The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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5. Break Up

The next morning Shizuka and Mizuki left to Aaron's house where they found all the members practicing. Shizuka looked over and saw Ricky. She remembered what happened last night and tried to avoid him with all costs. So she walked away into a different room. There she stayed trying to make up an excuse for leaving, since she had to watch over Mizuki while Kirito and Izumi help Ji Yeong. The door suddenly flew open and Ricky was on the other side.

“What are you doing here Missy?” Ricky teased. He had acted as if last night never happened. Shizuka, still trying to avoid him directed her eyes elsewhere. He tilted his head trying to see where she was looking. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him, “Why are you avoiding me Shizu-chan?” His eyes were full of weary and sadness. Shizuka couldn't ignore him.

“Why do you keep doing this? I'm trying my hardest not to fall for you but you keep teasing me all the time. You're dating Annabelle, and I'm dating Izumi, we shouldn't be doing this.” she looked down and began to sob. Ricky wiped her tears and kissed her. Shizuka tried to pull back, but it was no use, her body was completely taken over by his kiss.

“I'm sorry Shizuka, but...I've fallen hard for you.” Her eyes widen as a gasp flew out. “I already broke up with Annabelle, so....” Shizuka said nothing, her emotions were all mixed up for her to give her comments on it. She buried her face within his chest and mumbled, “then let's go out if you like me so much...” He smiled and hugged her which made her smile happily. Just as the two were about to kiss, Sam came in and interrupted.

“Don't mean to burst the moment, but we have to get moving. Mizuki has to get ready for her first concert.” He stated. Shizuka had forgotten the reason Mizuki came over in the first place. The eight of them drove to Central Park where the festival was held. Shizuka had helped Mizuki get ready while Chen, Aaron, Ricky, Danny, Sam, and Sue found their seats and sat there. Shizuka finished up and wished Mizuki the best of luck before leaving and sitting next to Ricky. She hadn't noticed that Kirito, Izumi, Ji Yeong, Aimi, and Mai had been a couple of rows behind them. Izumi glanced over and saw Shizuka cuddling with Ricky. The hell?! Izumi thought. Right as he was about the get up, the concert started.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our annual Sing Off. Participants from various places have come to this very spot to show off their talent. I hope you all are excited for an amazing show to start off this years festival. We have a very special guest that came all the way from China to take part in this years Sing Off.” the proctor announced in Korean. A short girl came out of the curtains and waved her hands to the fans as they cheered loudly.

“Annyeonghaeseyo yeoleobun!” She yelled. The crowd roared with enthusiasm. As they continue to speak in Korean.

“Susan, I've heard that every year you've appeared, you've won first place. Is that correct?”

“Ye, naneun... always work really hard to get to the top.”

“Any advices for new comers who may want to take part in this competition?”

“Ummm, no matter what, try your best and never give up!” The crowd clapped as she gave her small speech. She took her bow and left stage. Many of the contestants sang songs from different artists. Mizuki was nervous because she never sang in a crowd this big before. Her turn was almost up, she was starting to shake. She closed her eyes and pictured herself singing perfectly in front of the crowd, yes that's what she needed to be calm. Mizuki walked on stage and gave her introduction. She began to sing, her voice being low. As the verses progressed, her

voice became louder. At the end of her performance, many were clapping for her. It was time for the judges to select the top five who would move on. Susan was the first name they called out, following three others and lastly was Mizuki. She was relived she made it into the top five for her first try.

The second round began and the top three were chosen, among the top three were: Susan, Annabelle and her older sister, and Mizuki. Who will win? It was getting harder for the judges to decide who will win. At the end, it was up to the crowd to decide who should be in the top two. Sadly, Annabelle was the one who was eliminated, which meant only Susan and Mizuki were left. The last part was the biggest. It involved sparks and amazement, not only voice. The stage and had to be filled with whatever song was sung. Finally after both performing and many screaming who they want to win, the proctor announced the winners.

“The winner for our fifth annual Sing Off Competition is...Susan!” The proctor announced. Many were upset that Mizuki didn't win. Another proctor came out on stage and whispered something to the main proctor. “There has seemed to be a mistake in counting, the actual winner is Mizuki Yen!!” Mizuki lifted her head as she heard her name being called. She was happy she won and Susan was a good sport to congratulated her for being the first ever to beat her.

