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It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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18. Beach Time Fun

A month has passed since Rebecca had joined the side of good. She and Kanato had been getting close ever since then. Kanato had become less of a spoil brat as he began to grow feelings for her, which she hadn’t noticed. Shizuka was still grieving over her unborn baby, while Ricky tried to comfort her. Sun Lee was feeling all better after her transformation into a vampire. Everything was fine, but Uee wanted to do something before college began. She wanted to spend time with everyone before time was up. She insisted that they go to the beach. She felt inside herself that everyone needed one day where they didn’t have to worry about anything and could just relax.

“The beach?” Kasumi questioned. Uee nodded her head and smiled brightly.

“Shizuka is depressed, Qri and Reiji aren’t talking anymore, Ayato and Subaru are constantly working…you get the point!” Kasumi looked up at her friend, and couldn’t say no to her.

“Okay then.” Kasumi said. And with that, the two of them ended up convincing everyone to go to the beach. Kasumi and Uee took the little girls to go get their swimsuits while Rebecca went with Qri. All the boys decided to go together, except for Ricky who went with Shizuka.

Kasumi, Uee, Sun Lee, and Tsubaki finally arrived at the mall and went inside. The mall was huge, with a lot of clothes hanging around on rackets. Kasumi held Sun Lee’s hand while Uee held Tsubaki’s hand. The four walked to the kids section and picked out two one piece swimsuits for Sun Lee and Tsubaki. Sun Lee had on a white bikini while Tsubaki had on red. They made their way to the adult section next. Kasumi quickly stopped and stared at Uee. “Do you think it’s okay to bring them in here?” Kasumi whispered.

Uee shrugged, “They’re Shizuka’s kids remember, I’m sure they’ve been in worse places.” Kasumi didn’t like the fact that she was right, but she didn’t want the kids to grow up in a bad position. Kasumi continued to plead to Uee until she had enough. Uee agreed to watch the kids while Kasumi picked out her swimsuit. Five minutes passed and Kasumi came out wearing a yellow shirt that said ‘Hi’ on it, and underneath the shirt was a pink two-piece suit. It was Kasumi’s turn to watch the children while Uee found her swimsuit. Ten minutes passed and Uee came out with a sexy white one-piece swimsuit that showed a lot of skin. After paying for the clothes, they were off to the beach.

Meanwhile, Shizuka and Ricky were just arriving to another mall. Shizuka, still being depressed hadn’t realized that they were already at the destination. She stared blankly ahead while Ricky waved his hand in front of her trying to get her to snap out of her gaze.

“Shizu..ka” Ricky said a bit worried. She quickly snapped out of it and faced her husband.

“I’m sorry...” Shizuka apologized. Ricky put his hand on her check and caressed it. He leaned in closer and placed a kiss on her other cheek. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, you don’t have to worry about me.” Shizuka lied.

“If you wanted to stay home, you didn’t have to force yourself to go to the beach.”

“But-” Her words were cut off, for Ricky had placed his lips onto hers. She blushed a little after the kiss was over.

“Don’t try to lie to me.”


“You don’t have to apologize to me, it’s not your fault. It’s partially my fault. I shouldn’t have left you.”

“But how could you have known…I didn’t tell you.” Ricky broke out a smile after hearing that. “What’s so funny!”

“Nothing, I don’t like seeing you upset, but I guess having you mad won’t be too bad.” Shizuka put her hand on the door about to leave until Ricky whispered something in her ear which made her turn red and quickly open the door leaving Ricky alone in the car. Shizuka dashed inside the mall while Ricky smiled staring at her from the inside of his car. Shizuka looked for a bikini to wear, now that she wasn’t pregnant, it was okay for her to wear a two-piece instead of a one-piece. As she looked through the bikinis, she remembered what Ricky had told her before she left, “Don’t worry Shizu-Chan, if you’re THAT unhappy, I can always get you pregnant again.” Shizuka turned red again and shook her head trying to forget his words.

“Thinking about me?” Ricky said behind her. She jumped from fear and almost fell on the ground, but Ricky caught her. “That was a close one, wasn’t it?” Shizuka glared at her Ricky and stood on her own. Ricky smiled, he was starting to enjoy himself. Shizuka stormed off again, leaving, the smiling Ricky, alone…again. She finally picked out what she wanted to wear, and decided to go find Ricky. As she walked around, she saw a crowd of people and attempted to budge her way through. She finally got to the semi front to see paparazzi’s and fans all over Ricky. Shizuka tried not to get jealous, for she had been married to him, however, as soon as one of the fans asked to touch his abs, her jealousy started to take over. She called out Ricky’s name, but of course, with hundreds of other girls screaming his name, how could he tell each individual? Shizuka tried to get to him but was elbowed in the face by other fan who mistaken her for another fan.

“OW!” Shizuka screamed as she fell on the floor. Ricky heard the scream and started to scan the area to see who was hurt. Luckily, a clear path was made when the other fans heard Shizuka’s scream. Ricky found Shizuka lying on the floor with one hand on her cheek.

“Shizuka, are you okay?” He knelt down and grabbed her by the hand and pulled her up. A tear fell down her eyes as she looked at him. He quickly hid her face from the paparazzi’s who were still taking pictures. He paid for the clothes and left the mall. He opened one of the compartments in the car and pulled out a small ice pack and put it on her cheek, but she moved her face away.

