The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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1. Saving Hanako

91 years ago I lived with the people around me, but because I was a Demi Fairy, I could live a long life. I have an obsession with being in the world of the living but, it was clear that the name Mushi has been long gone. I had decided to make a clone of myself that would inherit everything of mine. This clone will be 97% me, 3% of itself. All my memories, powers, personalities, etc., will be inside her. I will send her to the world of the living and she will be my new eyes.

Yuhiko was the name I had given to her. Just like me, she had short medium pink hair and shiny, big blue eyes. My normal outfits were given to her as well. That day she wore white sleeveless V-neck shirt, long black jacket, grey mini skirt, and long black boots. When she was put down to Earth she was free to do anything she liked. As she roamed around she came across a girl with silky blue hair like a river and skin smooth like a baby's butt. She wore a magenta low neck top and a black mini skirt with long black boots. From the looks of her eyes Yuhiko could tell that it looked similar to that of her dad.

“Hey, what's up?” Yuhiko said in a cheerful voice.

“Nothing really, just looking for something to do. It's been a while since I've been to America; nothing has changed all too much. I was hoping to find some fun somewhere around here.” The shy girl replied in a soft voice. Yuhiko smiled happily. This was the first day she was born onto this Earth and has already found someone to go adventuring, she was thrilled with excitement. The two had sat and talked about one another. Yuhiko found something very unusual about the girl when she told her background to her. Mizuki was born from the Yen clan, a clan that has a very rare specialty. The power to end a humans life with just one touch; The Death Touch, was what it was called. Mizuki had also explained that not everyone in her family had own such a remarkable power. Random people within the Yen clan have unlocked the power. Mizuki was afraid that she wouldn't be able to awaken her powers because her mother or father hadn't received it power.

“Trust me; you don't have to rely on something like that. Just because you're parents didn't get it, doesn't mean you won't have a shot at it. You said it yourself, it's a random pick. I have a good feeling that you'll be able to get it, just wait,” Yuhiko said, ensuring the shy girl. Mizuki giggled, she was glad to have bumped into someone as kind as Yuhiko. The two girls went off to find some adventure to go on, hoping that it would trigger Mizuki's unknown powers. The two had made their way into an unknown building that was torn down and very unstable. Mizuki, who didn't want to go, panicked about every little detail about the place. Everything about the house had her freaked out. The creaking stairs, closing doors, broken objects, foggy atmosphere and the unpleasant smell. Yuhiko, on the other hand, didn't seem to be bothered by any of it, she kept proceeding with caution.

Mizuki screamed, “I-I just saw something move!” Yuhiko looked around trying to see what the commotion was about, but Yuhiko had seen nothing. As soon as she let her guard down the two girls were trapped.

“Wha-what is this thing? I feel all my chi flowing out of me and into this vine!” Mizuki panicked and squirmed around trying to get herself free from the vine. Yuhiko closed her eyes and tried to figure out a way to escape, but each time she moved the rate of her chi being pulled would increase. Yuhiko told Mizuki to stop moving around and wait for someone to save them. A while later a boy the same age as Yuhiko and Mizuki had appeared before them. The boy had brown hair and black eyes and wore black V-neck shirt that showed a little of his chest with indigo jacket, black pants mixed with indigo on the bottom, and had a blue odd looking strap coming out of his pants.

“You! What are you doing here?” The boy said in total shock.

“No time to explain, get us down from here Yoshido,” Yuhiko shouted. Yoshido pulled out one of the strap looking things and cut the two down from there. Before Mizuki could thank Yoshido, Yuhiko pulled him away and told Mizuki to give them a second.

“Mushi, why are you here?” Yoshido asked.

“I could ask you the same question.” The two questioned each other back and front until I finally cleared out everything for them. When Yoshido was young, the Noriko family was cursed by the Bell family to have an undying death. They will keep on living a miserable life until they broke the curse. Yoshido had fell in love with me in his first life, but I rejected him for James, because of that, when he was murdered he was recreated again to be with me. But I have no feelings for him, on the other hand, you, Yuhiko, have a thing for him. Until the day Yuhiko dies or the curse had been broken, he will keep living painful memories, watching his close friends die while he was the only one to survive.

As soon as I explained things I had left them. They stared at each other for a while and then Yoshido finally spoke, “Um I'm guessing since you're the “reincarnation” of Mushi, then you wouldn't have any feelings for me.”

