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It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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16. Save Sun Lee

It was nine o’clock, and Sun Lee had still been asleep. The twins had fell asleep beside her. Reiji had woken up to find Qri beside him in his coffin.Reiji’s eyes widen and his face began to stain with red. What’s she doing here, he thought to himself. He opened his coffin and laid her on his bed. Before he could leave, she grabbed his shirt. Still half asleep she questioned, “Why do you have three bracelets now…you normally have two on each wrist.” Each time he performed a transformation ceremony he’d receive a spiked bracelet around his wrist as a curse. If he gets too many, the spikes would reverse and stab into his skin, causing him to die. His brothers never knew about this, all they know is that some vampires have this as a curse, while others do not. 

“You don’t have to worry about it Qri.” Reiji lied. He looked at her face and a single tear fell from his eyes. He whispered to himself, “I’m scared.” 

It was now 11 o’clock. And everyone was now asleep. Yes the Blood brothers had adjusted their sleeping patterns to match humans. A footstep entered the mansion, walked into Sun Lee’s room and kidnapped her. Before he escaped, Tsubasa and Tsubaki woke up and saw him and followed him. As soon as they were far enough from the house and into the deep forests, the guy spoke, “Little kids like you aren’t suppose to be roaming around at night.” He turned around, it was Jasper. 

“What do you want with her!” Tsubaki growled. 

“A human who was just turned into a vampire has quite the powers. Plus I’ll be honored to kill another one of her family member.” The twins stared at him in confusion. Who was her? The two went to attack him but were almost killed by the chaos destruction smoke around him. The three stood there facing each other, not one making a move, until out of nowhere a kick sent Jasper flying and crashing into a tree stump. Tsubasa caught Sun Lee before she could hit the ground. 

“Who the hell do you think you are messing with my kids!” Shizuka shouted. Because his guard was lowered, she wasn’t affected by the smoke. The smoke extended and followed Shizuka as she dashed away from it. She threw various weapons with thin strings attached to them and tied him up, however, he just turned them to ashes and punched her stomach that sent her flying. He sent an arm made out of the smoke to crush her. The two kids yelled, “MOM!!!” A silent wind blew, their mom hadn’t shown up. Jasper turned to the twins who were shaking in fear. Just then a young man stepped onto a branch carrying Shizuka. Wearing a dark grey button up shirt, black and white checkered skinny jeans and black boots, he spoke, “Hasn’t anyone told you to pick on someone your own size.” Looking at his face his mauve eyes stared intensely at him, it was Ricky. How’d he manage to get here? 

“First you try to kidnap my child, (referring to Sun Lee) and hurt my children, (referring to the twins) and now you’ve hurt my wife…I’ll definitely kill you. Ricky laid Shizuka on the branch near the kids. Even though Ricky acted very immature at times, when he’s fighting, he’s a whole different person. He was fast. He punched Jasper out of his destruction smoke. Ricky kept punching and kicking him all over the place while his smoke couldn’t keep up. He placed his thumb in this mouth and a strand of saliva came out like a whip. He swung it around slicing Jasper everywhere. He took a long, sharp needle out his pocket and threw it straight into his right eye. He tied him up and stared at him, watching him suffer in pain. 

“I could kill you right now if I please, but making you suffer and feel the pain is much more exciting. He teleported himself, his family and Jasper into the Blood mansion. He put Shizuka on the couch and looked at Jasper once more. Ayato, Subaru and Reiji soon sprung out of their coffins and went into the living room. They saw Jasper tied up. 

“Did you take him down by yourself?” Ayato questioned Ricky. 

“Yea.” Ricky responded. Reiji saw the kids and Shizuka near the couch. He assumed they were the parents. They attempted to get answers from Jasper, but he sat their in silence, so they ended up killing him with an anti-vampire sword. Ricky put the kids back to bed and went to make sure Shizuka was ok. She had a black burn mark on her stomach. Ricky gently put his hand on it only to find Shizuka wrinkled her face in pain. She slowly opened her eyes to find her husband staring at her. 

“Are you ok?” Ricky asked. She shook her head and pointed at her stomach, “It hurts here.” Subaru then came and put a cream like substance beside them. 

“This should heal her.” Subaru said, "I'm sorry," he quietly said as he walked away. Ricky opened the cream and applied it on her belly. Shizuka blushed and turned the other way. Ricky smirked a little. “ You’re not going to ask me why I’m back?” Shizuka looked at Ricky. “I turned them down. I had a feeling I would be making the wrong choice if I’d stay.” 

