The Story

It starts off with a recreation of a girl name Yuhiko, and she explores Earth and finds different people and becomes friends with them. More things start to happen later on, but you're going to have to read to find out what it is. If you enjoy this, please recommend it to others~

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6. Accident

Sue had a smile on her face the whole ride back. She was waiting till they get home to break the exciting news. When they got to Aaron's house, Sue stood in front of them all and

announced that they were getting a new manager. Sue had signed them under a company in order for them to have a dorm to stay in all together. Even though it was good news, they were all going to miss Sue. She was the reason why their band was successful. To celebrate, they were all going to the beach.

“You all can go, I'm staying,” Shizuka protested.

“WHY!” They all yelled.

“I'm....uh...just not good a swimming.” She lied. Ricky wrapped his arms around her, “I'll teach you then.”

“No! That's embarrassing.” Shizuka said as she elbowed Ricky in his stomach. “A women like me at this age being taught how to swim, hell no.”

“Shizuka, I can tell you're lying.” Mizuki said.

“Sh-shut up!” Shizuka shouted.

“Then, what's the real reason?” Ricky questioned.

She paused for a long time before answering, “I'm scared of swimming to far out...I lose all sense and freak out, ever since I almost drowned when I did that at a young age.” Ricky held her hand and promised her that he would never leave her side while they were at the beach. After that, Shizuka agreed to go to the beach with them.

After splitting up and buying their swimsuits, they were picked up by Sue and they headed to the beach. The trip took a long time. By the time they got there, everyone was already sleeping. Sue woke the sleeping kids and told them to go have fun. The fans who had followed popped out and scouted for their biases. They all were taken away by their fans. Shizuka was upset, because Ricky promised her that he would stay by her side at all times, but he left her to be with other females. Even though he had asked her to come along with him, Shizuka refused to. Had Shizuka started becoming jealous? I think so.

Sue was wondering along the sidelines of the beach and saw a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore a white and blue swim shirt and blue shorts. He quickly turned around and saw her quickly duck into the bushes.

“Annyeong?” The blonde hair boy asked.

She walked out of the bushes to meet him. “Uh, annyeonghaeseyo oppa.” She said nervously as she stared at him. They both began to talk for a while. Sue stupidly confessed her feelings to him, but was rejected by him. Even though he found her pretty, he couldn't date her because he was gay. Sue understood, and was slightly heart broken.

“Mianhae.” He apologized.

“Aniyeo, gwaenchanha.” She replied, trying to be strong. Because they had been talking about their surprise concert here at the beach, and how she was lacking a member, he agreed to fill in Chen's spot until he came back.

“Ireum-i mwoyeyo? Je ireum-eun Shin Seon Hee-ibnida.”

“Baek Chang Ho.” She smiled in excitement when she heard that his name was Chang Ho, something that started with a C. She quickly took him and began teaching him the new songs and dances.

Meanwhile, Shizuka was laying on a bench until a group of guys came over. “What's a hot chick like you doing here all alone?” Guy 1 asked. Shizuka took off her shades and looked at the group of guys, “What the hell are you saying?” The group of guys surrounding Shizuka looked around trying to find a way to ask her to join them.

“You, and us pool come join?” Guy 6 asked, attempting to speak in English. Even though Shizuka wasn’t the brightest, she understood he wanted her to join them. She glanced over at Ricky who seemed to be having a good time with his fans so she took the offer. While this was happening, Danny and Sam were having a water volleyball game along with their fans. Danny would purposely hit the ball hard in order for his side to win, but Sam always caught it just in time before it would hit the screaming fan. It was an intense match the either didn't want to lose.

Ricky finally noticed that Shizuka was surrounded by a group of guys and was slightly jealous. He distracted the fans and went underwater. He swam to where Shizuka was and grabbed her by the foot and dragged her far away from the rest of the crowd of people. As soon as the two came up from the water Shizuka was panicking and screaming with her eyes closed, for she had thought she was being kidnapped by someone. Ricky grabbed both of her hands, which were constantly swinging at him, and forced his lips onto hers. It was clear that he had been very jealous that she was having more fun with other guys then with him. Shizuka opened her eyes and saw Ricky kissing her. He finally let go and looked into her bright green and said, “What the fuck were you doing with those guys?!”

“What about you! You didn't keep your promise when you said that you wouldn't leave my side at the beach!”

“I asked you to come along, you were the one who refused to come.”

“Why the hell would I want to come, when there are other girls....”

Ricky let out a big sigh, “You're acting like a spoiled brat right now. They're my fans, I can't disappoint them.”

“So what you're saying is that your fans needs come first, and I'm second? What the fuck!?”

“Would it matter which is first? I'm not going to fall in love with any of them. I'm already in love with you.” Shizuka looked down, she couldn't say anything more. Ricky already seemed to be getting angry with her. “S-sorry.....” She cried. Ricky embraced her as she cried on his chest. He caressed the back of her head, “I know, I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have left you alone.” Shizuka looked up, her mascara and eyeliner had smeared all over her eyes from rubbing her eyes on Ricky. Ricky started laughing, he couldn't hold it in. She looked like a dead zombie that came back from the dead. Shizuka pouted as Ricky helped her clean herself before they headed back to the shore, where they met up with the rest of the members of C.A.R.D.S. Sue had introduced their newest member who would be taking the Kings seat until Chen came back.

They set up their stage and sold their tickets. Of course, the tickets were completely sold out. They began their concert by stating who they are, and what their position was.

“Annyeonghaeseyo! Naneun Chang Ho-eyo, the Kings seat.”

