The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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3. Leave to Korea

It was finally winter break, and like they promised, the Ito siblings, Song siblings, along with Shizuka had returned to America where Mizuki, Yoshido and Yuhiko had waited for their return. Mizuki ran to Kirito and hugged him tightly, “I missed you, Kirito,” Mizuki said sweetly.

Kirito looked at her and smirked, “Now time to finish what we had started.” Kirito leaned towards her and kissed her lips. Mizuki blushed as everyone stared at the two kissing. Uee turned to Yoshido and was about to hug him until Yuhiko pulled him close to her and stated that Yoshido belonged to her, as if he was an object. Shizuka walked over to Mizuki and put her hand on her head, “Looks like you beat me to it.” Shizuka laughed and held her hand and walked her away from the crowd like a mother. Izumi patted Kirito on the back signaling him to head over to the coffee shop. Kasumi, Uee, Yoshido, and Yuhiko headed to get some smoothies.

Shizuka and Mizuki saw that the two boys were going out somewhere and had decided to follow them. Of course Izumi had noticed them following but didn't want to react about it, so he let them follow them. They had finally reached the coffee shop and ordered what they wanted to drink. Izumi had ordered a latte while Kirito ordered a cappuccino. They both sat down and drank their coffees as Izumi got a phone call. He took it out is pocket and looked who was calling. The person who was calling was Kim Ji Yeong, a friend of Izumi and Kirito from childhood, as he was about to answer Shizuka snatched the phone from him and answered herself.

“Hello?” Shizuka asked.

“Yeoboseyo?” Ji Yeong said.

“English?!” Shizuka said harshly.

“Oh, I'm sorry, you must be Shizuka? Izumi's new girlfriend right? Him and Kirito told me about you a while ago.” Ji Yeong said, “Um may I speak with Izumi if he's there?” Shizuka told her to hold on and covered the phone with her hand and demanded to know who she was. Izumi told her she was a childhood friend that they met when they had a school trip to Korea. Ji Yeong was the princesses of Korea, or as people knew her as prince of Korea, because she didn't have any siblings and her mother didn't want the thrown to be passed down to another person in her family, she lied and told her people that Ji Yeong was a guy.

Shizuka gave Izumi the phone and sat down beside him while Kirito and Mizuki had been sharing Kirito's cappuccino.

“Hey, what's up?” Izumi questioned his friend.

“I'm in BIG trouble, there has been rumors going on about me being a female, and now some inspector is coming to see me. I have no idea how I'm supposed to act. The thing's I said aren't me...but are kind of like Kirito and you” Ji Yeong panicked. “I need you two to come over and help me become what I should be.”

“Sure, but we just got back from Japan, and spending more money to go to Korea is-”

“No need, I've already sent out a jet that should be coming to get you two in less than two days. So get ready!”

“How long do you need us?”

“The inspector is coming in two weeks, so just until then.”

“Fine, we'll do it.”

“Great, thanks a bunch. Bye”

“Later.” Izumi turned to Kirito and explained to him the situation. Mizuki didn't want Kirito to go; they had just reunited with each other and now having to separate once again. Shizuka had told Izumi she was against him going off with another girl without her being there. The two told their girlfriends that they had to leave. It was either they stayed and let trouble reign in Korea, or they help prevent it. Mizuki understood, however, Shizuka kept arguing it. Izumi asked what it would take for her to let him leave, Shizuka replied with a kiss. Izumi refused to which made Shizuka complain even more.

“Seems like you've got your hands full Izumi,” Kirito laughed, “I'll take Mizuki over to the hotel, you try and convince Shizuka to let you go.” Kirito grabbed Mizuki's hand and they left. It was obvious that Izumi was irritated by the way Shizuka acted, but at the same time he didn't want to see her like that.

“Whatever, just go then and leave me...”Shizuka snapped, “Obviously you want to be with that chick, I don't see why you would leave me, but I don't care, I'm leaving.” Right as Shizuka was about to leave Izumi grabbed her arm, “Honestly, you're so damn annoying, you really know how to push my buttons Shizuka,” Izumi said, “You wanted a kiss? Fine then.” Izumi kissed Shizuka for a second. Shizuka smiled and kissed him longer. The two of them closed their eyes and embraced the kiss. Finally after a while, Izumi finally got Shizuka to stop kissing him.

