The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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11. Save Qri

Qri finally left the house and on her way to the hotel, she saw a young man in pain on the floor. When she got to him he was cut badly and was bleeding a lot. 

“A-are you ok?” Qri asked while extending a hand. He didn't respond. Qri quickly helped him up and took him to her room where she had hid him from the of others. In the early morning, Qri woke up to find the young man still asleep. Qri gently nudged him to wake him up. He has short medium blue hair and wore a long blue shirt with a red unholy cross in the middle. He wore white pants and black boots. He had three necklaces and two spiked bracelets on each arm. When he opened his eyes you could see his bloody red eyes. Him and Qri stared at each other for a long time. Qri started falling for him as they stated at each other. 

“Thanks for helping me.” he spoke. 

“Oh, you're um welcome.” Qri blushed a little. “Um what exactly happened yesterday? 

Huh? Oh, someone was attacking me. I someone how manage to escape.” Qri couldn't stop looking at his eyes. “Thanks for nursing back to my old self.” Qri nodded and bit her lip. He put his hand on her cheek and then they kissed, but not long did a knock come from the door. The two separated and Qri slightly opened the door to find Lizzy and Minha waiting. They had yelled at her for not ever going back to practice. Qri tried not to cry from Lizzy's mean scolding. As soon as they left she let all her tears out. She slammed the door and cried even more. The guy walked behind her and hugged her from behind. Qri told him about her performance that got moved up to next tomorrow night and how she hasn't got much practice lately. She didn't think she could do her best. He encouraged her to keep moving forward, and that's what she did. Qri soon had to leave and left the young man there. 

In practice, Lizzy was being very hard on her since she skipped the end of practice yesterday. So far they had two songs but had to still work on the bridge of one song. Finally a guy walked in smiling at Minha. He had dark brown hair and purple eyes. He wore a white V-neck shirt with a yellow tie and bracelets on both arms. He also had on red skinny jeans and white boots. 

Damn, my manager finally let me go to America. How's music coming along? 

“We're in big trouble!” Minha panicked as she wrapped her arms around him. “Aaron can you please help us. 

I had a feeling this might happen so I wrote a song for you girls.” The girls cheered in happiness as they all hugged Aaron. They soon got to practice and finished late at night. Qri quickly ran to her room and smiled, for the guy had still been there. Tomorrow night was the performance. Qri had been kind of jealous because the rest of her members could do everything better than her. As she hated herself, she eventually fell asleep. The boy pretended to be asleep to get to spend another night with her. As she slept, he kept an eye on her, watching her. In the morning, he was asleep and Qri was up. 

Hey, you've been here for quite a while now, how are you feeling?” Qri asked, but no response came from the boy. “Well I'm leaving, I hope you feel better and able to come to my concert tonight at Central High.” When she left he opened his eyes and smiled. He got out of bed and went into a cave. 

Well, have you spotted the target?” ..... said. 

Yeah.., I plan on bringing her in tonight.” the boy said. 

Don't forget who's the one who saved you Reiji. You owe us big.” ..... said. Reiji felt that he was betraying Qri, but he was following orders, orders that needed the use of her dark powers that are sealed within her. That night, Lizzy and Minha were having issues witQri who was struggling on her high notes. I don't know what we're going to do, we'll  just have to pray that you do it right on stage.” Lizzy bluntly said while getting dressed. 

“I'm sorry...” Qri apologized. Lizzy ignored her and the three of them walked on stage. Qri spotted Reiji who had been walking in. Qri felt stronger, now that she knew she had someone who would count on her. Fortunately, the performance went well, however after Qri ran off looking for Reiji. She found him in the woods. Reiji walked up to her and kissed her, “You were great. 

“I'm so glad that you came!” Qri exclaimed. Reiji unhooked a red belt from around his waist as it turned into a rod with a blue string. He extended his hand for her to grab. As soon as she grabbed it she couldn't move. “I'm sorry.” Reiji said as he bit into her neck hard. Her eyes changed to the same bloody red as theirs. Before she knew it, she had fainted in Reiji's arms. AyatoSubaru, and Kanato had sensed something was up. Once they sensed the strange presence shoot out of nowhere. Ayato instructed Kanato to stay behind and watch Kasumi and Uee while they find out what was going on. The two of them caught up with Reiji their eyes widen in surprise. They didn't think Reiji, one of their younger brothers, would team up with their two older brothers who want to harm the human world.

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