The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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4. Meet C.A.R.D.S

Later that day Kirito decided he would teach Ji Yeong today and Izumi was to make sure Mizuki didn't run off, because she wouldn't know how to get back and she can't sense anyone's presence. Izumi, not really listening, said he would. Kirito then headed over to the castle when Izumi and Shizuka started walking away from Mizuki.

“Where are you two going?” Mizuki questioned them. Shizuka smiled at her and said, “We're just going to the park to talk, wanna join us?” Mizuki shook her head and walked the other way. Moments later she smelled something really good and ran over to that location, after eating the food she had realized she was lost. She tried to retrace her steps but remembered that Shizuka and Izumi had left. She made an attempt to find where they were but she had just made it worse. She got nervous each time she walked further away. She looked all around her as she walked, then walked faster and faster, trying to get back. She started running and ended up bumping into something.

“Ouch!” Mizuki cried, “That really hurts.” The person had turned around and offered a hand to her saying, “Gwaenchanh-a?” When Mizuki looked up she saw a boy around her age staring down at her with his dark purple eyes. He had shiny brown hair and wore black shirt with red jacket and black ripped skinny jeans and with red shoes. Mizuki looked really confused. She asked herself, what did he just say?Both their eyes met up with each other as they stared into each other’s eyes. Mizuki gave him her hand and he pulled her up.

“U-uh English?” Mizuki said nervously.

“Oh, you aren't from here are you?” The boy said. Mizuki nodded her head. “What are you doing here? No one's supposed to know about this place so how did you find it?”

“I'm really confused. Who are you?”

“Are we really not that famous in wherever you're from? I'm the leader from a famous kgroup called C.A.R.D.S.” He began, “I'm the Queens seat, Shin Ji Kyu the lead singer, but I go by Aaron, my stage name, it's a pleasure to meet you.”

“Same to you, I'm Mizuki Yen, well I'm not sure if you aren't famous but I haven't been listening to a bunch of music because a lot of things have been happening recently. But I have heard of C.A.R.D.S before, I never knew someone as young as you was the leader.”

“Well actually I'm the youngest member in the group. I actually need to get going, we have a concert tonight. Hey, you should come watch.” Mizuki nodded her head saying yes. The van came and when they got in there was a girl waiting for them. She had long blonde hair with black highlights and the same dark purple eyes as Aaron. She wore faded red V-neck shirt, black skirt, and red boots. “Hurry up; you know we have to pick up the rest of the members.” She said. Aaron grabbed Mizuki's hand and pulled her into the van. Aaron had introduced the blonde hair girl, which was Aaron's older sister Shin Seon Hee or Sue. Sue was apparently the manager, even though she was only older than Aaron by a couple of months. While they were driving, Sue had turned on the radio. Mizuki stared at the screen and noticed the artist, it was by Aaron. She looked at Aaron and asked him if that was really his song. He nodded, smiled and began to sing along.

After the song ended they had picked up another member. This member had long red hair and wore a black and blue shirt with black skinny jeans. His eyes were light grey. Mizuki stared at him as he walked in. “Who's the girl?” The guy said in a calm tone. Mizuki had introduced herself to him. The guy's name was Chen Wong. He was the Kings seat of C.A.R.D.S. After driving and picking up all the members, there were five in total. Ricky, the Jacks seat, Danny, the Aces seat and Sam, the Jokers seat.

They finally reached the concert stage and began setting up. This concert was going live. The members walked onto the stage and introduced themselves to the fans like they always do. From backstage you could still hear the screaming fans as if they were right next to you. Sue instructed Mizuki to go to every fan and hand them a card. The ones in the first two rows get two cards since they paid extra. Mizuki couldn't say no so she ended up doing it. Meanwhile at the castle, Ji Yeong's lesson had just ended and they turned on the TV. They had switched to the program that C.A.R.D.S was performing. They all had noticed Mizuki there on screen handing out the cards to the fans.