After the concert, the proctor announced that they had one more performance for them. It was C.A.R.D.S, they had performed their latest new song “Michin” which meant crazy. The audience were filled with screams by young girls yelling out the members name and their chants. Finally the performances were all over and the carnival was open. Mizuki noticed Kirito before he left and ran to him.

“How was I?” Mizuki said shyly.

Kirito grabbed her and pulled her close, “You were amazing. I always new you had an amazing voice. I'm so proud of ya!” Kirito smiled. Mizuki blushed and embraced his hug. “Hey I'm still helping Ji Yeong so I have to leave as soon as Izumi gets back.” Kirito stated as he released Mizuki and looked at her. You can tell Mizuki was upset about him always leaving her for Ji Yeong. In the meantime, Kirito and Mizuki spent the little time they had together. Izumi went out to search for Shizuka. He had finally found her, and was about to walk to her until he sensed another person beside her. He lowered his power presence so it wouldn't be noticed and listened to their conversation.

“What do you want?” Shizuka questioned.

“I have something to give you.” Ricky said while pulling a small box out of his pocket.

“And this thing is?” Ricky walked behind her and instructed that she closed her eyes while he gets the gift out. Shizuka did as she was told and closed her eyes. Ricky opened the small box. Inside the box was a diamond necklace that had TRNS on it.

“Like it?” Ricky asked while smiling.

Shizuka gasped as she saw the necklace, “You spent this much money for me?!”

“Mhm. Happy birthday Shizu-chan.”

“I don't know what to say,” She began, “How did you know today was my birthday?”

“I know everything about you...Just kidding, I overheard you and Mizuki talking about it, so I decided I wanted to get you this.”

“It's sweet and all, but I think the person misspelled trains.”

Ricky laughed and explained to her that it was the two of their initials. Tachibana Ricky and Nakano Shizuka. (It's backwards because in Japan, last names always come first.) Shizuka, filled with nothing but joy, hugged Ricky and kissed him. Their kiss would have led to a French kiss until Izumi finally came out from eavesdropping. He was angry, no pissed off. As he showed his face he started blurting out to much things that made Shizuka upset.

“I can't believe I fell in love with a slut like you! I should have known that your bull shit was fake as hell when you said you were my dream girl. This is the first and last time I will ever date and trust another Japanese Nakano bitch!” Izumi yelled.

“I ca-” Shizuka was interrupted.

“Don't even try explaining saying 'it's not what it looks like' 'cause I don't want to hear it. It'll be bull shit coming from a dumb fuck like you anyways. I can't stand it anymore, this relationship we had is done. Let me put it in words that you'll understand, it's O-V-E-R, OVER!” Shizuka burst into tears after hearing all of what Izumi had to say. Before Izumi could walk away Ricky stopped him by saying, “So this is how you turn out at the end of the day. You know, I still remember you when you were just a kid and you didn't talk this much shit about anyone, in fact, it was the opposite. You were the one being picked on and you cried A LOT. Do you remember this Izumi-kun?” Izumi stopped and turned around and faced Ricky. He couldn't remember where he'd seen him before, nor was he sure he knew him at all.

“Who are you?” Izumi demanded.

“Ah, you forgotten me already? How many years has it been since I saw you? Twelve years right? When you were only five years old, and use to call me Nii-chan.” Izumi's eyes widen as he remembered who he was. “Do you remember me now Izumi? The first time we met was also the last time.” Izumi looked down, embarrassed that his past was brought up. Shizuka wondered what happened in the past and questioned about it. Ricky told her when he was seven years old, he got into a serious fight and nearly killed a famous actor, so his family left Japan and came here where they had some relatives staying. His parents had paid the media to keep quiet about this incidence to make sure their son kept his good boy reputation. Before he left, he ran into Izumi at a young age and saw him crying after some guys picked on him. He told him he needed to man up and protect the ones he hold dear to him. After making fun of Izumi and his past, Ricky and Shizuka left back with this rest of the members. The festival had ended, Aaron had dropped Mizuki back to the castle while Shizuka refused to go back and have to see Izumi again.

