The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

Please comment what you think :)


17. Authors Note

I'm really glad that you all are reading my story. This story is the best one yet. However, I would like to hear your responses to the story plot. Comment down below what you like about the story, what you don't like, and which character resembles you. Thank You~

  More chapters will come out soon, but may take a while due to school starting in a month. Please be patient :     Arigato__Gasamnida__Xie Xie__Gracias__Merci__Graci__Thank You!!!          


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