“We've been looking everywhere for her! How did she get on TV??” Shizuka yelled. When their three songs were over, Mizuki had finished passing out the cards to all the fans. As they spoke in Korean. “Ok, so everyone knows how it works. But if you're new here we'll re explain the ending of our concert,” Aaron began, “At the end of every concert, five lucky fans will be able to take a picture with us for free.” The fans screamed in happiness. “The only way you can win is if you have the heart card of us.” Ricky stated. “On the count of three flip over your cards.” Chen said. Everyone counted together “HANA....DUL....SET....FLIP!!!” The fans flipped the cards. A few emotions were happy and a lot were upset because they didn't win. A small girl won a picture with Chen. Another young girl won a picture with Sam. A teenage girl won a picture with Danny and a young adult won a picture with Ricky, but none of the rest appeared to have Aaron's card. Everyone looked around for the last card. Sue asked Mizuki if she had an extra. Mizuki flipped the card over and saw that she had Aaron's card. Sue pushed her out into the stage and fans clapped for the winning contestants.

After all the pictures were taken, Aaron offered to take Mizuki home. He had asked where she lived or was staying and was surprised by her answer. “What! In the castle? I can't get in there.” Aaron said in shock. Mizuki nodded her head saying yes she was staying there. Aaron gave him his cellphone so she could call Kirito to come pick her up, since she didn't bring her phone with her. Kirito didn't seem answer, she wondered if he didn't bring his phone as well. Aaron offered to let her stay at his house. She gladly accepted his offer and rode home with him. Before they went to his house they made a detour to the phone store and got her a new phone, even though it was expensive, he got it for her. Mizuki was really happy with the phone Aaron gave her.

Finally the made it to the house and Aaron showed her to the guest room. He told her if she needed anything to just call him. Mizuki sat down on the bed and looked around. She tried calling Kirito again and he answered.

“Hello? Who's this?” Kirito asked.

“It's me dummy!” Mizuki replied playfully.

“Where the hell have you been? We've been looking for you everywhere then we see you on TV.”

“I'm sorry, don't blame Izumi and Shizuka, I kind of left on my own without telling them.

“It's fine as long as you're safe.”

“Can you come pick me up tomorrow? It's a bit late so I don't you to try and come now. I already got a place to stay for tonight.”

“Ok, that's fine.”

“I'll call you tomorrow then?”

“Mhm. Night then beautiful.”

“Night.” Mizuki smiled when she cut off the phone. She wanted to inform Aaron about the situation so she called him. When he went to her room she started talking to him about the situation. He told her he would take her. Before long the two started talking about other things, then they ended up talking about who Aaron likes. The person who describe was similar to Mizuki. Mizuki hadn't realized that Aaron had been describing her. “Well I hope you find someone like her,” She said with a smile. Aaron laughed a bit then looked down saying, “Well....I already have.” Mizuki looked at him and questioned who it was. Aaron had looked up at her and kissed her. Mizuki's eyes flew open. “A-aaron!?” She blushed a lot and looked away, “I'm sorry but....I-i h-have a boyfriend already.” Aaron smiled, “I figured as much, but something told me to go for it. I hope you aren't mad about it.” Mizuki shook her head. She just had to keep it a secret from Kirito. After the little incident, they continued talking as if nothing happened. It was midnight and Aaron had to work on writing songs in the morning. So the two said their good night's to each other and went to bed.

In the morning Aaron had brought Mizuki to Kirito. Aaron told her he'd pick her up later for rehearsals with Sue. Mizuki and Kirito left to spend time with each other while Izumi stayed to help Ji Yeong. So Shizuka was left all alone. Mizuki gave Shizuka some money so she could go shopping like she usually does. Shizuka accepted the money and left without thanking her. Shizuka ended up going to the mall with the best looking clothes in there. She went in and started looking at the shirts.

“Which would complement my skin....This one....or this one?” She said while holding up two shirts. A guy walked over and took the shirt on the left from her and picked out a skirt and jacket, along with boots and accessories. “These all go together perfectly,” the guy said. Shizuka looked at the guy as he held the clothes out. He had black short hair and wore white shirt with black sleeves and black skinny jeans. He had mauve eyes and had a black, nickel size gauges on.