Morning finally came and C.A.R.D.S had an interview they had to attend to. Sue had forgotten to address this matter to the rest of the members, so her call to them was a surprise. All the members had shown up but Chen. They called him various times but he never picked up. Could something have happened to him, they all thought. He finally picked up to Sue's third call.


“Chen! Where are you?! We've called you so much! I forgot to tell you there's an interview in about an hour.”

“Are you serious? Damn, I was on my way to the airport.”

“I'm sorry, I know after this was suppose to be all that was scheduled for you guys.”

“Alright, I'm on my way.” After that he hung up. About 45 minutes later, Chen finally arrived. It was never like Chen to ever be this late for anything. They all got in the van and drove to their destination. The boys rushed onto the set here they were told about the interview.

“Welcome to another day of Talking with Celebs, where each week we have different groups come on and we get to uncover more facts that we didn't know. Today we have a trending boy group. They consist of five members, they each have their position in the thrown, give it up for C.A.R.D.S!!” The five boys walked out from behind the curtains and took their seats in order of position.

“We are, your Royal C.A.R.D.S annyeonghaeseyo!” They said in unity.

“I'm the King's seat Chen.”

“I'm the Queen's seat Aaron.”

“I'm the Jack's seat Ricky.”

“I'm the Ace's seat Danny.”

“And I'm the Jocker's seat Sam.”

“So you guys are the new youngest group here correct?”

“Yes, that is correct. Our leader Aaron Ji Kyu, is the youngest member in history to start a band at his age,” Chen answered.

“Amazing!, how old are you?”

“My age is 16, but my international age is 15.” Aaron said.

“What about the rest of the members?”

“Chen's age is 21, but his international age is 20. Ricky is 19, but his international age is 18. Danny and Sam are 17 but their international ages are 16.”

“I see, so I'm aware that you started this group when you were in 5th grade and it was just a school band for fun. Now that it has turned into something huge, how do you feel about that?”

“I'm really excited that this band has lasted for many years. I hope it can continue to last for a long time.”

“Very touching, now let's hear from the other members shall we. Chen, you are the oldest and in the Kings position. Shouldn't the king have more power over the queen which should make you leader?”

“Well, it's not about being the oldest that gets you to be the leader. We each have our stand at what we're good at. Plus, Aaron created this band, so it should be his decision on who's leader.” Chen said.

“Respectable. Your fans wrote questions for you and they hope that each of you could answer it as honestly as possible. The first question is, what is your relationship status and your ideal type. We'll start in order from Chen and go down to Sam.”

“My relationship status...I'm in a relationship already. My ideal type would have to be a women who is mature and really smart.” Chen said bluntly.

“Hmm, well I'm not dating anyone, but I have a special someone who I like but can't say. I like a girl who is really sweet and nice.” Aaron smiled.

“Me, well I'm single. My ideal type is a girl who's shorter than me, and has long pink hair.” Ricky stated, lying about his relationship with Shizuka.

“Personally, I don't like the idea of dating. Every girl has one thing that they complain about, and I don't want to have to put up with that. I just want a girl, if there is one, to not be picky.” Danny said while nodding.

“I'm single, but really want to date a fan! I don't have a specific ideal because I believe if I say it, they would try to put themselves in it.” Sam said smiling brightly.

“I'm very surprised by all of your answers. No one knew Chen was in a relationship, since he never brought it up. More questions followed.

“Now, I see that all you are fluent English speakers, besides Korean, what other languages do you all speak? Starting from Sam this time.”

“I want to learn Japanese like the rest of the members, but I'm still learning Korean. Since I came to Korea only a few years ago.”

“Right now, I'm currently learning Japanese. I would say I can hold a pretty decent length conversation with a native.” Danny spoke.

“I'm fluent in Japanese, and would like to learn Spanish at some point in time.” Ricky laughed.

“Unlike the others, I'm a child prodigy who was able to master four languages by the age of eleven. My parents both communicate to each other in English which is how I learned English, and my mom wanted me to be able to speak Korean. However, I took an interest to speaking the languages my parents spoke, so I mastered learning Japanese and Chinese by 5th grade. Then I learned French and Spanish, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and now I'm learning Thai. It's important that as a leader to be able to connect with as many fans across the world, which is why I'm very interested in learning so much languages. Aaron stated.