“Damn Shizuka, did you really have to do that here?” Izumi questioned while staring at her.

“Well, you never said I couldn't,” Shizuka smiled, happily outsmarting him. “Plus you closed your eyes which meant you liked it,” she was starting to tease him now. Izumi was about to curse her out, but held it in and walked away, while Shizuka followed from behind. When they got to the hotel, Kirito was already done repacking, even though there wasn't much to pack. Izumi went into his room and Shizuka followed him inside. She sat down on his bed and watched him as he packed the little things he took out. Izumi thought, how long is she going to stay here and watch me. Doesn't she have better things to be doing than irritating me? While Shizuka thought, how long is he going to take to finish up, we don't have time to waste, within two days he'll be leaving for two weeks.

The door knocked and Kirito came in and asked if he was finish packing. Izumi nodded. Mizuki popped her head in and waved over to Shizuka telling her come over here. As Kirito and Izumi talked, Mizuki told Shizuka that Kirito's going to convince Izumi to come to the upcoming festival. It was happening tomorrow and Mizuki wanted to spend the last day with them there. Finally, Kirito and Izumi came out the room and went down to the lobby where the two girls were. Kirito smiled at Mizuki letting her know that talking it with him was a success. Mizuki asked if it was ok for the rest of them to come alone. The three nodded, all approving yes. She went and contacted Yoshida and told him all about the festival. He told her it would be fun for everyone to go there and have fun so he agreed to tell the rest about it.

The day of the festival had finally come. Yoshida and Yuhiko and arrived first. “What's taking them so long? They're the ones who wanted to and they are coming late,” Yuhiko complained as she stood there holding hands with Yoshida. Yoshida put his hand on her cheek to calm her down. Yuhiko smiled as she licked his hand. The two talked until Mizuki came running. “Sorry sorry, did I make you guys wait?” Mizuki said panting from running all the way over here. Yoshida said no problem while Yuhiko lectured her on how to be here on time and not to make her wait so long anymore.

Moments later Uee, Kasumi, Izumi, and Kirito came. Uee and Kasumi ran over to Yoshida and hugged him. Yoshida hugged to the two girls back while trying to avoid Yuhiko's eyes. Mizuki hugged Kirito and waved at Izumi who actually smiled at her. Now they wait for Shizuka. Fifteen minutes later, Shizuka finally arrived, “My bad, I got the times mixed up.” Izumi face-palmed he forehead, and I'm supposed to be attracted to that? They went inside the festival and had a bunch of fun.

Later that evening, the jet had arrived to take them away. Mizuki, of course, was upset again. Kirito held her in his arm, “I'm sorry Mizuki, I know I'm always leaving while you're staying her. I promise, once I come back I won’t leave anymore,” Kirito stated.

Mizuki looked at him, tears falling from her eyes, “What about school? You'll leave me again...Ever since I was younger; my parents moved from Japan to America, but you, your parents are still in Japan so...” Mizuki fell into tears. Kirito wiped away her tears and promised he'd talk to his parents about letting him study in America for his remaining sophomore year throughout senior year. Kirito wrapped his arms around her waist, “Be good while I'm gone ok?” Mizuki blushed and nodded as he kissed her. When he stopped Mizuki's face was nearly all bright red.

“Love ya,” Kirito said as he patted her head.

Mizuki kept blushing, “Lo-Love you too, Kirito.”

Izumi was still trying to get Shizuka to leave him alone. “I thought you were fine with me leaving, and now you're clinging onto me. Get off me now!” Izumi demanded. Shizuka refused

and held his arms tightly. She tried to persuade him to let her come with him but nothing worked, Izumi made up his mind and it isn't changing. Shizuka thought for a moment and then tried to seduce him into letting her come, but Izumi stopped her, “Don't go that far Shizuka.” Shizuka tried to play it off, “I wasn't trying to seduce you...I was, yea that's it.” Izumi didn't buy it one bit. He flicked her forehead as a punishment for trying to strip in front of him, “I'll see you soon kay?” Izumi said staring at her. Shizuka covered her forehead from the spot where he flicked her and nodded, Shizuka was done trying to convince her. Izumi kissed her cheek, “Later.” Izumi said as he walked off into the jet. Shizuka and Mizuki had just reunited as they watched as their boyfriends leave off helping another girl.

