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It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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13. Reiji's Past

Once they were back together, they discussed a plan to stop them. Reiji brought Qri in the mansion who was out cold. Lizzy and Minha ran to her and tried to wake her up. 

She won't be able to be woken up by that.” Reiji bit his fingers and put it into Qri's mouth as she started to suck on the blood. She woke up and stared at everyone. “What's going on?” Everyone was shocked when she spoke. They all saw that she had fangs now. When Reiji bit her the very first time, that was when she had changed. In order to have released her full powers that were sealed within her, she had to become a vampire again. Qri noticed everyone looking at her and was a bit scared. 

“I’m sorry Qri…” Reiji apologized, “I betrayed you and turned you into one of us.” Qri thought one of us? What is he talking about. Moments later a strong thirst for blood came. Qri put her hands over her mouth and bit her bottom lips. Reiji turned around and signaled everyone to leave. As told, they left. 

Qri…” Reiji began. Qri’s eyes turned bright yellow as she stared at him. “Take as much as you need…” Qri was frightened, she didn’t know how to use her fangs. “I-I can’t, I’ll hurt you,” Qri cried. Reiji figured as much, this was why he told them to leave, he was embarrassed of them seeing him kiss her. He bit the bottom of his lips hard enough for blood to come out. He pressed his lips on her as she started to suck the blood from his lips. She soon became confident and moved to his neck where she attempted to insert her fangs in his skin but only to fail and cause Reiji pain. 

“S-sorry, I guess I still can’t use my fangs.” Qri admitted. 

“You must still be craving for blood right?” Reiji cut his fingers and put it in front of Qri’s face. “Hurry and drink it.” Qri blushed a little and sucked the blood from his finger. Finally after satisfying her hunger, the two returned to the rest of the group. 

“With Shuu and Raito roaming around, it’s safe to say that staying on Earth isn’t safe. I suggest we go back to Vampira.” Ayato proposed. And with that a portal was opened to Vampira. It had been so long since they’ve last seen VampiraAs soon as they stepped foot onto the ground a group of guards appeared before them and questioned them. Ayato stared deeply into one of the guards eyes and made him faint. The other guards starting whispering to each other. 

“Have you forgotten who I am?” Ayato questioned putting both hands on two guards shoulders. “Shall I remind you, huh?” The other guards pointed their guns at Ayato for causing threats. Uee rushed in front of Ayato and set them straight. She blurted, “How can you even think of pointing a gun at him! Isn’t he suppose to be your next King!” Without hesitation, all the guards lowered their heads and ask for his forgiveness. Luckily, nothing happened so Ayato gladly accepted their forgiveness. The guards took them into the royal castle and announced to the people that their King has returned along with his brothers. The people screamed and cheered. Ayato informed the people of what Shuu and Raito’s intentions were, and he promised he’d stop them. Another roar of screaming and cheering came when Ayato finished. They each took a sit and stared at Reiji and QriQri questioned why they were staring but none of them responded. Finally Subaru spoke, “Reiji, you have a lot of explaining to do.” A big sigh left Reiji’s mouth as be began to tell his story. “Before I started helping Shuu and Raito, I was on my own and very weak. I would have been killed but Shuu and  Raito saved me and took me in. Because I was young, I didn’t know about what their plan was. They gave me power so that I could live. They made me do their dirty work while they hid and planned. I attempted to get away years after, but only to fail and was nearly killed. They gave me one last mission to find Qri.” 

“Why Qri?” Kasumi asked. 

“Because…Qri is a reincarnation of her.” The three Blood brothers opened their eyes wide in shock. Kasumi and Uee looked at each other in confusion. Who’s her? They both thought. “At first I thought it was a lie until I tasted her blood…it was the same... Qri, in the past has strange things happen?” Qri pondered for a second and told them that when she was young, both her parents and her grandparents died because they had to take care of her. Later, she’d ended up staying with her aunt who performed a ritual on her. She was only seven and didn’t understand the meaning behind it. 

Qri listen to me, you’re the reincarnation of who was once the strongest vampire alive. Your aunt must have figured that and sealed your powers and made you human…but because of me, I undid the seal she put on you.” Reiji said. Qri really didn’t understand what most of it meant but she nodded anyways. 