“I also speak Japanese, like our other members, along with Chinese which I'm fluent in.” Chen said. After giving the amounts of questions made by fans who are interested in learning more about C.A.R.D.S, the interview was now over. Many now know the back stories of all the members and why they were interested in joining a band in the first place.

Chen, who was wealthy and rich, wanted to do something other than work under his father since from the beginning, he had never had any fun and wanted to express himself in a different way. With Aaron, he wanted to follow his parents footsteps and make a band that last way longer than his parents did, and in order to do so, he created a school band to start their debut. Unlike Chen who was really rich, Ricky, was poor and wanted to save his mother from cancer that she had, but never told him in order to help him focus about the future and not the past. He knew that celebrities make a lot of money without doing that much struggling work and could do so at an early age. Danny, was practically forced into the band, by his older sister Eun Kyung who told him he needed to do something more with his life than sit on the couch watching TV and making the butlers do everything. And because of that, he joined the band that was at his school. Then lastly, Sam always loved the center stage and being on stage, having a good time with the people he cared about. And once he saw that their was an opportunity to do so, he took it immediately.

All the members went straight back to the van where Mizuki and Sue were. Shizuka had left to see Ricky.

“You must have had fun on stage, giving your back story to many viewers.” Shizuka laughed slightly.

“Well, in order to gain trust with your fans you have to come clean, before scandals occur and makes the situation worse.” Ricky remarked while putting his hands at her waist.

“Maybe you shouldn't have scandals in the first place.” Shizuka smiled as Ricky gently pecked her lips with his own. Mizuki was wondering where Shizuka had went and why Ricky hadn't made it back yet, so she got out the van and searched for them. When she found them, she was shocked. No one had known that the two were dating, she did know that her and Izumi had problems with each other, but never knew why.

“Uh.....Sh-izu-ka?!” Mizuki embarrassedly said. Shizuka, surprised and scared herself, bit the bottom of Ricky's lips and pushed him away saying, “Heh, Mizuki....when did you get here?” Mizuki stood frozen for a while before she congratulated them for becoming a couple. After all the awkwardness, the three of them heading to the van and were about to go home, until Ricky brought up that he got Shizuka a modeling gig, that started in half and hour. Luckily they reached the place in fifteen minutes, but Shizuka got rejected because she didn't have the proper length of hair.

“I can't believe it...I got rejected. There's not enough time for me to grow my hair out.” Shizuka complained. Ricky remembered near by their was a salon store that has the best hair extensions. He picked her up princess style and rushed her to the salon where they put in extensions that looked exactly like her own hair. Five minutes left before the modeling runway began. Within three minutes they made it back and Shizuka got changed into her first dress that she had to wear. The runway was all good, until the last outfit that Shizuka had to wear. The heels were abnormally high six and a half inch heels. No one had ever been able to walk normally with them on, however, Shizuka changed that. She walked out on that stage and showed them that she was the best. Her second walk up was where it all went wrong. She accidentally slid and fell off the stage where Ricky quickly came and caught her. The manager, other models, C.A.R.D.S, Sue and Mizuki, and reporters and paparazzi came to her. The five other models asked if she was okay, “Shizuka, you alright??”

“I'm okay. Thanks for catching me Ricky.” Shizuka said still in Ricky arms. Ricky smiled, “Anything for you.” Because of this site, the paparazzi took pictures of the two, recorded them, and asked what kind of relationship they had with each other.

“Ricky who is this girl next to you?” Reporter 1 questioned.

“Is she your new girlfriend?” Reporter 3 asked.

“Does this mean that it's the end of Rickabelle?” Reporter 2 asked. The questions went on and on. Shizuka, slightly embarrassed, hid her face within Ricky's chest. Sue, somehow, managed to get all the reporters out. Ricky finally confessed and told the members about his relationship with Shizuka wasn't a joke, but was real. They all understood and congratulated him as well. Before they returned back to the van, Chen announced that he had to hurry and fly back to China, to face his parents.

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