“Ricky! What the hell…this was your biggest movie…and you turned it down for us?” 

“Nothing’s more important than my family…than you.” Shizuka got really emotional and kissed him with passion as tears fell from her eyes and onto his cheeks. The two stared at each other, nose touching each other. “I love you so much.” 

“As do I, my lovely wife.” The two ended up falling asleep on the couch together. 

The next morning when Ricky woke up, Shizuka was gone. Where the hell did she go this morning? Ricky questioned himself as he rubbed his eyes. As Ricky was walking to the kids room he saw Shizuka crying in the corner. He rushed to her and wrapped his arms around her, “Hun, what’s wrong?” 

“Ricky…” she cried more as she pointed at her stomach. 

“Does it still hurt?” she shook her head still crying. “Then what?” 



“I’m not pregnant anymore…” she blurted out in pain. Ricky’s eyes widen. Ever since Jasper punched her stomach, Shizuka’s unborn baby was affected by it. Shizuka left to the hospital because she felt something strange and she was right. When she went to the hospital the doctor told her that she wasn’t  pregnant. 

“He killed my unborn baby,” Shizuka sobbed. Ricky held her close in his arms as he clutched his teeth together, “That bastard!” Kanato walked out and saw the two. Gross he thought then walked outside. He strolled around and ended up finding Rebecca. He jumped in front of her, surprising her making her fall her seat. She quickly summoned her balloon like creatures. She sat on one of them and flew away while the other one got near Kanato. Rebecca snapped her fingers and it exploded shooting thousands of sharp needles. Kanato quickly dodged it and followed after her. Rebecca could have flown by herself, but unlike most vampires who had giant wings, she was born with small wings. 

“Wait! I need to talk to you.” Kanato yelled. 

“I have nothing to say to you.” Rebecca protested. Kanato remembered his battle with her. She never once used her seal, nor really put up much of a fight. “Whose side are you on?” Rebecca had no intentions of answering him. If she did, her cover will be blown. Kanato quickly flew over to her and pushed her off her ride. The two of them fell and landed on the ground hard. 

"What the hell is wrong with you!?!" Rebecca shouted. 

"I have a good feeling that you aren't on their side." Kanato spoke. 

"O-Of course I am!" 

"Not." Rebecca was starting to get annoyed of Kanato's actions. 

"Would it even matter if I'm not on their side...You people would still consider me an enemy...since I've helped them." Rebecca spoke quietly, tears starting to fall down her eyes, "I...I just wanted-" 

"Whatever your reason is can be explained to them. Hurry up and let's go." Kanato slightly blushed. The only reason why he wanted her on their side was for one reason. The two finally returned to the Blood mansion. The Tachibana's had already returned to Japan. Uee had been sleeping on the couch next to Ayato, Subaru was reading a book while Kasumi was in the kitchen cooking lunch. Reiji and Qri were in Reiji's room. Kanato walked into the house with Rebecca beside her. As soon as they caught a quick sniff of her blood, they knew it was her and charged after her. However, Kanato held out his hand to stop them. 

"Rebecca is on our side." Kanato stated. 

"I'm sorry I've been lying about myself. I needed the power to restore my family that were killed because of your sister...That's why I joined them. I had no intentions of hurting anyone, just the power alone was all I wanted." Rebecca admitted. Ayato, Subaru, and Uee stared at each other, wondering if they can really trust her or not. Subaru examined her to see if she had any potentially harmful weapons around her, but she didn't. They reluctantly believed her and had her spy on the enemy from the inside. 

Reiji and Qri sat and stared at each other. Qri asked the same questioned she did when she was half asleep. Reiji continued to ignore her and stay quiet. 

"Reiji, what happened? Those don’t look like normal spiked bracelets you buy at the store." Qri complained. 

"You don’t have to worry about it. I'm fine." Reiji lied. Qri lowered her head, about to sob from worriment. Reiji hated when she got upset, and told her everything. 

"Why...why keep doing something that puts your life in danger??" Qri questioned. 

"I ask myself the same thing...I don’t know. I guess I never had a reason to live for so long, but now that I met you, I want to live. But I can't let innocent people die can I? I'm really confused, I don’t know what I should do." The two of them began to tear up. Reiji embraced her in his arms and stroked her hair. 

"Don't leave me Reiji...please live." 

"….Okay, I will." 

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