“Uh thanks?” Shizuka said as she went to the dressing room and tried it on. To her surprising, they all had a perfect fit on her, even without him measuring or asking for her size. She poked her head out and asked if she had seen him anywhere before. He told her that she may have seen him on TV. She stared at him for a long time trying to figure it out. She finally remembered as she snapped her fingers. “You're Ricky!” She shouted. He put his hand on her finger telling her not to scream too much. He was trying to keep a low profile. He explained to her that he was being chased by screaming fans and ended up at the section of the mall. He also offered to buy her the outfit he chose for her. Because it's Shizuka, she accepted him paying everything for as she started piling more clothes inside the basket. Ricky said to himself, shit, should I have really said that to her?

After buying everything for her and sneaking out the mall the two began talking about their types. Ricky told her he had lied about the type of girl he liked so he could hang around any girl without being misunderstood. Shizuka thought it was pretty smart of him to do that. If she was famous, she wouldn't have thought about that to begin with.

Ricky asked Shizuka if she wanted to come along with him to practice. Since she had nothing better to do, she agreed with it and went with him. He opened the door to find a boy sleeping. The boy had red hair with black streaks. He wore a red shirt with black jacket with black jeans.

“Sleeping here as always Danny?” Ricky joked.

“You interrupted my nap Ricky,” Danny said while opening his eyes showing his glowing yellow eyes. “Who's the newbie?”

“Just some girl I found, she's pretty cool isn't she?” Ricky laughed a little while putting his hand on her head. Shizuka quickly pushed him away telling him not to joke with her. Before they had arrived to the house, Ricky had been teasing Shizuka. Not to long did another member walk through the door. He had brown hair and sky blue eyes. He wore a blue shirt with black shorts. That member was the Jokers seat, Sam.

“Heyyo everyo-....who's she?” Sam asked staring at Shizuka. Ricky told him he would explain when all the members get here. The next member to arrive was Aaron, along with Mizuki. “Shizuka? What are you doing here?” Mizuki asked. Shizuka got easily annoyed of the questions. The last member to arrive was late; it was the Kings seat Chen. When he arrived he apologized to the members for his tardiness. Ricky finally explained why Shizuka was here to everyone. They finally understood and started working on the new dances and songs. Mizuki went to Sue's room where she laid out the music’s she's written but never composed. Shizuka watched as they rehearsed their dances. Anytime that someone made a mistake she would laugh inside.

She finally went to go check on Mizuki and her singing and dancing. Mizuki sounded amazing. Shizuka was slightly jealous of the way she could sing, given the fact that Shizuka couldn't sing. She went into a different room where no one was and took out her phone to play some music. At first she was just listening to it until she started to get up and dance to it. Shizuka

hadn't noticed that Ricky had been recording her the whole time. When the music was over, Ricky started clapping and walked in. Shizuka started to curse at him for watching her the whole time. He had complimented her on her dancing and said she could be a part of their next music video. Unlike Shizuka, she rejected it unless she could be the lead dancer. He told her she would have to audition like everyone else. He walked in front of her and instructed her to dance again. He'd wanted a video of her front side inside of the back. Shizuka, being stubborn turned away; she didn't want him making fun of her if she made a mistake. Ricky was someone who didn't back down after one rejection. He finally got her to say yes. She had danced for him while he smiled and recorded her. The next song had ended and Shizuka's face was slightly red. Ricky got up and sat on the couch.

“Satisfied?” Shizuka growled. Ricky nodded his head as he checked the time. “Damn, I have a modeling shoot in 20 minutes.” Ricky said. As soon as Shizuka heard modeling she sprang up all excited and happy. One of her dreams was to become a famous model. As Ricky was getting up, she grabbed his arm forcing him to let her tag along. He sighed, but said fine.

When he got out the car Shizuka was still sitting down, she had expected him to open the door for her. Ricky wasn't going to do it and he was almost late. He gave her three seconds before he would pick her up and carry her inside princess style. Shizuka ignored his counting when he picked her up and started walking.

“P-put me down!” Shizuka yelled while squirming around.