The boys had finally arrived to Korea after two days. They got off the jet and a butler escorted them into the castle. “Kirito, Izumi, it's so glad to see you after how many years,” Ji Yeong said as she hugged the two of them. “Huh, you didn't bring Shizuka with you?” Izumi explained that if she was here, then no work would get done. Ji Yeong had red really long hair, golden eyes and wore a mini light blue dress with a giant pink jacket that covered her body. She wore medium sized black boots and had a necklace made out of diamonds that spelled Royal.

The first day, they talked about how guys talk and act. Ji Yeong processed most of what they said in their head, but some things she didn't like so she chose to forget it. Before they were almost done Ji Yeong's mother had called her. They spoke to each other in Korean.

“What are those guys doing here?” Mrs. Kim said.

“They are here to help me.” Ji Yeong said.

“Help?!” My daughter doesn't need help from them; she can do things on her own can she not.”

“I can but they could make things go so much better.”

“No, get them out of this castle at once!”

“Mom, that's not fair! You wanted to make sure we never got caught, those childhood friends of mine could help prevent my secret from being spilled.”

“Who do you think you're talking to with that tone?! Go to your room now!”

Ji Yeong finally came back inside the room after being yelled at by her mother. When she came in she found Izumi laying on her bed and Kirito sitting on the comfy couch. She had explained to them what had happened with her mom and her. They had decided that they would stay here and help her but to always keep their distance from the queen. The night had finally come after finishing up todays lesson. Kirito, who falls asleep the fastest, had already fallen asleep on the couch which he laid on, while Izumi still laid on the princess's bed and wouldn't move.

“Izumi, hurry up and get up. I have school tomorrow.” Ji Yeong demanded.

“Don't feel like it. I'm already lying down and moving somewhere else is too much work for me,” Izumi complained.

“This is my bed!”

“So? Go find another room to sleep in, there are plenty of other rooms where you can sleep in. It doesn't have to be here.”

“If I leave, then my mother may come in here and see you people here and we'll all get in trouble.”

“Well sleep on the floor, or sleep on that couch with Kirito.” The two of them argued a lot, and then finally they settled it. Izumi would sleep at the head of the bed while Ji Yeong slept at the foot of the bed.

In the morning, Ji Yeong had been sleeping at the head of the bed with Izumi with her arms wrapped around him like a bear. Izumi had just woken up and saw what Ji Yeong had done. “I knew you liked me and all, but doing something like this to me at night, you're a really dirty princess,” Izumi teased, “Think what would have happened to you if Shizuka saw this?” Ji Yeong quickly came to her senses and fell off the bed and started yelling at Izuni to quit messing around with her. Izumi claimed he had done nothing to her but sleep, and she was the one who did something to him while he was sleeping. Kirito finally woke up and saw the two arguing yet again. “You two have a big problem with fighting every time you see each other. Ji Yeong, why can't you just admit you like Izumi? Just 'cause you're a princess doesn't mean you have to marry a prince.” Kirito stated. Instead of Ji Yeong arguing to Izumi, she argued with Kirito.

Finally after the arguing, they all got ready for school. Mrs. Kim had called Ji Yeong telling her that the limo is here and that she should hurry up before she's late for school. “Araso!” Ji Yeong yelled out to her mother, which translated to ok or I understand in Korean. She instructed them how they would leave her house without getting caught by her mother. The two were to go out the window and wait for her behind the tree and wait for further notices. After they left, Ji Yeong made her way downstairs telling her mom that she was leaving. She told her personal maid to make certain that her mom doesn't come outside until I leave. She then told her driver that two more people would ride with her and they would be her body guards for school. She poked her head out the window and waved to the guys to come into the limo so they can leave.

On the way there, Kirito had asked Ji Yeong, why she had went to school during winter break. She had explained to them that their classes were held during the times when the regular students were off since they were the elites of school. Any person from a royal background or had the money could pay for the elite classes which were during winter break and summer break.

