Don't I?

How things will go if my life keeps going in the direction it is now.


2. Two

"Ellie?" Addi yells. She and Kaleigh are standing next to me. I nod. "Yes, that's me," I reply. Kaleigh laughs a littlle, but looks away and covers up her laugh with a cough as Addi gives her the glasses-magnified stink eye that I can smell from my chair. 


Ok, I'm going to start over. I've been best friends with Addi and Kaleigh since fifth grade. Addi is short and a year younger than me. She has a thin face, pasty skin, mouse-brown hair in a Miley-style pixie cut, and chunky, thick-rimmed nerd glasses. She wears them rather than her Harry Potter-style glasses to make a statement. Kaleigh has the same color mouse-brown hair as Addi, and a pleasant round face, tan skin, and she wears a white or blue cloth headband everyday. I learned recently that one of my guy friends thinks she's hot ; she unknowingly often shows off ample cleavage by leaning over tables. We are on summer vacation, and I'm sitting in a chair reading War & Peace. Addi is covered in wet sand - I'm betting Kaleigh buried her in the sand - and Kaleigh is soaking wet. "Ellie," Addi repeats. "Mmm-hmm." I'm starting to read on again. "Ellie, I know you like reading, but it's the beach! You've been talking about the beach since last winter! What. Is. Up?" she asks rather forcefully. I stare back at the pages. "Oh, nothing."

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