Mermaids are real

This is about a girl who was a mermaid. Also how there life changed.


1. Chapter 1

                First of my name is Hayleigh waters and I love mermaids they are my favorite thing in the world. Second off my mom is making my start homeschooling and she will not be teaching write so she is making start my dairy witch I am not really happy about. At least we are moving to a little island with lots of caves and woods were I can explore. The worst part about moving is leaving all my friends that I will most like not see again, and having my sister as my closes friend in distance and now friendship. So now that I have told you I am moving here is why.Well my dad is a doomsday kinda person and is worried if we stay on the grid much longer that we could died by being murdered or something bad could happen so that is that and why we are moving.    

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