“That's something I would have said if I didn't have any feelings for you, but I do.” Yuhiko said kind of embarrassed. Yoshido looked up at her and smiled a little while Yuhiko ran to him and hugged him tightly. The two headed back to Mizuki who had waited patiently for their return. She saw the two holding hands and congratulated both of them on becoming a couple. The three of them smiled and headed out the house. Mizuki had asked Yoshido what he had been doing here in the first place. Yoshido told them he had been hiding out and searching for people who are strong enough to defeat the people who took Hanako, he's older sister. Yuhiko had opened eyes when she heard that Hanako had been captured. Hanako was too strong of a person to be easily captured. That had meant that the enemy had been really strong.

“Yuhiko, Mizuki, would you two be willing to help me get my sister back?” Yoshido asked the two girls before him. The two agreed to help and headed out. While they were walking Yoshido and Yuhiko looked up at the sky and saw an airplane landing to the airport. The couple had sensed strong chi coming from that plane and was determined at all cost to get them on board with them. Mizuki looked puzzled for the two's reaction. Unlike most people who are able sense others who have strong chi, Mizuki lacked the ability to sense anyone. The person could be 2ft away and she wouldn't sense the person's presence if she wasn't looking at them.

The three of them dashed into the streets and went to the airport. Coming off the plane were four people. Two fifteen year old girls and two sixteen year old guys. The two fifteen year old girls were the same age as Yuhiko and Mizuki....and Yoshido; technically. One of the fifteen year old girls had long brown hair, almost the same length as Mizuki's and purple eyes like plums. She wore a small white shirt that showed her stomach with a dark blue mini jacket. She also had on matching black skirts and long boots. The other girl had long dark pink hair with light blue eyes. She wore a light pink low neck shirt with matching long boots, a baby blue jacket that matched her mini skirt. She also had on a purple bow on her bangs.

The other two were a bit different from them. One of the sixteen year old guy had yellow hair and the same plum like eyes as the girl with brown hair. I guessed that those two had some family connections. He wore a green V-neck that faded into white as you went down, a black undershirt, black and green capris, and short green boots. The other sixteen year old guy had dark red hair with black highlights and light blue eyes as well. He wore a grey sleeveless undershirt with black jeans and red shoes. To me, my first reaction was DANGER.

As soon as we started to approach them, the red head instructed the rest of them to get away. The four of them dashed away and the three of them followed. We chased them for a long time until they finally gave up and confronted us about it.

“Why do you insist on following us? Don't you people have any lives to begin with?” The redhead said in a harsh tone. Yuhiko had explained to them why they needed them. Right before the redhead could say anything the two girls instantly ran over to Yoshido and grabbed each arm and said together, “I'm in if he's coming!” Yuhiko stared at the two girls telling them to back off, but they ignored her.

“I'm sorry you two, but I'm currently dating her at the moment. If you want, I have no problems being friends with you girls?” Yoshido smiled sweetly at the two girls with made them squeal in joy. Yuhiko looked at the two guys, and asked if they were in. The fake blonde agreed to do it, while the redhead rejected the offer. Yoshido looked disappointed because out of the four of them, he held the greatest power.

While the two girls clung to Yoshido, they suggested telling them a little about themselves. The brown haired girl started off. “My name is Uee Ito, that guy over there is my older brother Kirito Ito,” Uee said pointing towards the guy with yellow hair, “We were born in

Japan, but moved over to America for certain reasons. My older brother is a player type, so if he tries to compliment you, it's probably either not true or he's just looking for someone to play around with. It's hard to ever find him serious with a girl.”

“Well, it's nice to meet you Uee, what about you?” Yoshido said looking towards the pink haired girl.

In a shy tone she spoke, “My name is...Kasumi Song; I'm one fourth Japanese, and three fourth Chinese. My mom is Chinese, and my dad is Japanese and Chinese. The guy over there,” pointing at the red head, “Is my older brother Izumi Song. He's...kind of the opposite of Kirito. Instead of looking for girls, the girls come to him, but he rejects them all....he's really nice to me and always looks out for me when I need him the most.” As soon as Mizuki heard that, her heart dropped. She had fallen hard for him, and hearing that made her seem to not even stand a chance. Kirito wrapped his arms around her and said hey. His actions scared her a bit and made her jump. She blushed when she looked up at him and saw him smiling down on her.

