The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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12. First Battle

Qri woke up and was a different person. She had wore very little clothing and her hair was longer than normal. She had bloody eyes and had an unholy red cross on her right thigh. She also wore a blue belt around her waist that she pulled out and became a gun which she pointed at them saying, “Stay out of our way, or else you want to die young.” Of course the two weren't going to take her seriously until she shot out a laser beam that was almost the size of their mansion. They quickly speed ran out of there and barely made it out alive. 

“Damn it, we let them escape.” Ayato blamed himself. 

It's not your fault, she caught us off guard that's all. We'll get her back and Reiji to spill why he's helping those two.” Subaru assured his brother. They got up and flew home. When they were home Minha and Lizzy were there talking with Uee and Kasumi about Qri's disappearance. Ayato and Subaru broke the news to them. The only question remained, where they hid. Kanato smirked to himself. 

“What are you smiling about?” Uee asked laying on the couch. 

My blood type happens to be useful.” Kanato responded. “Though my blood type is fear, I also have a small percent of rare, just like my older brother. But in order for it to work, the rarity has to be very rare.” 

Baby, what does he mean?” 

You know how I said you're rare because your powers are held only for the Ito clan? Well there are multiple Itos so he wouldn't find your blood to be all that tasty.” Ayato explained. “It has to be powers only one or two people possess.” Ayato and Subaru told their girlfriends to stay at home and if anything happens to run away from it. Minha and Lizzy were instructed to do the same. Kanato began to lead them to Qri. 

While they were on the move Qri woke up in a cage, and she was back to herself. She started banging on the cage demanding to be set free until two young men walked up to her one had long yellow hair and wore blue shirt and pants with an oversize black jacket that went down to his knee. He had a choker collar and four spiked bracelets on each arm and wore long black boots. He also had two eyebrow piercing and snake bites and the other had long orange hair and wore similar clothing except instead of blue, his was red and he had two spiked bracelets and more necklaces. The two had the same eyes as the Blood siblings, for they were the two oldest siblings. The yellow hair young men grabbed her by the collar and threatened to kill her if she didn't keep quiet. He ordered Reiji to put a stronger spell on her. Since Reiji couldn't disobey he walked up to her and apologized to her before he bit deep into her neck. She fainted once again. Reiji hooked up a lot of wires on her body. He turned on a machine that took the massive powers in Qri and drained them and were put into Shuu and Raito. They drained 1/4 of her powers until Ayato and the other had arrived. Reiji cut off the wires and took Qri and left. 

Subaru, you're the closet with Reiji, you go stop him.” Ayato commanded. 

“Right.” Subaru agreed as he flew off. Shuu and Raito flew off in different directions, Ayato went after Shuu while Kanato went after Raito. Subaru finally caught up to Reiji and questioned why he was helping them. He said he wasn't obligated to answer to him. They clashed at one another until Qri started to regain conscience. Reiji had trapped Subaru in a water bubble. Even though he was a vampire, like humans, they need air to breathe. Reiji picked up Qri and was about to leave until Qri mumbled something. “Don't do this...” The spell put on her washed away for a moment until it took over her again. Reiji knew he wouldn't forgive himself for killing his older brother. He snapped his fingers and the bubble popped. 

“Reiji... Why?” Subaru said as he fainted on the ground. 

“Let's finish him off, shall we?” Qri said pointing her gun at him. 

“Leave him there, let's go.” Reiji instructed. The two off them flew off leaving Subaru helpless on the ground. 
While this was happening, Kanato had just caught up to Raito. Even though Kanato was 17 and Raito was 24, he already was at an unfair advantage, but Kanato wasn't going to let that stop him. Kanato activated his powers and attacked. None of his attacks got through, Raito was just too strong for him. It only took Raito one attack to send Kanato flying. He scoffed at how weak his younger brother was and made his way to the Blood mansion. He arrived their first, but the triple layer barrier that Ayato had activated before he left. While Raito was breaking through, Ayato and Shuu were fighting. Though Shuu was 3 years older than Ayato, he put on a good fight that lasted longer than Kanato. 

I see you've grown up from your younger self, little brother. However, you and I both know that you can't stop me no matter how hard you try.” Shuu said. Ayato panted and thought, he's right, the only thing I do is stall and not defeatKasumi and Uee got tired of waiting inside the barrier and were about to leave until Raito finally got through. “Looks like we can finally have some fun.” Raito said staring at all the girls. “Which girl should I start from?” All the girls ran in different directions. Raito picked randomly and ended up chasing after Kasumi. Kasumi sensed him chasing her with full speed. Subaru was already on the move to save her, would he make it in time was the question. Kasumi found a window and jumped out from it. Like any clumsy girl, Kasumi tripped and fell. 

Poor little girl, I'll make it hurt really badly.” Raito smirked while walking near her. Kasumi shut her eyes and whispered Subaru's name. With a blink of an eye Kasumi was in Subaru's arms while Raito was in a smoke screen of poisonous gas. 

This won't hold him for long, but we need to get you somewhere safe ok?” Subaru said. Kasumi nodded and held tightly onto Subaru as his dark black wings grew bigger as he flapped them and took off. Finally after fighting back and forth, Raito and Shuu retreated.

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