You should probably put a restriction on her.” Kanato suggested. He looked at Subaru and Ayato who were both nodding. He looked back at Qri who stared blankly at him. He whispered in Qri’s ears, “This may hurt.” He bit into her neck which caused the red unholy cross to appear on her right thigh. From there, he said some words in Vampiric and put his hand on the unholy crossA strong burn hit Qri as she screamed in pain. Suddenly chains started attaching itself on her. Uee and Kasumi attempted to stop him but Ayato and Subaru stopped them. After each limb was restricted the chains disappeared and a small black unholy cross appeared on Reiji’s left wrist. Just moments after, Qri passed out. Reiji ordered one of the maids to go take her to an empty room. 

A few days had passed. Kanato left, to who knows where, uninterested to be apart of them, Ayato and Subaru had paperwork to fill out, Uee and Kasumi left to tour the place. Reiji and Qri were taking a walk. Reiji noticed strong energy coming from ahead and instructed Qri to wait behind. He came across a girl about his age. Black hair, same bloody red eyes, a small tight, yellow shirt that showed her whole stomach, white skinny jeans and black boots. She turned around and smiled. 

“Reiji…it’s been so long since I’ve seen my fiancé.” She said. 

“Adrianna?” Reiji questioned. She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck while pressing her body onto his. “What the hell are you doing?! 

“Why are you acting like this? I’m yours and you’re mine.” 

“Adrianna, we were five. Did you really think I was serious about marrying you? It was an arrangement our parents made to get us married.” 

“But we both still have our rings marked on each other, therefore 

we are still engaged.” Adrianna said while showing him the ring bite mark around her finger. He grabbed her finger and undid the ring bite mark, “Hurry and take this off.” Reiji commanded. 

“Why! Are you seeing someone else now!?” Adrianna raged. Reiji didn’t answer, he just held his finger out to her to undo the mark, however she refused. This was her only proof that they were engaged. Reiji had enough and used force to get her to take it off and eventually won. Adrianna was so upset over loosing, she wanted more power to crush whoever Reiji had been seeing. Qri had saw everything and came our from hiding with tears in her eyes. 

“How long have you been there?” He asked. 

“You never told me you were engaged! You let me believe that I was the only girl in your heart. But no, you put on an act to make me believe you were over her…I’m ashamed Reiji…” Qri cried. 

“You are the only girl in my heart…you should already know. I was five, how was I suppose to know what love really was. She was nothing more than a friend.” Qri cried more, “prove it to me, that I’m the only one you love.” Reiji stood there, he couldn’t possibly do what she wanted him to. Qri waited for him to do something and he didn’t. She turned her back and began to walk away. Before she walked away Reiji quietly said to himself, “Damn it,” and rushed over to her and hugged her from behind. 

I’m only doing this cause I…I lo-love you.” He sighed. Reiji turned her around and took her hand and lifted it to his mouth. 

“With this ring, you are mine forever until eternity ends.” Reiji recited as he bit her ring finger and a black circle appeared. Qri looked at the circle, it was different from the one Reiji had. So she questioned it. “Like I said, we were kids when we did it. When you don’t perform it correctly, that happens.” He stared directly at Qri which made her slightly nervous. Even though she was now engaged to Reiji, she was still jealous of Adrianna. And Reiji could tell, he couldn’t control his hunger for her jealous blood. Reiji closed the gap between the two and removed her hair off of one side and drew closer to her neck. He whispered quietly in her ears sorry before sinking his fangs deep into her pale skin. Qri couldn’t help it, she wanted to cry from the pain, but she held it in. However tears started rolling down her soft cheeks. She was loosing vision, her last words she uttered before passing out was none other than Reiji. 

When she woke up she was in her room. She sat up and put her hand on her neck. She was expecting a lot of pain, but to her surprise, there was none. All that was left was a pale blue circle around his fang marks. Why did Reiji bite me so much….she wondered as tears bottled up in her eyes. Reiji knocked on the door, “Qri are you awake?” Qri wiped her tears away and answered, “Y-yes.” Reiji opened the door and walked to Qri’s bed. He sat beside it and stared at her. 

“You were crying weren’t you?” How did he know!? Qri thought as she looked away starting to turn pink. 

“N-no I wasn’t.” Qri lied. Reiji grabbed her chin and made her face him. 

Qri you don’t have to lie to me,” Reiji began, “I know when you’re lying. Plus the evidence…” He licked the side of her eyes, “….is right here.” Qri was now red. Reiji thought he should explain what blood type he has. After explaining to Qri, she found out that when Reiji was little he was always jealous of how Subaru was and wanted to be like him. Because of that, if someone is jealous, he’ll lose control and want to drink the blood of that person. 

“I should have told you sooner, but I didn’t. I’m so sorry.” Reiji’s eyes were full of sadness. He must have really meant it from his heart. Of course Qri couldn’t stay made at him and forgave him. 

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