“Hey beautiful, how's it going.” Kirito said smirking. Mizuki kind of liked Kirito, but the thought of him being a player made her love more towards Izumi. A while later, Uee persistently held onto Yoshido demanding that she have more attention than Yuhiko. Because he refused, Uee challenged Yuhiko to a fight, the winner keeps Yoshido. Yuhiko gladly agreed and got into position. Mizuki had tried to stop them from fighting, but no matter how she complained the two didn't listen and started to fight.

The Ito clan was a master at illusions, and had a special type of illusions which is unbreakable to the person who is being casted on. The only way for the illusions to be released is if the caster releases it, or the person being casted on passes out from the trauma. Uee started off by putting Yuhiko into a less complicated illusions. Yuhiko laughed at the level she put her in, she easily got out of it and they fought hand-to-hand. Uee got her again and put her into an even more complicated one this time, as Yuhiko was figuring out a way to escape, Uee went after her to attack her, before she could lay a hand on her; Yuhiko quickly dodged it and smashed the ground. Large chunks of the ground flew into the air; Yuhiko used those and punched them towards Uee. Uee dodged each of them, but failed to miss Yuhiko's punch from her fist. Uee fell to the ground, but got up, trying to keep herself up. Uee didn't want to lose so she used her eye. If the person looks directly at the person's eye they would get trapped into the Ultimate illusions, the illusions which were unbreakable. As she got Yuhiko into it, Yuhiko started screaming in pain from the trauma, while Uee passed out herself from using it on a person. Kirito quickly caught her and tried to wake her up, but it was no use. Yoshido ran over to Yuhiko, who was in pain from her Ultimate illusions. Yoshido, being the only person, managed to break the Ultimate illusions and save Yuhiko from the trauma. Yuhiko later passed out in Yoshido's arm. Izumi criticized her lack of ability to keep herself from passing out after only using it on one person. He told Kirito that he should train her better with using those eyes of hers.

Finally after Yuhiko and Uee had finally come to, there was a teenage girl who came out of nowhere and went straight to Izumi.

“At last, I've finally found you.” She had said smiling. She was really pretty had long beautiful blonde hair, bright green eyes, and wore eyeliner and mascara. Her breast size was nothing compared to theirs. I would say she was a D-cup, while Mizuki, Uee and Yuhiko were C-cup and Kasumi being B-cup. She wore a purple shirt that had a really low neck revealing a lot of skin, a darker purple skirt that complimented her blonde hair, and a light transparent purple jacket that went down to her short skirt. She also had on long purple boots that matched her shirt she had on. If we were at a contest to see who was the sexiest, she would win all votes.

“Who the hell are you?” Izumi said, not amazed by her beauty.

“I'm Shizuka Nakano, you're dream girlfriend.” Shizuka said putting her soft skinny fingers onto his cheek Izumi looked at her face and fell into her gaze for a moment, but then quickly snapped himself back to reality. He pushed her away and refuse to believe what she was saying. There was no way for him to have a dream girlfriend, when there was no girl that he liked, other than his little sister. Yoshido had noticed her strange and unique powers and insisted that she'd join them. But because Izumi had not joined, she didn't either.

As she walked away, Mizuki had followed her and begged her to come and help them. She had agreed only if Izumi had come to her and asked her himself. Mizuki looked down and was upset, she had no shot at all in winning Izumi, if Shizuka was his dream girlfriend. Mizuki walked away and went to Izumi. She pulled up enough courage to go up to him and ask him to go to Shizuka and ask her to join them. He said no a lot but, the rest of them finally got him to say yes. He got up and walked over to where Shizuka had stayed.

“Did you finally decide to come ask me personally?” Shizuka giggled.

“Cut the cuteness, there's no way I'd fall for a girl who's girly. You've got the wrong guy so you can just drop the act, no one hear is going to buy it.” Izumi snapped. She walked over to him and looked down and started listing the things Izumi likes, without a mistake, she nailed everything.

“I know you, I was born just to be with you, Izumi. It may not seem like it now, but you do love me.” She caressed he's cheek while she spoke to him. Izumi couldn't help it, he was actually falling in love with her. “The Nakano clan is specialized in two main things, mind controlling, and dealing with souls. That's why I was born, because your soul connects with mine making it destiny that we be together. Even though I am one year older than you. You do like older women, am I wrong?”