They had finally arrived at school. The school was huge, white, and had many windows and flags. The school looked like a mini castle. They had gotten to the gate and Ji Yeong showed

the guard her ID and explaining that Kirito and Izumi were her new personal bodyguards. The guard let the two into the school and closed the gate after them. They had walked through long hallways until they finally reached her classroom. As they entered the classroom, two of Ji Yeong's friends came along. One had long red hair, just like Ji Yeong and had watery blue eyes. She wore a long blue dress that said water on the side in Japanese characters. The other one had long yellow hair and big pink eyes. She wore a medium pink dress and had on high heels. The friend with red hair was named, Aimi, and the friend with yellow hair was named, Mai. All three of them had been princesses from their country. Aimi being princess of Japan, and Mai being princess of Vietnam.

Before walking into the classroom, Ji Yeong made it clear to them that they should always address her something formally. Afterwards they all walked in the classroom and took their seats. Moments later the teacher had arrived. “Everyone, press the button on the desk and look up to see if your name pops up on the screen. If it does it lets me know that you are present today. Everyone had pressed the button except for Kirito and Izumi who had no idea what was going on. The teacher spotted them and told them to introduce themselves to the class.

“Hi, my name is Kirito Ito and I've been appointed to look after Lady Kim while she is at school.” Kirito said while a smile on his face. The girls turned and looked at him. In the crowd of students you could hear different things coming out of their mouths. “Omg he looks so hot!” “I wonder if he's single?” “Who does he think he is, trying to be the pretty boy??” The teacher asked if anyone had any questions, and many hands went up. Kirito picked on five people to ask their questions. The first question was if he had a girlfriend. The second question was if he was single. The third question was what he did to get appointed as a bodyguard. The fourth question was why he chose Ji Yeong and not another person. The last question was if he was dating, does he regret the choice he made.

“Well, I hate to break it to you, but I'm not single. I have a girlfriend who's a year younger than me named Mizuki. Because of my skills, I was chosen to protect the following, and I chose Lady Kim because I saw she had passion in her and didn't always have to be protected every time. And no, I'm really happy with Mizuki. I wished she could have been here right now.” Kirito answered while sitting down. The teacher pointed at Izumi to stand up and introduce himself.

“Yo, I'm Izumi Song, and I've also been appointed to watch over Ji- Princess Kim. If you're going to ask me the same questions I'll save you the trouble. Yes I have a girlfriend, no I’m not single, you people don't need to know my reasons and maybe I regret it but who cares, none of you other girls have a shot to date me. I make myself clear right?” Izumi said as he glared at all the students, “If so, that's all.” The teacher was shocked with the answer he had given, but class must go on.

After class was over, two girls walked over to Kirito and asked him if he wanted to ride home with them. Kirito kindly rejected them, but they kept insisting he said yes. Before Izumi could say anything, a soft, yet loud voice yelled “Back off, he's mine.” Two shadows stood from the top of the roof. Everyone had looked up to see who it was. To Izumi and Kirito's surprise, it

had been Mizuki and Shizuka.

Mizuki looked down on the two girls then said, “Looks like we made it just in time.” Kirito had his arms wide open when Mizuki jumped from the building right into his arms and hugged him without letting go. The girls were jealous. They glared at her in their heads saying, We are way prettier than her, what does he see in her? Even though they told them not to come, he was glad Mizuki came because he had missed her a lot. The girls turned their backs on Kirito and tried to go to Izumi, but before they could take a step closer Shizuka jumped off the building and landed in between Izumi and the two girls.

“What the hell do you think you're doing? This guy right here belongs to me.”

“Belong? Am I some object to you?” Izumi said as he wrapped one arm around her waist. One of the girls said, “Don't tell me, are they really your girlfriends??” The boys had nodded and so did Mizuki and Shizuka. The two girls had the word jealous all over their faces as they stomped away from them. Other students looked at Mizuki and Shizuka from the distance.

“Didn't we tell you to stay home? We had worked to get do and now you two are here.” Izumi growled as he crossed his arms. The girls had no better excuse but they couldn't be apart from them any longer. Aimi, Mai, Ji Yeong finally came out of the school. She saw Shizuka and Mizuki and asked who they were. Izumi had explained everything to her. She and her friends were going to drive to her house and that they could continue the lesson at five. They agreed and she took off. Kirito and Mizuki had spent their time together while Izumi and Shizuka spent their time together.

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