed back, but she didn't. Ayato soon told her everything about vampires. 

Every Vampire has their own type. A type that they are attracted to. Not love type but blood type. You may be thinking A, B, O, AB,  but no. It depends on the person they are when they hit a certain age. When vampires are little they'll drink any blood given to them, but based on their actions, a blood type is given to them and any other blood would taste bitter. 

Then yours is? 

Body. For me to enjoy your blood, your body has to appease me, and your body already does that Uee.” Ayato put his hand on her thigh and moved it up. Uee grabbed his hand, “tell me the rest. 

Fine. I got mine when I was four. I would always want that perfect girl to be with. My obsession with girls made my blood type become that. Subaru's is sweet and kind. When he was younger he would always be the type who tried to bring peace to everyone. He was way too kind himself. Our two older brothers who have went missing have the blood type of strong powers and the other rare powers. The two of them are planning on killing a mass number of humans in order to restore our planet Vampira. 

What do you mean? 

My twin sister was the cause of our kingdom falling into despair. She went on a rampage and killed two-thirds of vampires. She was soon locked away in order to bring stability to VampiraUee, listen to me, I don't want you getting hurt in any of this. Your powers are rare since its only used by your clan. If you see anyone else with my kind of eyes, promise me you won't fight them, just run away.” Uee stayed silent. Ayato put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her. “Please Uee, I'm begging you. 

Uee looked away after the kiss, “Are you trying to call me weak? 

Uee of course not, it's just that, I'm afraid I'm still not strong enough to beat them. Unlike humans, usually the older ones are stronger than the younger ones, unless the younger one undergoes serious training or mass murders a bunch of people to gain more power. Raito and Shuu are one of the top strongest vampires I know. Plus, even if you were stronger than them, will you be able to defeat them within one shot? If not you'll be wasting your energy while they can regain theirs. Please Uee, don't fight. 

Fine... Now get out so I can sleep. 

Lemme sleep with you. 

You must be out of your damn mind.” Uee tried to get  Ayato to leave but he never did so she gave up and let him sleep with her.


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