After dealing with Shizuka talking, it was clear to Izumi that he ended up falling for her. When the two came back to the group, everyone's eyes were fixated on the Izumi and Shizuka as

they both walked back. Shizuka had her arms wrapped around Izumi's neck while Izumi tried to play his emotions cool. Kasumi freaked out in her head. How could Izumi fall in love with her? After many rejections to previous girls, he says yes to her! Well she is really pretty...I guess no guy could ever say no to her, but Kirito didn't care about her, which was strange. He still had his mind only set on Mizuki.

“So we're all set then? Let me fill you in on as much information I know about the enemy. I know that the enemy is a lab worker who experimented on hundreds of kids at a very young age. He has one experiment that has come back to him after years of working on her. Their whereabouts are unknown, but if I concentrate hard enough, I can sense Hanako.” Yoshido announced. The eight of them were ready to set out. As they were getting near the warehouse a strange looking figure appeared out of nowhere. Everyone stopped to check what it was. Uee, being impatient, tried to grab the person by sneaking up on them, but that failed and Uee ended up getting caught herself. The figured held Uee hostage and demanded to know why he was being targeted. Yoshido calmly stated they needed to save his sister Hanako. As soon as the name Hanako was mentioned the figure dropped Uee down and walked towards Yoshido and the rest of them.

He was around the same age as Shizuka, maybe a little shorter in height; he had long black hair that covered his left eye. He's eyes where the color of blood, his skin was pale. He wore a striped shirt and sleeves that were long, so long that it covered his hands and more. He had on black pants and red shoes. He looked at Yoshido, then to all of us, then back to Yoshido again. He pleaded us to tell them where Hanako was being held captured and that he would insist on finding her. When Yoshido looked at him he felt as if he had seen those eyes somewhere before. Mizuki told him to please tell him about himself to them. He nodded and began his story.

“My name is Kisuke, and Hanako and I were childhood friends. Before I came to know her, I lived with strangers who took me in after my whole family died. Those people had claimed they had killed my family, but I didn't know why they would take me in after doing such a thing. After I found this powers....took action....and killed them. I lived alone ever since then. I-” Kisuke was interrupted by Izumi who questioned him about how he got powers in the first place. “My powers were given to me by the name of a man I can’t recall, but I know he's done many experiments on other kids of my age at the time. The rest I can't remember....” Kisuke looked down in disappointment. Kasumi tried to cheer him up by telling him it's ok if he didn't remember.

“What about Hanako? How do you know her? Why is she so important to you?” Kirito questioned.

“Hanako...she was the person who saved my life, so I paid her back with my left eye.” Kisuke said. Theirs eyes went in shock after him saying and revealing his missing eye to them. He explained to them that people had been pursuing Hanako from the very beginning because of

her strange powers she had, which she couldn't control. That made her a Noriko, and meant she came from the cursed clan. Hanako stumbled down into an alley and found where Kisuke was bleeding from the abdominal region and Hanako treated him. When Kisuke woke up he saw that Hanako was right beside him. She smiled at him and because he was ok, she left. Kisuke didn't know why a stranger like her would save him like that. Moments later he sensed that she was in danger and went to go help her. Before they could slice her, Kisuke saved her and dashed away. When he looked at her she was in pain from having her right eye cut out. Kisuke didn't know why but he bit into her neck to make her pass out and implanted his left eye into her right eye socket. That was his payment for saving her life. A week after being saved by Kisuke, her best friend Kumiko was the last person she saw before she was murdered. Because of that death, she was reborn into a killer, but had always faked it by being an idiot.

After hearing the story Shizuka, Uee, and Kasumi couldn't help but think that was really sweet of him to do something like that to a girl. They thought it was true love flowing in the air. It was clear to Yoshido why Kisuke's eye had reminded him so much of Hanako's. After the introduction of Kisuke, they set out to find Hanako. Kisuke being here with them made it slightly easier, since he used to be one of the man's experiments. It took days until they'd finally spotted an abandon warehouse which Kisuke had remembered from his childhood. Because there was too many of us, we had to choose which people would go in and save Hanako, find the man responsible for all this, and keep look out to make sure they didn't bring any backup with them.

“Alright, here's how we're going to split up,” Yuhiko began, “Yoshido and I are to find Hanako and save her, while Kisuke, Izumi, and Kirito go in and find out where that man is hiding, and Shizuka, Mizuki, Uee, and Kasumi stay here and keep a look out.” After Shizuka heard she was getting separated from Izumi she began to throw a fit saying she doesn't want to stay out there and wanted to go in and look around. But even after her complaining, Yuhiko's mind was set and the groups were as stated.