“Ni Hao! Wo jiao Aaron, the Queens seat.”

“Konnichiwa, watashiwa Ricky-desu, the Jacks seat.”

“Annyeong, naneun Danny-ibnida, the Aces seat.”

“Hey everyone!! This is Sam, the Jokers seat.”

They then started their performance and it rocked. Many new fans were made from this special concert. As always at the end of the performance, they had their lucky five fans who would win a picture with them on stage. Finally after the performance was over, Sue took the guys to the new dorm they would be staying. Even though they were upset that Sue would have to leave, they were excited as well to finally have a dorm. After the tour of the dorm they all went home. Shizuka decided to stay with Ricky, since she still couldn't face Izumi alone without him.

“Let me make sure it's okay for you to stay at my place.” Ricky said.

“Geez, I wouldn't even bother telling them in the first place. Shizuka scoffed. His parents said it'll be fine. The two of them shared one bed. Shizuka sat down at the edge of the bed, while Ricky kneeled in front of her holding her hands.

“Did you have fun at the beach?” Ricky questioned.


“Didn't I already apologize for leaving you for those other girls? Honestly, I didn't fall in love with any of them. I only love you Shizu-chan.” Ricky said while leaning towards and kissing her deeply. As he kissed her, he got off from the floor and sat next to her, while putting his hands on her thigh and slowly moving them up. Shizuka broke the kiss, her face completely red now, “Q-quit teasing're taking it too far...” Ricky put his hand on her cheek and confessed that he wasn't teasing her, and he meant it. He kissed her for a short while. Shizuka asked, “Do you really love me? Enough to go pass the line with me?” Ricky smirked and nodded yes. The two ended up having sex with each other that night.

In the early morning Shizuka had woken up in confusion. She thought, what just happened? As soon as she asked herself that question, the memories of last night started to come back. Did this really happen? She looked beside her to see Ricky next to her still fast asleep. No way! Did we rea- her thought process was interrupted when Ricky slightly moved to turn to the other side. Shizuka started to cry for no reason. She quickly got dressed and left the house. Ricky finally woke up and noticed that Shizuka had left. He sat up and scratched his head, was I that bad? A moment later he realized what he had done. Shit, what did I just do!? Damn it, what am I going to do now!?! He got out of bed and got dressed then left to the dorm. When he walked in, everyone was already there. Ricky had constantly been apologizing to them.

“Dude, spill it. What did you do that you've been apologizing for so much?” Danny questioned.

“Shizuka and I...,” Ricky began, “had sex.” In unison, the members screamed what. After being shocked, Aaron began to settle things down, “No matter what the outcome would be, we'll support you.”

“We all knew that Aaron made this band in order to let it last for a long time, but everyone knows that in reality, each member has their own personal life.” Danny said as the rest of the members nodded. The members had discussed the outcomes of what would happen. After a while of deciding, a decision was made.

Meanwhile, Shizuka was found with Mizuki. Shizuka was crying while Mizuki was trying to get her to tell her what was.

“Shizuka come on, I know you, something bad happened to you.” Mizuki stated.

“Ricky and I slept together and know....had sex...” Mizuki pondered for a while then realized what Shizuka was upset about and comforted her.

“Shizuka, you're still young, but you shouldn't run away from it. You should talk about it with Ricky. Wait are you-”

“Yes.” Shizuka quickly answered. “I checked this morning before I came.”


“What if he leaves me because he doesn't want to take care of the baby...”

“Ricky isn't like that. But then again, his band.”

“This is what I'm afraid of. We were drunk in love that we didn't realize what we were doing anymore.”

“Talk with him then.” Just as Shizuka was about to call, Ricky had already called her. “Come over, I need to talk to you.” Ricky demanded. He hung up and Shizuka looked towards Mizuki questioning weather to go or not. Mizuki nodded and the two of them got into a taxi and drove over. As soon as they got there Ricky grabbed Shizuka by the wrist and pulled her into his room. Before she could say anything, Ricky had kissed her passionately. Even though, she felt bad, she couldn't help herself but to kiss him back. After the kiss was broken, from Shizuka gasping for air, Ricky caressed her cheeks while Shizuka blushed lightly.

“Whatever the case may be, I just want you to know that I will always be there for you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Ricky spoke as he gently kissed her again. Shizuka bit her lower lips and said, “I'm pregnant Ricky...I'm having twins.” Ricky's reaction wasn't what Shizuka had been expecting.

“Do you want to keep them?”

“Of course! How can I give them up.”

“If that's what you want, then we'll do it.”

“But-” Ricky held a finger out signaling her to hush. He got down on one knee and grabbed a small size box out his pocket. When he opened it, a ring laid inside there with a giant diamond on top. “I know we're still young, but Shizuka Nakano, would you do me the honors of being my future wife?” Shizuka nearly cried after hearing that. She nodded her head as Ricky slid the ring on her finger. She hugged him tightly after the ring was completely on.

“I love you Ricky.”

“I love you too Shizuka.” The two of them shared another kiss. Shizuka smiled as Ricky ran his fingers through her hair. Shizuka started planning on when and how there wedding should be. “I want a bunch of things. First and foremost, there has to be a bunch of people. Second no one can wear anything similar to me. Third-”

“I get it, no matter what the thing is, I'll get it for you.”


“I promise.” Just as Shizuka was about to kiss Ricky, a laughter could be heard. Shizuka turned around to find the rest of them eavesdropping. Shizuka got upset at the fact that Ricky knew they were there and didn't say anything. They congratulated them on their engagement. They sat and talked about it until the next day.

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