“Why,” she began, “Why were you with all those girls.”

“You’re still jealous? I thought you were over that.”

“Shut up…” Ricky laughed and put the ice pack on her cheek again.

“I’ll punish you if you don’t stop your jealousness over my fans.” Shizuka, of course blushed a little and avoided looking at him.

Finally, after three hours, everyone had made it to the beach. Everyone was having so much fun. One young woman walked up on stage and made an announcement, “Ladies and Gentlemen, in half an hour, we will be starting our first ever Miss Sexy Pageant here in America. Ladies, I encourage you to join and show off your sexiness! First place winner will be crowned the Miss Sexy title along with one…million…dollars!! Sign up now for only twenty dollars and good luck!” She walked off stage and a storm of women rushed to the booth and signed up. Shizuka heard the announcement and made her way to the booth to sign up. She gave forty dollars to the lady.

“Um ma’am, it’s only twenty dollars for entry.”

“I know; I’m signing up my friend as well.” Shizuka smiled. She walked away and searched for Uee. She finally found her laying under an umbrella with Ayato.


“What is it Shizuka?” Uee questioned as she rose to face her. Shizuka explained that she signed her up for the Miss Sexy Pageant. Uee’s reaction was the opposite of what Shizuka thought she would be.

“Shizuka!!! How could you?! I’m not feeling well, there’s no way I’d be able to go on.” Uee yelled. Funny enough the person who wanted to go to the beach, ending up getting a stomach ache. Shizuka went back to the person and asked for a refund, but she wasn’t able to give back the money. The rules were that if the person couldn’t make it, they could ask for a substitute. Shizuka angrily left and bumped into Qri by mistake. Shizuka looked up to find Qri and clapped her hands together.

“Perfect!” She exclaimed. She dragged Qri away and to the booth. She made Qri sign the paper and ended up smiling.

“Um, what’s up Shizuka?” Qri asked.

“You’re going to be Uee’s replacement for the Miss Sexy Pageant.” Qri’s eyes widen, “Se-sexy!?!” She blushed a little and turned away, “I-I-I can’t do that!!”

“I’ve seen what you can do, I’ve watched you dance before when you were in RainFall.” Qri couldn’t fight back anymore and decided to take Uee’s place. The Miss Sexy Pageant was starting and everyone was there, thanks to Shizuka. 90 percent of the women who entered didn’t make it. Out of 500 entries, only 50 went on. Luckily, Qri and Shizuka made it through the entry. It was now time for introductions. Shizuka was number 6 while Qri was number 42. It was finally Shizuka’s turn. She walked on stage wearing a short, black pencil dress with high heels.

“Hey everyone!” She said loudly through the mic, “I’m Shizuka Tachibana, 24 years old, but most people mistake me for being a lot younger, hehe I get it a lot. I’m entering because I know that I am the sexiest one here.” Before she left she winked at the crowd and all the guys cheered and clapped. Finally, it was Qri’s turn. She was wearing a pink and white dress with high heels. She nervously walked on stage and saw the amount of people staring at her. It was almost the same size of people who she performed for live at concerts. All the guys stared at her, Qri was the innocent sexy type from the eyes of the crowd.

“Uh, hi, my name is Kim Ji Yoon. I’m 22 years old. My reason for entering is…um…” She paused for a long time until she closed her eyes. She acted as if they were her fans, and that they supported her. She opened her eyes and smiled, “To show that anyone can be sexy.” She put her hands to her lips and blew a kiss to the crowd. The crowd cheered and clapped equally to Shizuka. As the Pageant went on, many were eliminated. It was down to the final four. Entries number 6, 20, 39, and 42 remained.

“We’re down to the final four! It’s quite exciting to see who will end up winning.” The announcer looked to the crowd. “If any of your partner is on this stage, feel free to come up now and give them a word of advice.” Ricky and Reiji looked at each other and got up from the crowd and made their way to the stage, along with two other guys. Ricky walked next to Shizuka.

“So it’s okay for you to do something like this, but when I do it it’s not ok? Ricky growled.


Ricky sighed, “Whatever, you better win then.” Shizuka nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. Reiji walked next to Qri and put his hand on her head.

“I’m not mad if that’s what you’re thinking. I know Shizuka kind of forced this on you. Just try your best alright?” Qri lifted her head and smiled a little. Reiji gave her a small kiss on the cheek and smiled back. Before the guys could leave the host stopped them.

“For the next challenge, we’ll see which couple can kiss one another the longest! Of course in order to call yourself sexy, you have to be good with your lips,” the announcer said with a wink. Qri’s face automatically turned red. There was no way she could do something that embarrassing in front of people she didn’t know. It was already hard enough with her friends at home.

“Heh, this should be easy.” Contestant No. 20 said.

“We got this in the bag.” Contestant No. 39 said looking at her partner.

“I’m definitely going to win.” Shizuka said. Reiji looked at Qri and saw her uncomfortable face and told her that she could quit anytime she wanted. But she refused. She wanted to win.

“On your mark…get set…ready…………KISS!!”

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