“Yoshido, do you sense where Hanako is?” Yuhiko asked while looking around.

“Yea, it's very faint, but I can still sense her,” Yoshido replied, concentrating to keep them on a straight path towards her. They had finally arrived in a lab where Hanako was trapped in a container filled with liquid. She had long orange hair with the same eyes as Kisuke. She wore a short pink shirt and skirt and a long black jacket that reached her thighs with long black boots. Yoshido saw his sister and knew she was still alive and had to be saved. After saving her they were about to leave until they had heard a voice.

While Yuhiko, Yoshido, and Hanako were stopped by a mysterious voice, Kisuke, Izumi, and Kirito had found the man. The man was in the shadows so they couldn't make out how his face looked. Even Kisuke, who could see in the dark couldn't see him. The man spoke, “Looks like you've found my hideout after many many years, Kisuke. For finding me, I'll tell you about the memories you cannot remember. You, among hundreds of others were kidnapped from your

homes and brought here to my warehouse for special purposes. Each of you hundreds shared a similar background. When you were brought in, you were experimented with. These experiments I did were to help you; the experiments were for more powers...power that no one could ever defeat. You along with three others were above the rest, so I took a special liking towards you four. You four were given the abilities to suck a soul out of a person whenever you choose. Except, you were a failure. You weren't able to undergo full transformation so you were kicked out and abandoned. I'm surprised you made it this far but, sadly I'm not ready to see you again.” After those words he quickly ran away, and they chased after him. When he got outside he disappeared.

“Damn it, he got away.” Izumi said, “But I have a small amount of his presence, so if we keep moving I'll be able to find him.” The two guys nodded and they headed the direction they thought he went.

Shizuka got tired of waiting and wanted to go find Izumi, so she left. The three girls attempted to stop her, but she warned them to not get in her way. The three looked at the warehouse and nodded to each other. The three of them walked into the warehouse to find out where Yuhiko and Yoshido ran off to. They finally found them and saw that they had already encountered an enemy. As the mysterious voice spoke Hanako's eyes widen.

“ can't be...Ku-Kumiko?!” Hanako said in fear. The figure came out of the shadows and Hanako was correct, it was her best friend from the past. She had purple short hair with green eyes and wore a green low top showing her stomach and a darker green skirt and long white boots.

“It's sad to see you survived this long, even though I slipped my soul into you the day I killed you. When you were brought here, that's when I finally slipped my soul back into my original body.” She laughed, “Now now, I see that you brought some friends with you. That won't be fair if it's me versus all of you. Shall I introduce you to the friends I brought along with me?” Two more people walked out behind her. One was a guy with medium short black hair, glowing green eyes and wore a black shirt with a blue jacket and had on skinny black jeans. While beside him stood a girl the same age as the guy. She had very long green hair that reached almost to her feet, dark purple eyes and wore pink top with purple skirt and jacket similar colors to her skirt.

“And now, for the more exciting part.” Kumiko grinned and summoned three caskets. The caskets opened revealing three people. The first thing you saw was there blood colored eyes, that was like Kisuke. The three had walked out the casket and into the light. The tallest had red mixed with black hair and wore purple bra-like shirt revealing her stomach and purple skirt and short black boots with purple stripes. On her legs were red and purple strings, she had long red and black vampire wings and along her eyes were a long black line that came from the corner of her eyes. The middle one had long black hair wore a blue shirt and white pants. She had smaller

wings than the tallest one, hers was light blue. She also had the same black line the other one did, except hers was shorter than hers. The youngest had long red-orange hair with black bangs. He wore a black V-neck shirt that said blood on it, black and red pants, with long black boots. He wings were small red and he's black line was smaller than that of the second one.

It was finally known to us that they were Kisuke's siblings. The ones who were killed by him when he was young. He didn't know how to control his powers so everyone in his family was murdered by him. Kumiko gave them a signal and they all left except for the youngest boy, the second girl, and herself.

While Shizuka was still on the search for Izumi, one of the enemies stopped her.

“Who the hell are you?” Shizuka asked as she stared at the guy before her.