“Shut up and stay still. I told you I was going to do it.” Ricky said while walking into the studio. The other models looked at him as he held Shizuka in his arms. Ricky finally put her down and went to his manager. Shizuka had looked around watching as all the other models had posed for the camera. Shizuka had started to copy the pose that each was given while adding her sexual appeal to them. Ricky came out of his manager's room and smiled when he saw what Shizuka was up to. He put his arms around her waist and asked, “Whatcha doing?” She freaked out and fell to the floor while Ricky laughed. He instructed her to go to the girl's dressing room and put on an outfit according to today's fashion. As she got up, she growled at him and left. Before she reached the dressing room, a girl with long blonde hair, pale skin, and light blue eyes stopped her from entering.

“Who the hell do you think you are? If you think you're doing a shoot with Ricky, you're out of your league. The only other girl who does a shoot with Ricky is me.” She snared.

“As if I will listen to someone like you,” Shizuka began, “Who do you think you're talking to! I Shizuka Nakano will not tolerate this!”

As the two girls argued, Ricky walked over to check if Shizuka was finished. Ricky cut the argument between the girls and explained everything to them. Mina had refused to let another girl replace her, but Ricky told her he wouldn't change his mind about letting Shizuka be the new stand in for Annabelle, his girlfriend. Shizuka had finally finished up choosing an outfit and putting her make up on. The two headed onto the set and began the shoot. Various poses were given to them to mimic. Shizuka started to feel embarrassed at some of the poses they had to do, since they were sharing a lot of skin ship.

“Just be professional about it,” Ricky started, “To be a good model, no matter who the partner is, just go along with what is given to you.” Shizuka hated him for always being right.

Finally, the modeling shoot was over and Ricky and Shizuka were heading out until they saw a girl with light blue hair and purple eyes standing next to Ricky's car. Once she caught sight of Ricky she dashed over to him and hugged him tightly.

She spoke in a really high voice, “I'm back!”

“I see. I'm glad you're back.” Ricky said while wrapping his arms around her waist. Shizuka tried not to look at them as she started to get slightly jealous. The couple talked about Annabelle’s trip to Japan where she had her overseas modeling shoot. Shizuka closed her eyes trying to forget every word they said. Ricky finally noticed Shizuka starting to get slightly jealous and suggested Annabelle to go and unpack her bags. She smiled brightly and nodded as she got out the car and gave him a goodbye kiss. Ricky watched as Annabelle enter her car. As he turned around, he caught a glimpse of Shizuka looking at him.

“Is there something wrong?” Ricky asked looking at Shizuka's face.

“N-nothing! I'm fine...” Shizuka replied harshly as she turned around looking the other way.

“Are you jealous?” Ricky teased.

“O-of course I'm not! Why would I be jealous of her. I'm already dating someone!” Shizuka snapped.

“You don't always have to put on that tough girl act, you know.”

“I'm not jealous!!”

Ricky smiled at her and pointed at her lips, “You're jealous because I haven't kissed you. Is that it?” Shizuka was about to blow a fuse, but in reality, he was right, she did want a kiss from him. His constant teasing made her start to have feelings for him. Shizuka blushed and slowly nodded, trying to hide her face in the process. Ricky grabbed her chin and made her bright green eyes connect with his mauve eyes. He stared at her for a while before leaning in to kiss her like she wanted. Moments later the kiss was broken by Ricky pulling away from her and starting to laugh, “You were really jealous.” Shizuka turned away before he could notice her face turning red. Ricky had offered to drop her off somewhere near the castle so that Izumi could come pick her up.

They had arrived at the destination and waited for Izumi to arrive as well. The two sat in silence as they waited patiently. Shizuka slowly turned her head to face Ricky who had been slightly falling asleep. She motioned her hand up and down seeing if he would wake up. He didn't. She smiled and intertwined her fingers with his. She whispered softly to herself, “I love you.” Ricky pulled her closely and wrapped his arms around her, still half asleep, “I love you too Shizu-chan.” Shizuka gasped a little from his reaction, but didn't try to push him off. What am I doing! I'm suppose to be dating Izumi not Ricky...but he's just...and I.... Shizuka thought as a war went on inside her head. Izumi finally arrived and the two released each other and Shizuka quickly got out of the car like nothing happened.

“Let's go.” Izumi demanded.

“Coming!” Shizuka said as she ran over to Izumi and left Ricky. Did Ricky feel anything? He felt hurt for having to see her leave off with another guy, however understood because she wasn't completely his...yet.

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