The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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7. Going back to America

Finally it was almost time to head back to America. Ricky went to his parents house to visit.

“I'm sorry, the time I see you I'm having to tell you that I got a girl pregnant.” Ricky bluntly spoke.

“RICKY!!! Your obsession with sex is too much!” Mr. Tachibana yelled.

“I really like her and-”

“Ricky, your father is upset because we haven't got the chance to meet this girl yet.” Mrs. Tachibana calmly said.

“ also proposed to her and she said yes. We're planning on getting married the day she turns eighteen.”

“RICKY! You don't even consult with us anymore. Bring this girl here immediately.”

“Hai otou-san.” When Shizuka came over Mr. Tachibana examined her.

“This is the wife you want to have?” Mr. Tachibana spoke in Japanese. “She looks like one of those prosecutes you find on the streets. Are you sure she isn't one?”

“Tou-chan!!” Ricky yelled. Shizuka put one hand on his shoulder, “I can assure you that I'm not one of them.” Shizuka responded in Japanese. They had a friendly conversation with each other in Japanese. Finally Ricky's dad began to open up and like her as well. After meeting with Mr. Tachibana, Ricky began to pack for his flight to America with Shizuka. Shizuka staring at Ricky as he packed his stuff. Why is this always happening to me? First with Izumi, now with Ricky. Shizuka finally got irritated and got up and closed the suitcase with her foot. She pulled his chin up until he was looking at her, “Pay attention to me more,” Shizuka complained. He smiled and took her by the hand and kissed it, then led her to the bed and sat down and patted his lap. Shizuka comfortably sat on his lap and leaned towards him and kissed him. It took a while until Ricky finally got Shizuka off of him. “We're already having two, try not to make anymore okay?” He joked.

“Sh-shut up....”

“I would like to enjoy another night with you but just not now.”

“Come on...” Ricky kept refusing no mater what she tried, so she tried one more time, but with force. She jumped on top of him and pressed her body against his. Ricky tried to control himself and almost lost it, but he sensed someone coming this way. “Shizuka hurry up and put your shorts back on.”

“No, it's more comfortable wearing a really long shirt with no pants.” Ricky had no choice but to force her into wearing it. Unfortunately, Ricky's mom came in before he could put it on and from her perspective, it looked as though he was taking it off.

“Kuso...Hey Ka-chan...” Ricky said as he stared at his mom.

“Ricky, I know that you're a sexatic, but raping a defenseless girl isn't-”

“Defenseless?? Ka-chan, firstly, she isn't defenseless and secondly, she isn't just some girl, she's my fiancé.”

“This is her?”


“Ricky, you should be packing, and not letting your sex life intervene.”

“Demo, she seduced me first!” His mother gave him a stare, “Wakarimasu, I'll finish packing.” As Ricky left, his mother stared at Shizuka who was sitting on his bed, only with a shirt on.

“Do you really like my son? Or is it the pleasure he gives you in bed?” His mother spoke in English, assuming she didn't know Japanese.

“Can I say both?” Shizuka laughed. When she saw the reaction on her face she quickly cleared her throat and said, “Gomen'nasai, I really do love your son.” She wanted to believe him, but because of her first impressions of her, she didn't want to trust her. She began asking her a stream of questions. Finally she answered all the questions and Mrs. Tachibana was satisfied. Ricky walked in and put his hand on Shizuka's head, “Ka-chan, you asked her too many questions that you fried her brain. I'm sure she won't be able to function anymore.” Ricky teased. His mother wished them the safest trip as the two headed to the jet.

On the jet, Mizuki and Kirito fell asleep together, while Shizuka and Ricky were cuddling and making small noises. “Ricky, could you shut the fuck up?” Izumi growled. “Are you jealous that your Nii-chan stole your girlfriend from you?” questioned Ricky. “As if!” “Why don't you call me Nii-chan like you used to and maybe I'll stop.” “Hell no! Those days are over.” The two boys continued to quarrel with each other, while Shizuka tried to get the two to stop.

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