“I guess it would be nice for me to introduce myself before I immobilize you. My name is Shiiro; I'm one of the four children to be experimented with as a child. I'll be your opponent.” Shiiro said with a smirk on his face, “And might I add, it's nice to see a beautiful woman such as yourself.” In Shizuka's head she thought, is this guy trying to hit on me or is he trying to stop me? Either way, Shizuka needed to get through so she had to fight him. She jumped into the air and took out her long pointy needles and threw them rapidly towards him from all directions. He looked up at them and decided not to move, instead he put his finger in his mouth and a long strand of saliva came out. He used the saliva as a whip and broke each of them. No way, there's no way a human can do that....wait, is this the power he was given in the experiment??

“Look, I have no intention of killing you or anything; I just need to immobilize you. Can you make it easier and leave? It'll be easier on me and you.” Shiiro stated. Shizuka wasn't about to walk home after him saying that. Since far distance didn't work, she had to use hand-to-hand combat. She threw many punches and kicks at him, but he dodges them all. He finally made his first attack, he's saliva whip hit her on the arm and she jumped back. What did he just do to me? Shizuka questioned herself. He explained to her that anything his saliva whip touches becomes under his control, until he gives it a command, the limb is paralyzed.

While Shizuka was fighting Shiiro, the long green haired women approached Kirito, Izumi, and Kisuke.

“This is as far as you go. I, Yui of the serpent, will stop you from finding our creator,” Yui stated as she glared at them with her dark purple eyes. Kisuke was about to fight her, but Izumi put his hand out, stating that he would take care of her, while the two of them go and handle the rest. Kisuke nodded and took off, while Kirito stayed behind, insisting that he would stay and fight alongside with his best friend Izumi.

“Since we're about to take your life, its good manners to let you know who killed you. My name is Izumi Song, remember it until you die,” Izumi declared.

“And alongside him is I, Kirito Ito,” Kirito laughed. Kirito and Izumi got into fighting position. Yui looked at them and waited for them to attack. Izumi instructed Kirito how they would attack. While Izumi waited in the background, Kirito went straight for her with hand-to-hand combat. As she dodged all of Kirito punches, she lacked to see Izumi's fire dragon which attacked her and she fell from the branch she was on.

“Well honestly, she wasn't really much of a fighter,” Kirito said, “Maybe you shouldn't have been so harsh on her, she's just a girl. You should have at least made her death less painful right?”

“Hmph, whatever.” Izumi snarled.

Meanwhile, Kisuke was still following the creator and was about to catch up with him, until the oldest sister came and kicked Kisuke to the ground from the trees. Kisuke slowly got up and looked up to his older sister. The fear in his eyes as he looked at his older sister Alice. Her eyes are full of hatred for her little brother. She didn't care if she was mind control or not, she wanted to kill her little brother for killing her and making her a disgrace. Alice, when she was alive, was one of the strongest vampires there ever was. No one who faced her lived. The red and purple strings that were on her legs were actually whips; the purple being a whip of poison and red being a whip of blood. Once she you're attacked with the red whip, you are vulnerable to the poison whip. When the poison whip attacks you, it enters your blood stream and it's an automatic kill within seconds. And there is no cure for her poison.

“Stand up and fight me you disgusting monster,” Alice commanded. “Fight me for real, and let's see if you can actually kill me. Or is the only reason why you killed me was because it was late at night while everyone was sleeping.” Alice quickly dashed towards him and punched him into a tree. Obviously in her current form she was in, Kisuke had no chance of surviving.

As this was happening, Hanako had to face Kisuke's younger sister Louis while Mizuki, Uee, and Kasumi had to face Peter, the last born. Kumiko, Yoshido, and Yuhiko took their battle elsewhere, afraid that their powers might harm the people who were around them. Hanako and Louis stared at each other while the three girls and Peter stared at each other. Louis didn't hesitate, she did a chant and a bunch of mist filled the room. Hanako, Mizuki, Uee, and Kasumi looked around to find where they were. Without a second to spare they each felt a large shock inside them and they fell to the ground. Wh-what just happened?! Kasumi thought.

“Let me clarify, my powers are mist and lighting. When I mix them together, these are the results. Anything this mist touches, my lighting can jump from the smallest mist and travels across.” Louis explained. The four of them tried to get out of the mist, but it was difficult to stand up.

“Louis, I feel like this is wrong,” Peter worried, “They're in pain. I mean, I know we're supposed to stop them, but killing them isn't necessary is it?” Louis glared at Peter forcing him to

use his powers on them. He had no choice but to listen to her. He raised his hand and a ball of lava came out and he shot it towards them, but before it could get to them Hanako stopped it.

Yoshido wanted to get his battle over with, he didn't want Yuhiko to have to risk herself dying, while if he died, he'd get reborn again. Yoshido opened one of his seals that restricted one fourth of his powers. When he transformed his brown hair turned darker, around he's black eyes there were blue makeup and his skin turned blue. This was the power of the monster that was sealed within him from birth. Kumiko smiled and released her transformation as well. Everything stayed the same except her feet disappeared. It was like she was transforming into a spirit or something. They both clashed with each other for a sometime while Yuhiko stared at the two fighting. She didn't want to be useless, but she understood why Yoshido didn't want her to get into the fight.

Finally Kumiko signaled for the rest of them to undergo their experimented transformation. When Shiiro transformed his black hair turned brown and his ear grew longer and pointier. He clothes ripped slightly and he also grew a tail; his transformation was a fox. Before Izumi and Kirito can leave a huge wind appeared and Yui came back up to the top of the tree where she originally was before she got knocked down. Her skin was green and instead of legs she had a long tail; her transformation was a serpent. She was furious that two guys could be so rough with her. She wrapped both of them with her tail and was going to squeeze their souls out of them until she remembered before she was brought into the group, Shiiro told her not to kill any of the enemies, so she just squeezed them until they pasted out.

Shiiro finished his battle too. Shizuka was completely paralyzed from head to toe and couldn't move an inch. He told her the paralyzing would only last for thirty minutes so after then she could reunite with her remaining friends. Shiiro then left and caught up to Yui and they headed towards Kumiko.

Even though Kisuke had already transformed into his vampire form, he still was no match for his older sister. He finally passed out on the ground. “You did some damage on me, I'll give you that. I'll let you live just this once, but the next time we face head on, I WILL kill you,” Alice declared as she flew off towards Kumiko.

Hanako, who had already transformed into her release form still couldn't take on the two of them, ever since Mizuki, Uee, and Kasumi passed out from the amount of shock entering their body. Louis was right about to finish her off until Peter finally gains full control from Kumiko and saved her by surrounding Hanako in a river of water.

“Louis stop!” Peter pleaded, “We shouldn't kill them, just let them be!” Louis's eye's full of anger as she watched her little brother save the enemy. Not before long Yuhiko came crashing in. Hanako yelled out to Yuhiko, but she didn't respond. The next thing that happens is Kumiko crashes in. She had already transformed into her last form which was a soul. Everything on her was transparent; the one thing that stuck out was red eyes. Yoshido too had transformed into his

last form. He's skin was blue, the makeup around his eyes grew thicker, he had a blue tail, and he's clothes was torn. Hanako had never seen her little brother like this before. He was a completely different person. Moments later Alice, Yui, Shiiro had arrived. Kumiko looked at Louis and Louis knocked out Peter to insure that he didn't save Yoshido. All together they shot one their attacks all at once. The attacks were too strong for Yoshido to handle and he couldn't suppress all of it. He got attacked and fell to the ground.

“Yoshido!!!” Hanako screamed. “WHY! He was my little brother....” Kumiko smiled and turned to Hanako. She was going to kill her and complete her mission that was given to her by the head of the Bell family.

“How dare you...Take control of innocent people and force them to do your dirty work for low,” Yuhiko said as she got up, “Then you dare lay a finger on my beloved...I'll kill you!” Yuhiko released her seal that contained four fifth of her powers. Her hair was longer and she had markings on the right side of her face. She grabbed her and punched her to the ground. Yuhiko's speed increased by ten. The others couldn't keep up with her speed as she dashed and attacked Kumiko left and right. Yuhiko held her throat and was squeezing, enjoying the pain she was giving her. Before she could completely die, Fang, the end of Yoshido's tail, came and ate her. As soon as she died, Kisuke's siblings were out of her control, and thus ending the battle

A couple months later after the battle, Kisuke, or Maxwell, he's birth name, had to leave along with his siblings. Hanako couldn't stand being apart from him anymore. Before he was about to leave, Hanako grabbed his hand and told him she wanted to go with him anywhere he went. Maxwell looked at Hanako who seemed to be desperate. He agreed to let her go with them and from that day Hanako, Maxwell, and he's siblings were never seen around often. On that same day Shiiro and Yui decided since they were finally free they would go out and do what they couldn't do while they were working for their creator. Since then things went back to being normal. Yoshido became closer friends with Kasumi and Uee, while Yuhiko continued to watch them both to make sure they didn't try anything.

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